New International Version

Luke 11:1-54

Jesus’ Teaching on Prayer

1One day Jesus was praying in a certain place. When he finished, one of his disciples said to him, “Lord, teach us to pray, just as John taught his disciples.”

2He said to them, “When you pray, say:

“ ‘Father,11:2 Some manuscripts Our Father in heaven

hallowed be your name,

your kingdom come.11:2 Some manuscripts come. May your will be done on earth as it is in heaven.

3Give us each day our daily bread.

4Forgive us our sins,

for we also forgive everyone who sins against us.11:4 Greek everyone who is indebted to us

And lead us not into temptation.11:4 Some manuscripts temptation, but deliver us from the evil one’ ”

5Then Jesus said to them, “Suppose you have a friend, and you go to him at midnight and say, ‘Friend, lend me three loaves of bread; 6a friend of mine on a journey has come to me, and I have no food to offer him.’ 7And suppose the one inside answers, ‘Don’t bother me. The door is already locked, and my children and I are in bed. I can’t get up and give you anything.’ 8I tell you, even though he will not get up and give you the bread because of friendship, yet because of your shameless audacity11:8 Or yet to preserve his good name he will surely get up and give you as much as you need.

9“So I say to you: Ask and it will be given to you; seek and you will find; knock and the door will be opened to you. 10For everyone who asks receives; the one who seeks finds; and to the one who knocks, the door will be opened.

11“Which of you fathers, if your son asks for11:11 Some manuscripts for bread, will give him a stone? Or if he asks for a fish, will give him a snake instead? 12Or if he asks for an egg, will give him a scorpion? 13If you then, though you are evil, know how to give good gifts to your children, how much more will your Father in heaven give the Holy Spirit to those who ask him!”

Jesus and Beelzebul

14Jesus was driving out a demon that was mute. When the demon left, the man who had been mute spoke, and the crowd was amazed. 15But some of them said, “By Beelzebul, the prince of demons, he is driving out demons.” 16Others tested him by asking for a sign from heaven.

17Jesus knew their thoughts and said to them: “Any kingdom divided against itself will be ruined, and a house divided against itself will fall. 18If Satan is divided against himself, how can his kingdom stand? I say this because you claim that I drive out demons by Beelzebul. 19Now if I drive out demons by Beelzebul, by whom do your followers drive them out? So then, they will be your judges. 20But if I drive out demons by the finger of God, then the kingdom of God has come upon you.

21“When a strong man, fully armed, guards his own house, his possessions are safe. 22But when someone stronger attacks and overpowers him, he takes away the armor in which the man trusted and divides up his plunder.

23“Whoever is not with me is against me, and whoever does not gather with me scatters.

24“When an impure spirit comes out of a person, it goes through arid places seeking rest and does not find it. Then it says, ‘I will return to the house I left.’ 25When it arrives, it finds the house swept clean and put in order. 26Then it goes and takes seven other spirits more wicked than itself, and they go in and live there. And the final condition of that person is worse than the first.”

27As Jesus was saying these things, a woman in the crowd called out, “Blessed is the mother who gave you birth and nursed you.”

28He replied, “Blessed rather are those who hear the word of God and obey it.”

The Sign of Jonah

29As the crowds increased, Jesus said, “This is a wicked generation. It asks for a sign, but none will be given it except the sign of Jonah. 30For as Jonah was a sign to the Ninevites, so also will the Son of Man be to this generation. 31The Queen of the South will rise at the judgment with the people of this generation and condemn them, for she came from the ends of the earth to listen to Solomon’s wisdom; and now something greater than Solomon is here. 32The men of Nineveh will stand up at the judgment with this generation and condemn it, for they repented at the preaching of Jonah; and now something greater than Jonah is here.

The Lamp of the Body

33“No one lights a lamp and puts it in a place where it will be hidden, or under a bowl. Instead they put it on its stand, so that those who come in may see the light. 34Your eye is the lamp of your body. When your eyes are healthy,11:34 The Greek for healthy here implies generous. your whole body also is full of light. But when they are unhealthy,11:34 The Greek for unhealthy here implies stingy. your body also is full of darkness. 35See to it, then, that the light within you is not darkness. 36Therefore, if your whole body is full of light, and no part of it dark, it will be just as full of light as when a lamp shines its light on you.”

Woes on the Pharisees and the Experts in the Law

37When Jesus had finished speaking, a Pharisee invited him to eat with him; so he went in and reclined at the table. 38But the Pharisee was surprised when he noticed that Jesus did not first wash before the meal.

39Then the Lord said to him, “Now then, you Pharisees clean the outside of the cup and dish, but inside you are full of greed and wickedness. 40You foolish people! Did not the one who made the outside make the inside also? 41But now as for what is inside you—be generous to the poor, and everything will be clean for you.

42“Woe to you Pharisees, because you give God a tenth of your mint, rue and all other kinds of garden herbs, but you neglect justice and the love of God. You should have practiced the latter without leaving the former undone.

43“Woe to you Pharisees, because you love the most important seats in the synagogues and respectful greetings in the marketplaces.

44“Woe to you, because you are like unmarked graves, which people walk over without knowing it.”

45One of the experts in the law answered him, “Teacher, when you say these things, you insult us also.”

46Jesus replied, “And you experts in the law, woe to you, because you load people down with burdens they can hardly carry, and you yourselves will not lift one finger to help them.

47“Woe to you, because you build tombs for the prophets, and it was your ancestors who killed them. 48So you testify that you approve of what your ancestors did; they killed the prophets, and you build their tombs. 49Because of this, God in his wisdom said, ‘I will send them prophets and apostles, some of whom they will kill and others they will persecute.’ 50Therefore this generation will be held responsible for the blood of all the prophets that has been shed since the beginning of the world, 51from the blood of Abel to the blood of Zechariah, who was killed between the altar and the sanctuary. Yes, I tell you, this generation will be held responsible for it all.

52“Woe to you experts in the law, because you have taken away the key to knowledge. You yourselves have not entered, and you have hindered those who were entering.”

53When Jesus went outside, the Pharisees and the teachers of the law began to oppose him fiercely and to besiege him with questions, 54waiting to catch him in something he might say.

Chinese Contemporary Bible (Simplified)

路加福音 11:1-54







就像在天上成就一样11:2 有古卷无“愿你的旨意在地上成就,就像在天上成就一样”。





拯救我们脱离那恶者11:4 有古卷无“拯救我们脱离那恶者”。。’”

5耶稣又对他们说:“假设你在半夜跑去朋友家请求说,‘朋友,请借给我三个饼吧, 6因为有一位朋友远道而来,我家没有什么可以招待他。’ 7那个人在屋里应声说,‘请别打搅我,门已经锁上了,我和孩子们也已经上床了,我不能起来给你拿饼。’


9“我告诉你们,祈求,就会给你们;寻找,就会寻见;叩门,就会给你们开门。 10因为凡祈求的,就得到;寻找的,就寻见;叩门的,就给他开门。

11“你们中间做父亲的,如果孩子要饼,你会给他石头吗?11:11 有古卷无“如果孩子要饼,你会给他石头吗?”要鱼,你会给他蛇吗? 12要鸡蛋,你会给他蝎子吗? 13你们虽然邪恶,尚且知道把好东西给儿女,天父岂不更要赐圣灵给那些求祂的人吗?”


14有一次,耶稣赶出一个使人哑巴的鬼。鬼一出去,哑巴就能说话了,大家都很惊奇。 15有人却说:“祂是靠鬼王别西卜赶鬼。” 16还有些人想试探耶稣,要求祂行个神迹证明自己是上帝派来的。

17耶稣知道他们的心思,就说:“一个国内部自相纷争,必然灭亡;一个家内部自相纷争,必然崩溃。 18同样,若撒旦内部自相纷争,它的国怎能维持呢?你们说我是靠别西卜赶鬼, 19若我是靠别西卜赶鬼,你们的子弟又是靠谁赶鬼呢?因此,他们要审判你们。 20但若我是靠上帝的能力赶鬼,就是上帝的国已降临在你们中间了。

21“壮汉全副武装地看守自己的住宅,他的财物会很安全。 22但是,来了一个比他更强壮的人,把他制服后,夺去他所依靠的武装,并把他抢来的东西分给了人。 23谁不与我为友,就是与我为敌;谁不和我一起收聚,就是故意拆散。

24“有个污鬼离开了它以前所附的人,在干旱无水之地四处游荡,寻找安歇之处,却没有找到。于是它说,‘我要回到老地方。’ 25它回去后,看见里面打扫得又干净又整齐, 26就去带来了七个比自己更邪恶的鬼一起住在那里。那人的下场比从前更惨了。”





29这时聚集的人越来越多,耶稣说:“这是一个邪恶的世代,人们只想看神迹,但除了约拿的神迹以外,再没有神迹给他们看。 30正如约拿成了尼尼微人的神迹,人子也要成为这世代的神迹。

31“在审判的日子,南方的女王和这世代的人都要起来11:31 起来”或作“复活”,下同32节。,她要定这个世代的罪,因为她曾不远千里来听所罗门王的智言慧语。看啊!这里有一位比所罗门王更伟大。



33“没有人点了灯却将它放在地窖里或斗底下,人总是把灯放在灯台上,让进来的人可以看见光。 34你的眼睛就是身体的灯,你的眼睛明亮,全身就光明;你的眼睛昏花,全身就黑暗。 35因此要小心,不要让你心里的光变为黑暗。 36如果你全身光明、毫无黑暗,你整个人就熠熠生辉,好像有灯光照在你身上。”


37耶稣说完这番话后,有一个法利赛人来请祂吃饭,祂便应邀入席。 38这位法利赛人看见耶稣饭前没有行犹太人洗手的礼仪,十分诧异。 39主对他说:“你们法利赛人洗净杯盘的外面,你们里面却充满了贪婪和邪恶。 40愚蠢的人啊,人里外不都是上帝所创造的吗? 41只要你们发自内心地去施舍,一切对你们都是洁净的。


43“法利赛人啊,你们有祸了!你们喜欢在会堂里坐首位,又喜欢在街市上听到别人的问候。 44你们有祸了!因为你们就像没有墓碑的坟墓,人们从上面走过也不知道。”




47“你们有祸了,你们为先知修造坟墓,而他们正是被你们祖先杀害的! 48所以你们是见证人,你们赞同祖先的行为,因为他们杀了先知,你们为先知造坟墓。 49因此,充满智慧的上帝说,‘我要差遣先知和使徒到他们那里,有些要被杀害,有些要遭迫害’, 50-51使创世以来,自亚伯一直到在祭坛和圣所之间被杀的撒迦利亚等众先知的血债,都由这个世代承担。我实在告诉你们,这些罪责都要由这个世代承担。


53耶稣离开那里后,法利赛人和律法教师开始激烈地反对祂,用各种问题刁难祂, 54伺机找把柄陷害祂。