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People with disabilities are considered the least evangelized community in the world. But together, with the new Accessible Bible project and your support, we’re helping to change that!

Jennifer in Ireland suffers from learning disabilities. Her mother has been searching for a Bible that Jennifer can understand.

Through your support, you’re helping reach out through Biblica to those like Jennifer with additional literacy needs, by making God’s Word more accessible. Together with friends like you, Biblica has produced the NIrV Accessible Bible Edition – a modern, well-designed, large-print resource to help both children and adults with sight loss, learning disabilities, or lower levels of literacy.

Jennifer’s mother says:

“This is the first Bible that we can say, ‘Yes! We finally got it.’ And we’re absolutely delighted.”

Thank you for your prayers and support as we seek to fully fund this project by September, so more people like Jennifer can engage God’s Word.


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