New Living Translation

Isaiah 12

Songs of Praise for Salvation

1In that day you will sing:
    “I will praise you, O Lord!
You were angry with me, but not any more.
    Now you comfort me.
See, God has come to save me.
    I will trust in him and not be afraid.
The Lord God is my strength and my song;
    he has given me victory.”

With joy you will drink deeply
    from the fountain of salvation!
In that wonderful day you will sing:
    “Thank the Lord! Praise his name!
Tell the nations what he has done.
    Let them know how mighty he is!
Sing to the Lord, for he has done wonderful things.
    Make known his praise around the world.
Let all the people of Jerusalem[a] shout his praise with joy!
    For great is the Holy One of Israel who lives among you.”

Notas al pie

  1. 12:6 Hebrew Zion.

New International Reader's Version

Isaiah 12

Two Songs of Praise

1In days to come, the people of Israel will sing,

Lord, we will praise you.
    You were angry with us.
But now your anger has turned away from us.
    And you have brought us comfort.
God, you are the one who saves us.
    We will trust in you.
    Then we won’t be afraid.
Lord, you are the one who gives us strength.
    You are the one who keeps us safe.
    Lord, you have saved us.”
People of Israel, he will save you.
    That will bring you joy like water brought up from wells.

In days to come, the people of Israel will sing,

“Give praise to the Lord. Make his name known.
    Tell the nations what he has done.
    Announce how honored he is.
Sing to the Lord. He has done glorious things.
    Let it be known all over the world.
People of Zion, give a loud shout!
    Sing for joy!
The Holy One of Israel is among you.
    And he is great.”