New Living Translation

Psalm 15

Psalm 15

A psalm of David.

Who may worship in your sanctuary, Lord?
    Who may enter your presence on your holy hill?
Those who lead blameless lives and do what is right,
    speaking the truth from sincere hearts.
Those who refuse to gossip
    or harm their neighbors
    or speak evil of their friends.
Those who despise flagrant sinners,
    and honor the faithful followers of the Lord,
    and keep their promises even when it hurts.
Those who lend money without charging interest,
    and who cannot be bribed to lie about the innocent.
Such people will stand firm forever.

Nkwa Asem

Nnwom 15

Nea Onyankopɔn hwehwɛ

1Awurade, hena na ɔbɛkɔ w’asɔrefi? Hena na ɔbɛsom wɔ Sion, wo bepɔw kronkron no so?

Onipa a otie Onyankopɔn wɔ biribiara mu no, na daa ɔyɛ ade trenee, na ne nsɛm yɛ nokware, na ommu afoforo abomfiaa. Ɔnyɛ n’afɛfo bɔne na onni wɔn ho nseku. Obu wɔn a Onyankopɔn apa wɔn no animtiaa, na odi wɔn a wotie Awurade no ni. Ɔkwan biara so, odi ne bɔhyɛ so. Ɔma bosea a, onnye mfantom na wontumi nhyɛ n’afonom sɛ onni adansekurum. Nea ɔyɛ eyinom no tim hɔ daa.