New International Reader's Version

Psalm 85

Psalm 85

For the director of music. A psalm of the Sons of Korah.

Lord, you were good to your land.
    You blessed the people of Jacob with great success again.
You forgave the evil things your people did.
    You took away all their sins.
You stopped being angry with them.
    You turned your great anger away from them.

God our Savior, make us new again.
    Stop being unhappy with us.
Will you be angry with us forever?
    Will you be angry for all time to come?
Won’t you give us new life again?
    Then we’ll be joyful because of what you have done.
Lord, show us your faithful love.
    Save us.

I will listen to what God the Lord says.
    He promises peace to his faithful people.
    But they must not turn to foolish ways.
I know he’s ready to save those who have respect for him.
    Then his glory can be seen in our land.

10 God’s truth and faithful love join together.
    His peace and holiness kiss each other.
11 His truth springs up from the earth.
    His holiness looks down from heaven.
12 The Lord will certainly give what is good.
    Our land will produce its crops.
13 God’s holiness leads the way in front of him.
    It prepares the way for his coming.

Nkwa Asem

Nnwom 85

Ɔman yiyedi mpaebɔ

1Awurade, woahu wo asase mmɔbɔ; woama Israel adi yiye bio. Wode wo nkurɔfo bɔne nyinaa akyɛ wɔn. Wugyaee w’abufuw a wode kɔɔ wɔn so no.

Fa yɛn san bra, O Onyankopɔn, yɛn agyenkwa na gyae sɔ a w’ani nsɔ yɛn no! Wo bo befuw yɛn akosi daa nyinaa? W’abufuw to rentwa da? Hyɛ yɛn den bio, na yɛn, wo nkurɔfo, bɛkamfo wo. Dɔ yɛn daa, O Awurade, na gye yɛn nkwa, boa yɛn.

Meretie nea Awurade Nyankopɔn reka. Ɔhyɛɛ yɛn a yɛyɛ ɔno ara ne nkurɔfo no bɔ se, sɛ yɛannan amfa akwammɔne so a, akyinnye biara nni ho sɛ wasiesie ne ho sɛ wɔn a wodi no ni no, obegye wɔn nkwa, na ne nkwagye no bɛtena yɛn asase no so.

10 Ɔdɔ ne nokware behyia, na trenee ne asomdwoee ayɛ atuu. 11 Onipa nokware befi asase so akɔ soro, na Onyankopɔn trenee fi soro aba asase so. 12 Awurade bɛma yɛanya nkɔso, na yɛn asase anya nnɔbae bebree. 13 Atreneefo bedi Awurade anim asiesie ne kwan ama no.