Thank you for helping to reach over 1 million African teens with Reach4Life

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Countless kids in Africa have not only lost parents and family members in the HIV/AIDS pandemic, but they are now struggling to cope with other challenges like poverty, addiction, crime, violence, sexual promiscuity, and the spiritual darkness of cults and ancestor worship.

But thanks to friends like you, we’re sending Jesus’ love and hope to many of them through Reach4Life, a holistic Bible-based mentorship program aimed at rescuing at-risk youth. Reach4Life helps these kids develop personal relationships with believers who are close to their age, so they can engage with God’s Word and be transformed mentally, physically, and spiritually.

The way the program generally works is our Reach4Life teams visit schools and provide students with a Reach4Life New Testament. We then pair students with a peer mentor who provides health education, spiritual encouragement, and love that many have never gotten before. Many kids learn for the first time why they should avoid premarital sex, alcohol, drugs, and false religions—and why living by God’s standards brings life.

Thanks to friends like you, through Reach4Life many at-risk youth are being transformed by Christ and equipped to spread the Gospel and make disciples in their community. Kids like Akachi, Rebecca, and Nadir…

Akachi is a Muslim girl who received a Reach4Life New Testament. “The Gospel so touched her that she wanted to give her life to Christ,” says a Biblica team worker. “Her uncle tried to rape her when she was six. The trauma caused her to shut herself in. But as she read this New Testament, the ‘Reality Bites’ section addressing sexual abuse really touched her and helped her reach out for healing. Jesus did for her what her religion had been unable to do.” Akachi says, “I’m converted on the inside!”

Rebecca was headed for disaster when she got pregnant in high school, but Reach4Life helped her “get back on track.” She’s now studying at university and is a Reach4Life Ambassador, visiting high schools to impact students through the program that “changed her life.”

Nadir was a delinquent rebel who ignored his parents’ and teachers’ warnings, and partied most nights. When Nadir started studying Reach4Life in school, he accepted Christ and was drastically transformed. Nadir’s academic performance has improved significantly—a testimony to his changed heart!

God is using Reach4Life in an amazing way. With your help, we’ve translated it into 6 languages in Africa and reached over 1 million kids since 2004. And now, we have the opportunity to expand the program to reach 150,000 more children and youth in 2016! So please pray with us to this end… and praise God with us for the work He’s accomplished through Reach4Life, as a result of your gifts and prayers thus far!