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The Amazonian Project

Together with you, Biblica is working to reach 6,000 remote communities along South America’s Amazon River with God’s Word.

Most Amazon villagers are poor and illiterate. But together we can reach them with an innovative device called “The Proclaimer.” It allows people who can’t afford the Bible (or read it) to hear God’s Word in a language they understand – in this case, Portuguese. These devices will be delivered by boat, along with training so the villagers know how to use them.

The total cost of this project is $250,000. If fully funded, these resources are expected to impact an estimated 2,500,000 people over the next five years. What incredible potential!

Please pray that this project comes to fruition, bringing the hope of God’s Word to people in desperate need. With your support and because of the powerful God we serve, all things are possible!


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