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Here’s what some of your fellow Biblica supporters are saying about why they give.

“It was a pleasure to help with putting God’s words into the hands of young people especially. I am thankful for people like you and the folk at Biblica who do this work. I think there is no better outreach than supplying God’s Book to people because it is the true Gospel and THE foundation for learning about Jesus and understanding His message.”
—Patricia H. (New Zealand)
“I love God’s Word. His promises are true, and it gives me hope. I am able to just give a little bit, but I want everyone to have the eternal hope I have.”
—Ruby (USA)
“I definitely like the focus on getting the Bibles out and the active outreaches you do in several countries.”
—Ted (Canada)
“I give thanks to God since He provides everything, and thanks to the whole team from Biblica for your ministry. I feel blessed that through you, together with my family, we can be part of this wonderful ministry of sharing God’s Word.”
—David (USA)

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