Bringing More of God’s Word to East Asia Pacific

Biblica, The International Bible Society is restructuring its ministry in the East Asia Pacific region.

Colorado Springs, CO: Biblica Chief Executive Officer, Dr. Carl Moeller, Biblica Chief Ministry Officer, Stephen Cave, and Biblica East Asia Pacific Area Executive Director, Richard Loh, announced the restructuring of Biblica’s East Asia Pacific Region beginning October 1, 2016.

The initial phase of the restructure resulted from the intention of long-time Regional Director, Bishop Leo Alconga, to retire from ministry. Bishop Alconga retires after serving the ministry of Biblica for over 28 years. Coinciding with Bishop Alconga’s retirement, Biblica will close its current office in Manilla, Philippines.

Biblica CEO, Dr. Carl Moeller emphasized that the closing of the Manilla office does not mean a reduction in ministry efforts, but a new way forward. “Biblica is approaching ministry with a greater emphasis on working through strategic partners to ensure more people in the East Asia Pacific region have an opportunity to have the Bible in a language they can understand so they can be transformed by Christ,” shared Moeller. “Our modern technology allows Biblica to have ministry staff in various countries within the region without the need for formal regional offices. This gives us flexibility to work closely with our partners and focus resources on our translation, access, and engagement initiatives within the region.”

Biblica has seen a similar restructure in its Africa region with an emphasis on bringing the Bible and strong Bible strategies to Church and para-church strategic partners. “Many of our partners are already strong and established ministries who simply need a quality translation and the Bible strategy expertise Biblica can provide,” noted Stephen Cave. “It is not our desire to replicate the great ministry they are already doing but to come alongside them and grow the kingdom together.”

Biblica currently works with over 85 different strategic partners in the East Asia Pacific Region and hopes to expand its influence in the area.

“I want to thank Bishop Leo Alconga for his many years of faithful service to Biblica,” shared Dr. Moeller, “and for his heart to see God’s Word impact the East Asia Pacific Region. His role was vital in establishing our direction to restructure the region so we can better serve our partners and share the love of Christ through the Bible.”

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