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Can I Have the Bible That Speaks My Language?

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India is a land of opportunities! Every day there are many occasions to witness for our Lord. At Biblica South Asia, we are committed to sharing the love of Jesus – one life at a time. While we are busy helping our partners use Scriptures for effective outreach, we do not want to miss opportunities to share the gospel as relationally as we can. Let me share with you an exciting story that illustrates this. We met Sunita about a …

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Collins Report on Gender Language in English

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As part of their work on the latest update to the NIV, the Committee on Bible Translation commissioned one of the most comprehensive studies of gender langauge in English, drawing on the 4.4-billion word Collins Bank of English, the world’s largest database of English language. Below is a summary of their findings, which helped inform the translators as they worked on the NIV.