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The Simple High and Holy Work

We sit down at the dinner table and we reach for each other’s’ hands. The food is on the table, covered with lids, tinfoil or towels to keep it warm. “Who would like to pray?” I ask. Both girls very excitedly say, “I do!” We discuss for a moment who

Monsoonal Reflections

The power went out… again. The rain was coming down in sheets and the power lines were no match, especially after the wind picked up. I put down the book I’d been reading and headed out to my porch. The porch had become my favorite place to go during these

Then God

Years ago I walked into a Christian bookstore eager to find a Bible study. I headed straight for the section dedicated to everything Beth Moore. I can’t remember if I had completed one of her studies yet, or if I just had heard such wonderful things. As I stood there

The Sanitized Word

When I was in college I was introduced to a book that depicted a side of United States history I had never heard before. There were things in this book that were never taught in my history classes. I had a hard time believing it, but the friend that introduced

They Will Know Us by Our Love

A global pandemic. A modern civil rights movement. A major political election. It’s a lot to process and handle all at once. What seemed like might just be a few short months, life with this pandemic is turning into a long road filled with many blind corners. When will we

The Essentials

I stood in my bathroom fixing my hair. I wasn’t going anywhere—at this point our state was in a stay-at-home order and had been for well over a month—but “getting ready”, especially after a morning run, felt normal and normal was needed. I was listening to a podcast about grief

Be Bold In Your Faith

How many of you feel like all the days are running together? We are definitely feeling that way here in the Forté house. Every week there has been a theme to our live stream conversations (in the Spring of 2020), which has allowed God to show up in different ways