New International Version

Luke 9

Jesus Sends Out the Twelve

1When Jesus had called the Twelve together, he gave them power and authority to drive out all demons and to cure diseases, and he sent them out to proclaim the kingdom of God and to heal the sick. He told them: “Take nothing for the journey—no staff, no bag, no bread, no money, no extra shirt. Whatever house you enter, stay there until you leave that town. If people do not welcome you, leave their town and shake the dust off your feet as a testimony against them.” So they set out and went from village to village, proclaiming the good news and healing people everywhere.

Now Herod the tetrarch heard about all that was going on. And he was perplexed because some were saying that John had been raised from the dead, others that Elijah had appeared, and still others that one of the prophets of long ago had come back to life. But Herod said, “I beheaded John. Who, then, is this I hear such things about?” And he tried to see him.

Jesus Feeds the Five Thousand

10 When the apostles returned, they reported to Jesus what they had done. Then he took them with him and they withdrew by themselves to a town called Bethsaida, 11 but the crowds learned about it and followed him. He welcomed them and spoke to them about the kingdom of God, and healed those who needed healing.

12 Late in the afternoon the Twelve came to him and said, “Send the crowd away so they can go to the surrounding villages and countryside and find food and lodging, because we are in a remote place here.”

13 He replied, “You give them something to eat.”

They answered, “We have only five loaves of bread and two fish—unless we go and buy food for all this crowd.” 14 (About five thousand men were there.)

But he said to his disciples, “Have them sit down in groups of about fifty each.” 15 The disciples did so, and everyone sat down. 16 Taking the five loaves and the two fish and looking up to heaven, he gave thanks and broke them. Then he gave them to the disciples to distribute to the people. 17 They all ate and were satisfied, and the disciples picked up twelve basketfuls of broken pieces that were left over.

Peter Declares That Jesus Is the Messiah

18 Once when Jesus was praying in private and his disciples were with him, he asked them, “Who do the crowds say I am?”

19 They replied, “Some say John the Baptist; others say Elijah; and still others, that one of the prophets of long ago has come back to life.”

20 “But what about you?” he asked. “Who do you say I am?”

Peter answered, “God’s Messiah.”

Jesus Predicts His Death

21 Jesus strictly warned them not to tell this to anyone. 22 And he said, “The Son of Man must suffer many things and be rejected by the elders, the chief priests and the teachers of the law, and he must be killed and on the third day be raised to life.”

23 Then he said to them all: “Whoever wants to be my disciple must deny themselves and take up their cross daily and follow me. 24 For whoever wants to save their life will lose it, but whoever loses their life for me will save it. 25 What good is it for someone to gain the whole world, and yet lose or forfeit their very self? 26 Whoever is ashamed of me and my words, the Son of Man will be ashamed of them when he comes in his glory and in the glory of the Father and of the holy angels.

27 “Truly I tell you, some who are standing here will not taste death before they see the kingdom of God.”

The Transfiguration

28 About eight days after Jesus said this, he took Peter, John and James with him and went up onto a mountain to pray. 29 As he was praying, the appearance of his face changed, and his clothes became as bright as a flash of lightning. 30 Two men, Moses and Elijah, appeared in glorious splendor, talking with Jesus. 31 They spoke about his departure,[a] which he was about to bring to fulfillment at Jerusalem. 32 Peter and his companions were very sleepy, but when they became fully awake, they saw his glory and the two men standing with him. 33 As the men were leaving Jesus, Peter said to him, “Master, it is good for us to be here. Let us put up three shelters—one for you, one for Moses and one for Elijah.” (He did not know what he was saying.)

34 While he was speaking, a cloud appeared and covered them, and they were afraid as they entered the cloud. 35 A voice came from the cloud, saying, “This is my Son, whom I have chosen; listen to him.” 36 When the voice had spoken, they found that Jesus was alone. The disciples kept this to themselves and did not tell anyone at that time what they had seen.

Jesus Heals a Demon-Possessed Boy

37 The next day, when they came down from the mountain, a large crowd met him. 38 A man in the crowd called out, “Teacher, I beg you to look at my son, for he is my only child. 39 A spirit seizes him and he suddenly screams; it throws him into convulsions so that he foams at the mouth. It scarcely ever leaves him and is destroying him. 40 I begged your disciples to drive it out, but they could not.”

41 “You unbelieving and perverse generation,” Jesus replied, “how long shall I stay with you and put up with you? Bring your son here.”

42 Even while the boy was coming, the demon threw him to the ground in a convulsion. But Jesus rebuked the impure spirit, healed the boy and gave him back to his father. 43 And they were all amazed at the greatness of God.

Jesus Predicts His Death a Second Time

While everyone was marveling at all that Jesus did, he said to his disciples, 44 “Listen carefully to what I am about to tell you: The Son of Man is going to be delivered into the hands of men.” 45 But they did not understand what this meant. It was hidden from them, so that they did not grasp it, and they were afraid to ask him about it.

46 An argument started among the disciples as to which of them would be the greatest. 47 Jesus, knowing their thoughts, took a little child and had him stand beside him. 48 Then he said to them, “Whoever welcomes this little child in my name welcomes me; and whoever welcomes me welcomes the one who sent me. For it is the one who is least among you all who is the greatest.”

49 “Master,” said John, “we saw someone driving out demons in your name and we tried to stop him, because he is not one of us.”

50 “Do not stop him,” Jesus said, “for whoever is not against you is for you.”

Samaritan Opposition

51 As the time approached for him to be taken up to heaven, Jesus resolutely set out for Jerusalem. 52 And he sent messengers on ahead, who went into a Samaritan village to get things ready for him; 53 but the people there did not welcome him, because he was heading for Jerusalem. 54 When the disciples James and John saw this, they asked, “Lord, do you want us to call fire down from heaven to destroy them[b]?” 55 But Jesus turned and rebuked them. 56 Then he and his disciples went to another village.

The Cost of Following Jesus

57 As they were walking along the road, a man said to him, “I will follow you wherever you go.”

58 Jesus replied, “Foxes have dens and birds have nests, but the Son of Man has no place to lay his head.”

59 He said to another man, “Follow me.”

But he replied, “Lord, first let me go and bury my father.”

60 Jesus said to him, “Let the dead bury their own dead, but you go and proclaim the kingdom of God.”

61 Still another said, “I will follow you, Lord; but first let me go back and say goodbye to my family.”

62 Jesus replied, “No one who puts a hand to the plow and looks back is fit for service in the kingdom of God.”

Notas al pie

  1. Luke 9:31 Greek exodos
  2. Luke 9:54 Some manuscripts them, just as Elijah did

Neno: Bibilia Takatifu

Luka 9

Yesu Awatuma Wanafunzi Kumi Na wawili

1Yesu akawaita pamoja wanafunzi wake kumi na wawili na kuwapa mamlaka na uwezo wa kufukuza pepo wote na kuponya magonjwa yote. Kisha akawatuma waende wakautangaze Ufalme wa Mungu na kuponya wagonjwa.

Akawaagiza akisema, “Msichukue cho chote safarini, wala fimbo, wala mkoba, wala chakula, wala fedha; na msichukue nguo za kubadili. Mkikaribishwa katika nyumba yo yote muwe wageni wa nyumba hiyo hadi mtakapoondoka katika kijiji hicho. Po pote ambapo hamtakaribishwa, mnapoondoka kung’uteni mavumbi miguuni mwenu kama ishara ya hukumu ya Mungu juu yao.”

Wale wanafunzi wakaondoka wakaenda kutoka kijiji hadi kijiji wakihubiri Habari Njema na kuponya wagonjwa. Habari zil imfikia Herode mtawala wa Galilaya kuhusu miujiza iliyokuwa iki fanyika, naye akafadhaika kwa kuwa baadhi ya watu walikuwa wakisema, “Yohana Mbatizaji amefufuka!” Wengine wakasema, “Ni Eliya ametutokea” na wengine kwamba, “Mmoja wa manabii wa kale amefufuka.” Herode akasema, “Yohana nilimkata kichwa, ni nani huyu anayefanya maajabu haya ninayoambiwa?” Akajaribu sana amwone Yesu.

Yesu Awalisha Watu Elfu Tano

10 Wanafunzi waliporudi walimweleza Yesu yote waliyofanya. Akawachukua wakaenda peke yao mpaka mji mmoja uitwao Bethsaida. 11 Lakini watu wengi wakafahamu alipokwenda, wakamfuata. Akawa karibisha, akawafundisha tena kuhusu Ufalme wa mbinguni na akapo nya wangonjwa. 12 Ilipokaribia jioni, wale wanafunzi kumi na wawili wakamwambia Yesu, “Waruhusu watu hawa waondoke ili waweze kujitafutia chakula na mahali pa kulala katika vijiji na mashamba ya jirani kwa maana hapa tuko nyikani.” 13 Akawajibu, “Wapeni chakula.” Wakasema, “Tunayo mikate mitano tu na samaki wawili. Unataka tukanunue chakula cha kuwatosha watu wote hawa?” 14 Kwa kuwa walikuwapo wanaume wapatao elfu tano! Lakini Yesu akawaambia wanafunzi wake, “Waketisheni katika makundi ya watu hamsini-hamsini.” 15 Wakawaketisha wote. 16 Yesu akaichukua mikate mitano na wale samaki wawili, akatazama mbinguni, akavi bariki na kuvimega. Kisha akawapa wanafunzi wake wawagawie wale watu. 17 Kila mtu akala na kutosheka na vilipokusanywa vipande vilivyobaki, vilijaa vikapu kumi na viwili.

Petro Amkiri Bwana Yesu Kuwa Ndiye Kristo

18 Siku moja Yesu alipokuwa akisali faraghani akiwa na wana funzi wake aliwauliza, “Watu husema mimi ni nani?” 19 Wakam wambia, “Watu husema wewe ni Yohana Mbatizaji, wengine husema ni Eliya na wengine husema wewe ni nabii wa kale aliyefufuka kutoka kwa wafu.”

20 Kisha akawauliza, “Ninyi je, mnasema mimi ni nani?” Petro akajibu, “Wewe ndiye Kristo wa Mungu.” 21 Yesu akawaka taza wasimwambie mtu jambo hilo 22 akisema, “Imenipasa mimi Mwana wa Adamu kupata mateso mengi na kukataliwa na wazee, maku hani wakuu na walimu wa sheria. Nitauawa na siku ya tatu nitafuf uliwa.” 23 Kisha akawaambia wote, “Ye yote anayetaka kunifuata ni lazima ajikane nafsi yake, achukue msalaba wake kila siku, anifuate. 24 Kwa maana ye yote atakayeshughulikia zaidi usalama wa nafsi yake ataipoteza. Lakini ye yote atakayeipoteza nafsi yake kwa ajili yangu ataisalimisha. 25 Je, kuna faida gani kwa mtu kuupata ulimwengu mzima ambapo kwa kufanya hivyo ataipoteza nafsi yake? 26 Mtu ye yote atakayenionea aibu mimi na maneno yangu, na mimi Mwana wa Adamu nitamwonea aibu mtu huyo nitakapo kuja katika utukufu wangu na wa Baba na wa malaika watakatifu. 27 Ninawaambia kweli, baadhi ya watu waliosimama hapa hawatakufa mpaka watakapouona Ufalme wa Mungu.”

Bwana Yesu Abadilika Sura

28 Yapata siku nane baada ya kusema hayo, Yesu alikwenda kusali mlimani pamoja na Petro, Yakobo na Yohana. 29 Alipokuwa akiomba, sura yake ili badilika, mavazi yake yakawa meupe, yakimetameta na kung’aa. 30 Ghafla wakawepo watu wawili wakaanza kuzungumza naye. Walikuwa ni Musa na Eliya! 31 Nao walionekana katika utukufu wakizungumza na Yesu kuhusu kifo chake ambacho kingetokea Yerusalemu.

32 Petro na wenzake ambao walikuwa wamelala usingizi mzito waliamka wakaona utukufu wa Yesu na wale watu wawili waliokuwa wamesimama pamoja naye. 33 Musa na Eliya walipoanza kuondoka, Petro akamwambia Yesu, “Bwana ni vizuri mno kwamba tuko hapa! Tutajenga vibanda vitatu - kimoja chako, kingine cha Musa na kin gine cha Eliya.” Lakini Petro hakujua anasema nini. 34 Petro alipokuwa bado anazungumza, pakatokea wingu kubwa na kivuli chake kikawafunika, na wale wanafunzi wakashikwa na hofu lile wingu lilipowafikia. 35 Sauti ikatoka kwenye wingu ikisema, “Huyu ni Mwanangu niliyemchagua, msikilizeni yeye.” 36 Baada ya sauti hiyo kusema, alionekana Yesu peke yake. Wale wanafunzi wakakaa kimya na kwa wakati huo hawakumwambia mtu ye yote yale waliyoy aona.

37 Kesho yake aliposhuka kutoka mlimani alikutana na umati mkubwa wa watu. 38 Ghafla, mtu mmoja kati yao akapiga kelele akasema, “Mwalimu, tafadhali nakuomba umwangalie mtoto wangu, ni mwanangu wa pekee. 39 Mara kwa mara pepo humshika na kumfanya apige kelele kisha humwangusha na kumtia kifafa akatokwa na povu mdomoni. Anamtesa sana na hamwachii ila kwa shida. 40 Nimewaomba wanafunzi wako wamwondoe huyo pepo lakini wameshindwa.” 41 Yesu akajibu, “Enyi watu mliopotoka, msio na imani, nitakaa nanyi na kuwavumilia mpaka lini? Mlete mwanao hapa.”

42 Yule mtoto alipokuwa akija, yule pepo akamwangusha, akam tia kifafa. Lakini Yesu akamwamuru yule pepo amtoke. Akamponya yule mtoto akamkabidhi kwa baba yake. 43 Watu wote walishangaa walipoona huo uweza mkuu wa Mungu. Wakati watu walipokuwa wanas taajabia hayo yote aliyokuwa akiyafanya Yesu, yeye aliwaambia wanafunzi wake: 44 “ Sikilizeni kwa makini haya nitakayowaambia sasa: mimi Mwana wa Adamu nitasalitiwa na kuwekwa mikononi mwa wanadamu.” 45 Lakini wanafunzi wake hawakuyaelewa maneno hayo. Maana ya maneno hayo ilikuwa imefichwa ili wasiweze kuelewa, nao waliogopa kumwuliza.

Yesu Afundisha Kuhusu Ukubwa

46 Wanafunzi wakaanza kubishana wao kwa wao kuhusu nani kati yao alikuwa mkuu zaidi. 47 Lakini Yesu aliyatambua mawazo yao, akamsimamisha mtoto mdogo karibu naye 48 kisha akawaambia, “Ye yote atakayemkaribisha mtoto huyu mdogo kwa jina langu atakuwa amenikaribisha; na ye yote atakayenikaribisha mimi atakuwa amem karibisha yeye aliyenituma; kwa maana yeye aliye mdogo kati yenu, ndiye aliye mkubwa kuliko wote.” 49 Yohana akasema, “Bwana, tumemwona mtu akifukuza pepo kwa jina lako tukamzuia kwa maana yeye si mmoja wetu.” 50 Yesu akasema, “Msimzuie kwa sababu ye yote ambaye hapingani nanyi, yuko upande wenu.”

Yesu Akataliwa Samaria

51 Siku zake za kurudi mbinguni zilipokaribia, Yesu aliamua kwamba lazima aende Yerusalemu na akaanza safari kuelekea huko. 52 Akatuma watu wamtangulie, nao wakaenda katika kijiji kimoja cha Samaria kumwandalia kila kitu. 53 Lakini watu wa kijiji hicho walikataa kumpokea kwa sababu ilikuwa dhahiri kwamba ali kuwa anakwenda Yerusalemu. 54 Basi wanafunzi wake Yakobo na Yohana walipoona hayo, wakasema: “Bwana, unataka tuamuru moto kutoka mbinguni uwaangamize?” 55 Yesu akageuka, akawakemea. 56 Wakaenda kijiji kingine.

Gharama Ya Kumfuata Yesu

57 Walipokuwa wakienda, mtu mmoja akamwambia Yesu, “Nitakufu ata po pote utakapokwenda.” 58 Yesu akamwambia, “Mbweha wanaishi kwenye mapango yao na ndege kwenye viota vyao lakini mimi Mwana wa Adamu sina mahali pa kulala na kupumzika.”

59 Yesu alimwambia mtu mwingine, “Nifuate.” Mtu huyo akamjibu, “Bwana, niache kwanza nikamzike baba yangu.” 60 Yesu akamwam bia, “Waache wafu wawazike wafu wao. Bali wewe nenda ukautan gaze Ufalme wa Mungu.” 61 Mtu mwingine akamwambia, “Bwana nitakufuata lakini naomba kwanza nikaage jamaa yangu.” 62 Yesu akamwambia, “Mtu ye yote ashikaye jembe kuanza kulima kisha akawa anageuka kutazama nyuma, hafai kwa Ufalme wa Mungu.” Yesu Awatuma Wafuasi Sabini na Wawili