Biblica, Zondervan Partner to Provide Over 16,000 Bibles to Attendees of Urbana 15

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Biblica recently joined alongside Christian publishing house Zondervan to provide custom NIV Bibles for all 16,000 people in attendance at InterVarsity’s five-day Urbana conference. Urbana, which is held every three years, dates back to 1946 and is the largest student missions conference in the world. It has challenged nearly 300,000 young people for missions since its inception. It was most recently held in December of 2015 in St. Louis, Missouri.

When InterVarsity came to Biblica and Zondervan requesting Bibles, both organizations jumped at the opportunity. “We’re honored to partner with Biblica and IVP to provide all 16,000 Urbana participants with an NIV Bible that they were able to use during the conference and take home with them. These next generation missions leaders are vital to growing engagement with the Bible in the coming years”, said Doug Lockhart, SVP of Bible Marketing and Outreach at Zondervan.

“The opportunity to participate in equipping the next generation of leaders in global missions with God’s Word is a priority for Biblica!”

According to Rich Blanco, Area Executive Director of Biblica North America, “Biblica has providedScripture materials for Urbana Conferences for many years. When we were asked to participate in Urbana 2015, it was an easy decision. The opportunity to participate in equipping the next generation of leaders in global missions with God’s Word is a priority for Biblica!”

2015’s Urbana conference emphasized many things, including deeply engaging with and sharing God’sWord. Out of the attendees, 5,017 pledged to go on a short-term missions trip, 1,932 committed to spending 1-2 years of their lives engaged in overseas missions, and 2,395 people made the decision to dedicate more than two years of their lives to long-term missions. In addition to those who committed to take part in the Great Commission through missions, 676 students gave their lives to the Lord for the first time. Collectively, over the course of the five-day conference, $1,000,000 was raised by those in attendance to help further the cause of global missions around the world.

“We are so grateful for Zondervan’s and Biblica’s support of the Urbana 15 Student Missions Conference,” said Tom Lin, Vice President and Director of Urbana. “The gift of 16,000 Urbana special edition Bibles communicated the foundation and value of Scripture engagement we have as a conference. Students now carry these Urbana Bibles everywhere they go, using them daily, and having their lives impacted as a result of reading God’s Word!”

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