Biblica Celebrates 200th Anniversary in Bogotá, Colombia

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Colorado Springs, CO— Biblica’s worldwide celebration of 200 years in ministry continued last month in Bogotá, Colombia, as Biblica International CEO Keith Danby and Latin America Group Vice Presidents Dr. Luciano Jaramillo and the Rev. Esteban Fernández joined more than 12,000 Christians in services at Iglesia Casa Sobre la Roca (House on the Rock Church).

Dr. Luciano Jaramillo signs copies of the Nueva Version Internacional Bible at a 200th anniversary celebration for Biblica in Bogota, Colombia.”We are humbled to host Biblica’s celebration,” said Pastor Dario Silva-Silva. “Their work of translation, pastoral training, and providing God’s Word has made an eternal difference in the life of our church and throughout Latin America.”

In 1999, the church was among the first in Latin America to adopt Biblica’s Nueva Versión Internacional (NVI) as its official translation of choice. Pastor Silva-Silva is now involved in writing study notes for a soon-to-be-published NVI study Bible, Biblia de Estudio Integral.

In addition to the celebration, Dr. Jaramillo, a native of Colombia, led 2,500 pastors and church leaders in a seminar on the use of Scriptures in their ministry. “It is an honor to help equip these pastors from my homeland to effectively use Scripture,” said Jaramillo. “I pray God will use these leaders to carry on the legacy of God’s Word that Biblica has fostered for two centuries.”

Dr. Jaramillo retired from his position as Group Vice President, having provided oversight to Biblica’s Latin American operations for more than 10 years. His post was assumed by Fernández on July 1.

“I cannot think of anyone better suited to take over the leadership role in Latin America,” Dr. Jaramillo said. “Esteban has a proven track record of success in Christian ministry and publishing, but more importantly, he is a man of God who is eminently respected throughout the continent.”

“I have big shoes to fill as I assume this new calling,” Fernández said. “Dr. Jaramillo is an incredible leader, writer, visionary, and teacher. He has accomplished immeasurable work for the kingdom of God throughout Latin America and beyond. We wish him continued success as he serves God in new ways.”


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