Bringing More of God’s Word to the Middle East

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Biblica’s new ministry in the Middle East/North Africa region

Colorado Springs, CO: Biblica CEO, Dr. Carl Moeller, The Biblica Global Board of Directors, and Biblica’s MENA Board of Directors announced in June the beginning of a restructuring process in the MENA region that will be implemented by Oct. 1st 2017.

In an effort to more clearly focus its strategy for Bible translation, Bible access, and Bible engagement, Biblica is launching a new ministry in MENA. It will be a ministry that engages in evangelism and empowering the church through ministry to children & youth and equipping leaders. It will pursue wider outreach through digital media (e.g. Internet radio & social media) as well as outreach to persecuted and oppressed Christians. In some countries in the MENA region, it will operate ministry centers.

Oct. 1, 2017, MR will be leaving Biblica to lead the newly formed partner organization. Biblica – MENA will continue to work with the new ministry, providing for their Scripture needs.

Biblica began ministry in this part of the world in 1982 as part of Living Bibles International. At that time MR took on the role of Executive Director.

“I appreciate MR’s love for the ministry of Biblica and his faithful service over the last 35 years,” said Biblica CEO, Dr. Carl Moeller. “All of us at Biblica are grateful for his leadership and dedication in sharing God’s Word in this region. I’m also very excited about the restructuring that will take place over the coming months. This will give us the opportunity to focus Biblica’s ministry strategy and come alongside this new ministry partner in the MENA region.”


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