Building Strong Foundations

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Imagine taking your Bible and ripping it apart, so you could divide it by book or single pages to share with others because there were no Bibles available.

In many global regions where Biblica is working today, this is a common practice among believers desperate to read God’s Word. North American Christians may own up to seven Bibles while many others around the world don’t have access to one or can’t afford one.

The expanding global church is in critical need of equipping leaders.

Many are called, but few have access to the biblical resources and training needed to effectively teach and lead others in the truth of Scripture. Biblica’s global Bible and Church Engagement initiative provides Christian leaders in many cultures, languages, and circumstances with Bibles, biblical resources, and training to reinforce the importance and centrality of Scripture in the life of the Church.

This past September, Biblica Philippines conducted a nationwide leadership seminar in Camiguin Province in Mindanao, with more than 700 pastors attending. These women and men returned to their congregations blessed, encouraged, and better equipped to lead them in their study and understanding of God’s Word.

One pastor at a time, Bible and Church engagement provides the foundation necessary for the church to grow, mature, and thrive through Bible-based spirituality that honors God in every way.

Biblica Thailand is implementing Bible and Church Engagement programs with the recently completed Thai NIV Study Bible and Thai Life Application Study Bible. With the tools in their hands and God’s Word in their hearts, pastors are training laymen who are becoming strong Christian leaders in their communities by establishing hundreds of cell groups across Thailand.

The need is our call to action through Bible and Church Engagement in providing Bibles and biblical resources, training, and leadership:

  • Many Christian leaders work in Muslim regions hostile to the gospel. They and their congregations must be grounded in God’s Word. This year, Biblica East Asia will provide Bibles and training through seminars for nearly 10,000 pastors and lay leaders in five countries.
  • Northeast Asian pastors and Christian leaders lack the freedom or resources for training. To meet their need, Biblica will partner with other ministries in 2011 to provide 26,000 study Bibles to develop theological knowledge and protect their churches from doctrinal error.
  • Despite 400 years of missionary influence, less than two percent of Thailand’s population professes Christianity. While the church continues to grow, many believers lack basic doctrine, biblical knowledge, and application. To equip pastors, Biblica Southeast Asia is developing Bible study guides for 6,000 church leaders. During this five-year project, these Bible study guides will be presented in small group training sessions that include a high degree of interaction and accountability.

God’s Word brings hope.

Your prayers and financial support will bring God’s life-transforming message of salvation to people through Bible and Church Engagement programs.