Annual report

“What no eye has seen, what no ear has heard, and what no human mind has conceived”— the things God has prepared for those who love him

A Note From Geof

Dear Friend,

What do you do when God steps forward in stunning ways to accelerate the provision of His Word for the world? You stop and you praise Him for His radical generosity! Welcome to the year that was. 2022 reminded us what happens when you—generous, kingdom minded investors—join with global partners and teams, all committed to bring God’s Word to those who need it most.

And what a joy it was to watch as:

  • Biblica completed more Bible translations in a single year than ever before.
  • New technology-assisted Bible translation yielded accuracy and velocity beyond our wildest expectations.
  • Our new comtemporary Ukrainian New Testament and app reached over 600,000 downloads— all inside the national borders of Ukraine.
  • The global reach of God’s Word through Biblica touched the lives of so many, increasing more than 40 percent from just one year ago.

As you read through this report, you’ll see what happens when your generosity meets God’s desire to reach to the furthest corners and hardest places—all to bring the love of Jesus to all.

Because on top of all the remarkable things that God accomplished in this last year, I believe He’s just getting started.

So here’s to the “immeasurably more” that God has in store. What a humbling privilege to serve Him in this mission together!

Yours Gratefully,

Geof Morin

2022 Impact Numbers

Bible translations launched
0 M
People reached through frontline ministry efforts
0 M
Kids and teens in crisis reached
0 M
People received God’s Word

Spotlight Story

Completing the Farsi Bible translation in 2022 was a major catalyst for Bible access in the underground church of Iran. Through Church-Centric Bible Translation, a translator named Meesha is helping translate the Bible from Farsi into one of the 60 other languages of Iran.

“I am very happy, very excited. I have the privilege to translate God’s Word. I’m not afraid. I trust that my life is in God’s hands. My dream is that one day I will translate the Bible for my people in Baluchestan, and I know God is doing this work.”

Fifty Bible stories in Luri, Laki, Gilaki, and Bakhtairi were translated in 2022, and a New Testament will soon be ready for these languages. Through these efforts, the gateway Farsi Bible translation could impact the entire country of Iran with God’s Word by 2027!

Gateway translation

God’s radical generosity has allowed us to remain committed to the free release of our Bible translations for global ministry outreach.

There are still 3,617 languages in the world in need of Scripture. Our work on major languages and the start of our work on minority languages are propelling the work to ensure that by 2033, 100 percent of the world’s population has access to God’s Word in a language in which they dream.

In the next few pages, read about how Church-Centric Bible Translation and artificial intelligence are accelerating our translation work exponentially and how the 12 Verse Challenge is equipping more people to join the Bible translation movement through illumiNations.

17.8 billion
online engagements through our Bible translations on
YouVersion, BibleGateway, and

Key Partners

Every Tribe Every Nation
Faith Comes By Hearing
RUN Ministries
Unfolding Word
Wycliffe Bible Translators

Artificial Intelligence


The first draft of the Bible in the Malaysian language of Bahasa Malay Bible took only seven months — three times faster than it would have taken with traditional methods.

With the use of advanced technologies such as artificial intelligence, natural language processing, and machine learning, the Bahasa Malay translation of the Bible is the fastest and most accurate version ever translated.

When considering what it means to play a role in this, a member of the Bahasa Malay translation team, Daisy Geseng, said, “I feel it is a great opportunity to be part of a revolutionary process for God’s Kingdom!”

“The first draft of the AI translated Bible is understandable, but it does have to go through some polishing and editing to bring the accurate meaning before we publish in the community,” said Danny Limpakan, another member of the translation team. It’s a dynamic process that is accelerating Bible translation, bringing us closer to the goal of every language having Scripture by the year 2033.

illumiNations Partnership

In May 2022, the first in-person illumiNations Europe gathering took place at Gleneagles Hotel, Scotland. Investors and European Bible translation agencies were joined by pastor Alistair Begg, worship leaders Keith and Kristyn Getty and Martin Chalk, along with a range of other contributors. Partners enjoyed a gala dinner at Sterling Castle, which played a key role in the history of Bible translation. Violinist David Kim and spoken word artists provided an evening of musical and spiritual inspiration for all. We are incredibly thankful to God that investors responded with pledges totaling $4 million. We continue to work in partnership to provide access to the Bible for people of every tribe and nation.

The illumiNations 12 Verse Challenge brought the plight of Bible poverty to mass audiences across the country in 2022. In just one year, through popular Christian artist concerts, community events, and online influencers, over 35,000 people agreed to join the Bible translation movement. Many heard for the first time that for over a billion people in the world, there is no Scripture in their native language. Using powerful digital technology and mobile giving, the 12 Verse Challenge continues to provide significant ongoing funding for vital Bible translation projects across the illumiNations movement.

Photo Credit: Glory Nights Tour Fall 2022

Spotlight Story

Your prayers and support equipped South American church leaders through an epic gathering in Colombia last summer. The event was aptly named “Fortaleza,” which means “strength” and “fortitude.

Over the course of three days, 1,900 pastors descended upon the city of Cucuta to hear a message of hope and revival for their churches and cities.

Among that number were 950 pastors from Venezuela, many of whom traveled hundreds of miles—and some by foot—for many days, all under the constant threat of a hostile government. Fourteen speakers from all around the world offered encouragement, support, and prayer. The conference ended with a lively Reach4Life rally drawing over 3,400 youth. Biblica shared over 318,000 free Scripture resources for all attending pastors to take back to their communities. Because of you, they all left knowing that only God can bring “Fortaleza” to a struggling part of the world like Venezuela.

Frontline church

Biblica equips the frontlines of Gospel ministry with Scripture resources that serve the unreached, unengaged, and unseen. Never has the world needed the Bible more than it does now. At the same time, there has never been an opportunity like there is today to reach more people with the Bible.

Thanks to you and our partners, God’s Word went to more than 169 million people this year
111% of our goal!

Key Partners

Alpha Ministries
Billy Graham Evangelistic Association
Eastern European Mission
Harvesters International
Hope Together
Operation Mobilization
Prison Fellowship International
World Vision

Church Planting


Without a Bible, how can a church survive?

Ever since funding William Carey’s Bengali Bible translation in India back in 1810, Biblica has been passionate about helping people have God’s Word in their language. A few centuries later, with Bible translations completed in nearly 100 languages, we are more passionate than ever to see the global church thrive when receiving God’s Word.

In 2022, we helped Harvesters International solve one of the largest problems facing church planters— access to Bibles. Harvesters is involved in church planting in more than 50 countries worldwide, with half of those located in Africa. No other place on earth has as many Christians, and the church is continuing to grow. It is estimated that Africa will have more than half of the world’s Christians at the end of the century.

In Africa, Biblica supported the church planting movement by providing over 100,000 Bibles and Bible discipleship resources to new church communities. Many of them received a Bible for the very first time in their lives.

Pastor Andela, a church planter in Mozambique, says, “We have some people leading churches without Bibles. Without a Bible, how can they lead? What Biblica is doing to bring Bibles here is a great blessing!”

Bibles in English, French, Portuguese, Arabic, Somali, Shona, Chichewa, Swahili, Zulu, Kinyarwanda, and Amharic were mobilized this last year. Some were given to new churches in ISIS areas of Mozambique and others in Somalia. The dangers to Christians in these areas are real, yet God’s Word continues to minister to the hearts of those serving the church on the frontlines.

“God has answered my prayer, but I want to go further. I want to help other church planters who are like me.”

Response to a Global Crisis

Your passionate prayers and sacrifical support are helping a world in crisis get access to God’s Word.

On February 24, 2022, Russia invaded Ukraine, leading to Europe’s most significant refugee crisis since World War II. Imagine a Ukrainian in this war yearning to take comfort in God’s Word but, without a contemporary Ukrainian Bible, having to read the Bible in Russian.

Since 2018, Biblica has been working on a new contemporary Ukrainian translation, with plans to launch the New Testament and Psalms in June 2022. When Russia invaded, Biblica prioritized the final technical checks and released this new translation on a new Bible reading app, along with other resources in Ukrainian — all months ahead of schedule. Since then:

  • 658,000 people have downloaded the Bible app.
  • 199,000 copies of the New Testament and Psalms have been mobilized.
  • 89,000 Bible resources focused on youth, trauma, and discipleship have been shared in Ukrainian.
  • 30,000 Russian New Testaments have been deployed.


As the conflict continues, the demand for Scripture from our frontilne partners increases. Thanks to your compassionate support during this crisis, Biblica has been able to translate the Bible, mobilize resources in innovative ways, and equip nearly 1 million people with the hope of God’s Word when they needed it most.

“The translation from Biblica in Ukrainian is the best translation in the Ukrainian language. I am very grateful to you… for the New Testament and the book of Psalms. I read them with great pleasure.”

Spotlight Story

Ministry in Central Asia is not easy. Only one out of every 10,000 people is a Jesus follower. Churches meet in secret due to hostility from the government. Pastor Ruslan and his wife, Faina, serve the youth here. She shares: “We had a Bible, but the language was very hard to understand for our youth, and we were dreaming to have Bibles that will reach our young people and would speak to them in their own language. [We received] 10,000 Bibles, and now the youth are reading and understanding God’s love. Reach4Life is a big blessing for the Central Asian church, but 10,000 Bibles is nothing for the five countries in Central Asia.

Whatever it takes, I want to fight for those young people who go through life without anyone to show them the way. I know Jesus can do this. He did it in my life, and now I know that we can do so much more together than we can do alone.”

Kids in crisis

Kids worldwide are experiencing physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual crises. Biblica develops and deploys Bible programs that bring the love of Jesus to children and youth in the world’s hardest places.

Thanks to you and our partners,
50 million kids
were reached in 2022 with God’s Word.

In the following few pages, you will read about how the Reach4Life program launched in the underground church in Central Asia, what the most extensive Barna study to date tells us about the next generation of youth and their views of the Bible, and how God’s Word is bringing people together and changing the city of Chicago.

Key Partners

Compassion International
Feed the Hungry
Operation Christmas Child
Samaritan’s Purse
Youth For Christ

A Generation Open to God’s Word

This year, Biblica commissioned a research study called “The Open Generation,” which is the largest study conducted by Barna in its 38 year history and the first global study to uncover how Generation Z thinks, feels, and behaves toward Jesus. More than 25,000 teens, ages 13 to 17, were included, with responses gathered from 26 countries.

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Countries: Australia, Brazil, Canada, Colombia, Egypt, France, Germany, Honduras, India,Indonesia, Ireland, Kenya, Malaysia, Mexico, Netherlands, New Zealand, Nigeria, Philippines, Poland, Russia, South Africa, South Korea, Spain, Taiwan, United Kingdom, USA

Partners: Barna, Alpha, World Vision, Christian Vision, Bible Study Fellowship, Christ in Youth, Association of Christian Schools International

These findings present a massive opportunity for ministry — exposing areas where teens need help to begin their journey in Bible engagement. It is our prayer that this research is a catalyst for lasting impact in the lives of global youth and kids in crisis around the world.

The study revealed that one in three teens see the Bible as relevant to the world today.

Unsurprisingly, the more a teen actively engages with the Bible, the more likely they are to feel loved by God and empowered by His Word.

Despite good access and an openness to God’s Word, a mere eight percent of teens qualify as “Bible Engaged” — those who believe the Bible is “the word of God,” “the inspired word of God with no errors,” or “the inspired word of God but with some errors” and “reads the Bible several times a week.”

0 %
0 %

A majority of the world’s teens open the Bible less than once a year.

“This generation is open, inclusive, and curious about different faiths and perspectives. It’s our goal to offer a picture to the Global Church so that we may support teens in relevant, meaningful ways.”

Taking Initiative in Chicago


“Why is this not happening at home?” was the question Matt and Danielle Forté asked after witnessing the impact of Biblica’s Reach4Life resource around the world. The next question was, “How can we get it there?” They longed to see God’s Word penetrate hearts and communities here in the U.S., just like it is around the globe.

These questions prompted a partnership with Biblica that began four years ago. Since then, the Fortés have been determined to live out what Jesus Christ wants them to do in every aspect of their lives, especially in their community of Chicago.

During a tumultuous season for our nation, the Fortés have seen God’s Word take center stage in Chicago. Whether through the Together Chicago movement or the True vs. Truth podcast, people are not shying away from having biblical conversations in hard spaces. Amid the turmoil, there is an understanding that heart transformation is needed, and only the truth of the Gospel can do that.

The Fortés launched their Biblica partnership with By The Hand, a Christ-centered, after-school program in Chicago helping children who live in under-resourced neighborhoods. It’s the first nonprofit to implement the Reach4Life New Testament discipleship program in North America.

Through this introduction and partnership with Together Chicago, we reached nearly 40,000 youth in Chicago in 2022.

“Youth who have gone through R4L say it was the first time they felt informed, loved, unashamed, and safe enough to have hard conversations.” Danielle shared. “It’s amazing!”

“At school, we can’t talk about stuff, but in Reach4Life we can actually talk about the hard things,” said one young person. “We are talking about things but not being forced to.”

“[Reach4Life] helps us to experience the Bible and choose the right path,” said another student. “We end up asking more questions and have conversations we hadn’t thought of before.”

Reflecting on the spiritual transformation that he’s witnessed in his city, Matt says, “One thing that stands true is the light of God’s Word. It can never be overcome by darkness. We must be willing to shine His light in the right places, so people have an accurate idea of what it looks like to live according to God’s Word,” And Matt believes you can shine brightly for the Lord no matter where He has stationed you: “As a Christ follower, each of us can do ministry. You don’t have to have a title or be a pastor. If you are reading the Bible and learning, you can make an impact. Just go and do.”

“As a Christ follower, each of us can do ministry. You don’t have to have a title or be a pastor. If you are reading the Bible and learning, you can make an impact.”





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increase in kingdom resources over the past five years.

Thank you for generously providing 13,893 God’s Word to people around the world!

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