What Does it Mean to Be All About the Bible?

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All about the Bible.

You’ve probably heard that phrase used in conjunction with Biblica. Our ministry is “all about the Bible.” But what does that mean?

To understand it, we have to look at the culture and age we’re living in.

The Bible has historically been important to forming culture and organizing societies in liberty, justice, and human rights. Even in our own history – America was founded on God’s Word. And when we look back to Europe, we see great cathedrals inscribed with Scripture verses and biblical artwork. Unfortunately, this may seem ironic because now, much of our society considers the Bible to be irrelevant. Even among Christians, it is often revered but not consulted. Many respect it, but don’t read it.

For us, being all about the Bible means we believe the Bible is relevant today. It’s not just part of history. And it means that we believe the Bible is more than just a guide. It is, in fact, the source of life.

That leads us to another thing we say about Biblica: “the Bible is at the center of all we do.”

When we put the Bible at the center of our Christian lives, it reorients us. It calms the storm. It gives us an anchor in the midst of life’s inevitable challenges.

The Bible being at the center of all we do also means that we’re focused on the issues that go on around us and we see those issues through the Bible. Our goal is to equip our partners to meet those needs through a Bible-centered strategy.

That’s an exciting challenge! Don’t you agree?

Think about it. The things that we do all revolve around the Bible.


It is critical to have accurate, reliable, readable translations in the major languages of the world.


There are still hundreds of millions of people around the world who don’t have access to a Bible. One of our partners is attempting to get into countries where Christians are persecuted and provide a Bible to every believer. And that’s what we’re about: making sure every believer – no matter their economic status, whatever their political situation, wherever they are in terms of technology – has a Bible available to them. When we work with our partners like that, it allows God’s Word to penetrate the darkness in lives around the world.


This is the next step in making sure the Bible is a life-changing experience for people. It means fitting our translations into the purposes our partners are using them for. We see this happen in places like Africa, Asia… even Europe, with the Accessible Bible for a community of reading-challenged and learning-challenged individuals. It is available because Biblica makes engagement with the Bible a priority.

When we give people an opportunity to understand the message of the gospel, they can meet Jesus Christ and be transformed. That process means that all things are possible…. through Christ and his Word.

Biblica offers people the opportunity to meet Christ through God’s Word. And that means all things – changing our society, changing our culture, changing our world – are possible.

Dr. Carl A. Moeller

Former CEO at Biblica
Dr. Carl A. Moeller was the Chief Executive Officer of Biblica from 2014 to 2017. Prior to coming to Biblica, Dr. Moeller served three years as a pastor at Saddleback Church before spending nine years as the president and CEO of an international ministry focused on assisting persecuted Christians. He then founded Sequoia Global Resources. He has worked in more than 75 countries around the world and is an ordained minister with the Evangelical Free Church.

Dr. Moeller is an experienced and dedicated leader with keen insight into how to make an organization succeed. Personable, direct, and visionary, he empowers those in his organizations to rise to their full capacities and potential.

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