This Physician’s Testimony is Pointing People to Christ

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They have come to undergo tests, to have surgery, to be treated for diseases like cancer and HIV/AIDS…  Some stay a very short time. Others are chronically ill and seem to live there.

While they are in the hospital for a variety of reasons, they all have one thing in common: the need for more than just physical care. Recognizing the opportunity to provide spiritual comfort, Biblica is working with partners to offer patients the hope and healing only the Great Physician can provide.

We are doing this by sharing God’s Word. And as a result, lives are being transformed.

Munaimma is a great example. This young woman was in the hospital to support her mother, who was terminally ill. She and her family had spent all their money on doctors, hospitals, and treatments and were now in financial debt.

One day a pastor offered her something called “A Physician’s Testimony” (the Gospel of Luke). But it was in English. Munaimma didn’t understand it and asked if he had anything in the Kannada language. He didn’t, but promised to return. She was surprised when, a few days later, the man returned with a Kannada version of the booklet.

He then asked if he could pray for Munaimma’s mother. He began to visit regularly and before long, the family asked if he could come to their home to pray. He did and over the course of days and weeks, the family began to invite neighbors and friends. Today, five families meet in the house every Sunday.

“Thank you, Biblica,” says the pastor, “for a beautiful Scripture resource in our own language!” He also says the believing family is discipling newcomers in the small house church.

This simple outreach presents the life-changing message of Jesus to those with physical problems – but the impact goes far beyond the walls of the hospital. Using “A Physician’s Testimony,” the hospital program provides individuals, families, and entire communities with an opportunity to hear the gospel message.

Biblica South Asia is excited to announce that ShareWord Global will be partnering with them to reach 120,000 medical patients with this new Scripture tool. In the coming months, they will also be working with organizations like YWAM, Gateway Hope Church, Youth for Christ and the Wesleyan Church.

You can help share God’s Word with people in hospitals, prison inmates, those suffering in poverty and others facing desperate situations. Will you partner with Biblica today to provide Bibles to people around the world so their lives can be transformed by Christ?

Biblica Staff

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