New Living Translation

Isaiah 56

Blessings for All Nations

1This is what the Lord says:

“Be just and fair to all.
    Do what is right and good,
for I am coming soon to rescue you
    and to display my righteousness among you.
Blessed are all those
    who are careful to do this.
Blessed are those who honor my Sabbath days of rest
    and keep themselves from doing wrong.

“Don’t let foreigners who commit themselves to the Lord say,
    ‘The Lord will never let me be part of his people.’
And don’t let the eunuchs say,
    ‘I’m a dried-up tree with no children and no future.’
For this is what the Lord says:
I will bless those eunuchs
    who keep my Sabbath days holy
and who choose to do what pleases me
    and commit their lives to me.
I will give them—within the walls of my house—
    a memorial and a name
    far greater than sons and daughters could give.
For the name I give them is an everlasting one.
    It will never disappear!

“I will also bless the foreigners who commit themselves to the Lord,
    who serve him and love his name,
who worship him and do not desecrate the Sabbath day of rest,
    and who hold fast to my covenant.
I will bring them to my holy mountain of Jerusalem
    and will fill them with joy in my house of prayer.
I will accept their burnt offerings and sacrifices,
    because my Temple will be called a house of prayer for all nations.
For the Sovereign Lord,
    who brings back the outcasts of Israel, says:
I will bring others, too,
    besides my people Israel.”

Sinful Leaders Condemned

Come, wild animals of the field!
    Come, wild animals of the forest!
    Come and devour my people!
10 For the leaders of my people—
    the Lord’s watchmen, his shepherds—
    are blind and ignorant.
They are like silent watchdogs
    that give no warning when danger comes.
They love to lie around, sleeping and dreaming.
11     Like greedy dogs, they are never satisfied.
They are ignorant shepherds,
    all following their own path
    and intent on personal gain.
12 “Come,” they say, “let’s get some wine and have a party.
    Let’s all get drunk.
Then tomorrow we’ll do it again
    and have an even bigger party!”

New International Reader's Version

Isaiah 56

The Lord Will Save Those Who Come to Him

1The Lord says,

“Do what is fair and right.
    I will soon come and save you.
    Soon everyone will know that what I do is right.
Blessed is the person who does what I want them to.
    They are faithful in keeping the Sabbath day.
They do not misuse it.
    They do not do what is evil on that day.”

Suppose an outsider wants to follow the Lord.
    Then that person shouldn’t say,
    “The Lord won’t accept me as one of his people.”
And a eunuch shouldn’t say,
    “I’m like a dry tree
    that doesn’t bear any fruit.”

The Lord says,

“Suppose some eunuchs keep my Sabbath days.
    They choose to do what pleases me.
    And they are faithful in keeping my covenant.
Then I will set up a monument in the area of my temple.
    Their names will be written on it.
    That will be better for them than having sons and daughters.
The names of the eunuchs will be remembered forever.
    They will never be forgotten.

“Suppose outsiders want to follow me
    and serve me.
They want to love me
    and worship me.
They keep the Sabbath day and do not misuse it.
    And they are faithful in keeping my covenant.
Then I will bring them to my holy mountain of Zion.
    I will give them joy in my house.
They can pray there.
    I will accept their burnt offerings and sacrifices on my altar.
My house will be called
    a house where people from all nations can pray.”
The Lord and King will gather
    those who were taken away from their homes in Israel.
He announces, “I will gather them to myself.
    And I will gather others to join them.”

The Lord Judges Israel’s Evil Leaders

Come, all you enemy nations! Come like wild animals.
    Come and destroy like animals in the forest.
10 Israel’s prophets are blind.
    They don’t know the Lord.
All of them are like watchdogs that can’t even bark.
    They just lie around and dream.
    They love to sleep.
11 They are like dogs that love to eat.
    They never get enough.
They are like shepherds who don’t have any understanding.
    All of them do as they please.
    They only look for what they can get for themselves.
12 “Come!” they shout. “Let’s get some wine!
    Let’s drink all the beer we can!
Tomorrow we’ll do the same thing.
    And that will be even better than today.”