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Biblica Romania Creates Unique Gift for Bucharest’s 550th Birthday

Biblica partners with churches, World Vision on specialized New Testaments to celebrate Romania's capital city

Bucharest, the beautiful capital city of Romania, turns 550 years old this month. To celebrate the city’s history, 10 local churches, World Vision Romania, and Biblica Europe have teamed to publish and distribute 10,000 copies of a Bucharest City New Testament.

The customised New Testaments display Bucharest on the cover, use Biblica’s New Romanian translation (NTR), and include personal testimonies from a senior civil servant, a soccer player, an actress, and a prominent lawyer.

Bucharest New Testament

The project was coordinated by World Vision Romania and Biblica Europe. The Bucharest City New Testaments are being given as gifts to the citizens of Bucharest during the 550th anniversary celebrations.

“I am delighted that these Bucharest churches have a passion to share God’s Word,” said Graham Sopp, Biblica Europe Ministries Director. “It is wonderful to see the NTR Bible translation being used in this way. Please pray for the impact of these New Testaments on those who receive them.”

Bucharest’s colourful history began in 1459 when Prince Vlad Tepes (Vlad the Impaler) established his royal court in the city. The city has had more lives than a cat: Burned down by the Ottomans, devastated by catastrophic earthquakes and fires, occupied by foreign powers, bombed by opposing sides in World War II, and subjected to the whims of dictator Nicolae Ceausescu, Bucharest has shown remarkable resiliency and an indomitable spirit.

The same spirit infuses the Romanian Church, which survived both the Turkish Ottoman Empire and communist rule. However, today the Church faces new challenges, as the population becomes increasingly secular, materialistic, and post-Christian.

Because the language of existing Romanian Bibles was increasingly outdated, Biblica created the New Romanian Translation. More than a decade in the making, the NRT blends contemporary language with accurate translation faithful to the meaning of the original writers.

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