Biblica CEO Doug Lockhart Announces Transition

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Doug Lockhart will complete his season of ministry with Biblica in early 2015. His decision comes after five years of leadership at Biblica, successfully guiding the organization into its third century of ministry.

Sensing that God is leading him in a new direction, Doug Lockhart announced today that he will step down from his role as Biblica’s CEO next year. Over a year ago, Lockhart initiated a discussion with Biblica’s board of directors about his desire to conclude his season of leadership with the ministry. After prayer and extensive consultation with the board, he confirmed his decision last month. Lockhart has agreed to serve as CEO through early 2015, while the board conducts a search for the ministry’s next leader.

“Five years ago, my wife Angie and I were delighted when we felt God’s call to join Biblica,” Lockhart said. “But just over a year ago, we began to sense that God has a new assignment in store for us, in terms of both our family and vocational calling. Angie and I have been planning and praying for the right timing. We believe that after several wonderful years of ministry at Biblica, the time has come to discover our next assignment.”

During his tenure as CEO, Lockhart has sharpened Biblica’s strategic focus and strengthened its financial base. Under his leadership, Biblica:

The yearlong transition will allow Biblica time to search for its next CEO—a process that Biblica’s board of directors will initiate shortly.

“Doug has been a gift from God to the ministry,” said Rob Gluskin, Biblica’s board chair. “So while we are saddened by his decision to leave, we’re deeply grateful for his guidance during one of the most critical periods in Biblica’s 205-year history. Because of Doug’s faithful leadership, Biblica today is stronger, more focused, and healthier than when Doug first joined us five years ago. We fully support Doug and Angie as they pursue God’s next calling for their family.”

“In the meantime,” continued Gluskin, “I have full confidence in Biblica’s management team to continue and accelerate the momentum behind our mission to help people access and absorb God’s Word — to read the Bible well so they can live it well.”

Scott Bolinder, Biblica’s Executive Vice President, and Bob Dinolfo, Chief Financial Officer, will contribute regularly to board meetings during the transitional phase.

“Biblica is an amazing ministry with a vital role in reaching the world with God’s Word,” said Lockhart. “I am 110 percent committed to leading our ministry over the next year, so we can accomplish our key ministry objectives and prepare for a new leader.”

Lockhart continued, “I’m so grateful for our global team, our global board and area boards, and our ministry partners who help millions of people experience God’s Word. Our journey is just beginning, and I believe God will continue to bless Biblica and the millions who are impacted by our ministry.”


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