New International Version

1 Samuel 11:1-15

Saul Rescues the City of Jabesh

1Nahash11:1 Masoretic Text; Dead Sea Scrolls gifts. Now Nahash king of the Ammonites oppressed the Gadites and Reubenites severely. He gouged out all their right eyes and struck terror and dread in Israel. Not a man remained among the Israelites beyond the Jordan whose right eye was not gouged out by Nahash king of the Ammonites, except that seven thousand men fled from the Ammonites and entered Jabesh Gilead. About a month later, 1 Nahash the Ammonite went up and besieged Jabesh Gilead. And all the men of Jabesh said to him, “Make a treaty with us, and we will be subject to you.”

2But Nahash the Ammonite replied, “I will make a treaty with you only on the condition that I gouge out the right eye of every one of you and so bring disgrace on all Israel.”

3The elders of Jabesh said to him, “Give us seven days so we can send messengers throughout Israel; if no one comes to rescue us, we will surrender to you.”

4When the messengers came to Gibeah of Saul and reported these terms to the people, they all wept aloud. 5Just then Saul was returning from the fields, behind his oxen, and he asked, “What is wrong with everyone? Why are they weeping?” Then they repeated to him what the men of Jabesh had said.

6When Saul heard their words, the Spirit of God came powerfully upon him, and he burned with anger. 7He took a pair of oxen, cut them into pieces, and sent the pieces by messengers throughout Israel, proclaiming, “This is what will be done to the oxen of anyone who does not follow Saul and Samuel.” Then the terror of the Lord fell on the people, and they came out together as one. 8When Saul mustered them at Bezek, the men of Israel numbered three hundred thousand and those of Judah thirty thousand.

9They told the messengers who had come, “Say to the men of Jabesh Gilead, ‘By the time the sun is hot tomorrow, you will be rescued.’ ” When the messengers went and reported this to the men of Jabesh, they were elated. 10They said to the Ammonites, “Tomorrow we will surrender to you, and you can do to us whatever you like.”

11The next day Saul separated his men into three divisions; during the last watch of the night they broke into the camp of the Ammonites and slaughtered them until the heat of the day. Those who survived were scattered, so that no two of them were left together.

Saul Confirmed as King

12The people then said to Samuel, “Who was it that asked, ‘Shall Saul reign over us?’ Turn these men over to us so that we may put them to death.”

13But Saul said, “No one will be put to death today, for this day the Lord has rescued Israel.”

14Then Samuel said to the people, “Come, let us go to Gilgal and there renew the kingship.” 15So all the people went to Gilgal and made Saul king in the presence of the Lord. There they sacrificed fellowship offerings before the Lord, and Saul and all the Israelites held a great celebration.

Japanese Contemporary Bible

サムエル記Ⅰ 11:1-15



1さて、アモン人ナハシュが軍を率いて、イスラエル人の町ヤベシュ・ギルアデに迫りました。ヤベシュの人々は講和を求め、「どうか、お助けください。あなたがたにお仕えしますから」とすがりました。 2ナハシュの答えは情け容赦のないものでした。「よし、わかった。ただし、一つ条件がある。全イスラエルへの見せしめに、おまえたち一人一人の右目をえぐり取らせてもらおう。」



5そこへ、畑を耕しに行っていたサウルが戻って来て、「いったい、どうしたのだ。なぜ、みんな泣いているのか」と尋ねました。人々はヤベシュからの知らせを伝えました。 6その時、神の霊が激しくサウルに下ったのです。サウルは満身を怒りに震わせ、 7二頭の雄牛を捕まえるや、それを切り裂き、使者に託してイスラエル中に送りました。そして、「サウルとサムエルに従って戦うことを拒む者の雄牛は、このようにされる」と言い送ったのです。主が人々にサウルの怒りを恐れさせたのか、みな、いっせいに集まって来ました。 8ベゼクでその数を調べると、イスラエルから三十万人、さらにユダから三万人が加わったことがわかりました。

9そこでサウルは、使者をヤベシュ・ギルアデに送り帰し、「明日の昼過ぎまでに助けに行く」と告げさせたのです。この知らせに、どれほど町中が喜びにわき立ったことでしょう。 10ヤベシュの人々は、敵にこう通告しました。「降伏いたします。明日、あなたがたのところへまいりますから、どうぞお気のすむようになさってください。」