New International Reader's Version

Psalm 26

Psalm 26

A psalm of David.

Lord, when you hand down your sentence, let it be in my favor.
    I have lived without blame.
I have trusted in the Lord.
    I have never doubted him.
Lord, test me. Try me out.
    Look deep down into my heart and mind.
I have always remembered your love that never fails.
    I have always depended on the fact that you are faithful.
I don’t spend time with people who tell lies.
    I don’t keep company with pretenders.
I hate to be with a group of sinful people.
    I refuse to spend time with those who are evil.
I wash my hands to show that I’m not guilty.
    Lord, I come near your altar.
I shout my praise to you.
    I tell about all the wonderful things you have done.
Lord, I love the house where you live.
    I love the place where your glory is.

Don’t destroy me together with sinners.
    Don’t take away my life along with murderers.
10 Their hands are always planning to do evil.
    Their right hands are full of money that has bought their help.
11 But I live without blame.
    Save me from harm and treat me with kindness.

12 My feet stand on level ground.
    In the whole community I will praise the Lord.

Nkwa Asem

Nnwom 26

Ɔtreneeni mpaebɔ

1Bu me bem, O Awurade, efisɛ, meyɛ ade trenee na mede me ho to wo so koraa. Sɔ me hwɛ, Awurade, na hu m’adwene. Wo dɔ a wodɔ me daa no yɛ m’akwankyerɛ; wo nokware no kyerɛ me kwan daa. Me ne ahuhufo mmɔ. Me ne nyaatwomfo nni hwee yɛ. Me ne nnebɔneyɛfo mmɔ, na mekwae mifi wɔn ho. Awurade, mehohoro me nsa ma wuhu sɛ, menyɛ bɔne na meba mu betwa w’afɔremuka ho hyia, som wo. Meto aseda nnwom na mepae mu ka w’anwonwade. M’ani gye ofi a wote mu no ho, O Awurade, baabi a w’anuonyam te hɔ.

Nsɛe me mfra nnebɔneyɛfo no. Gye me fi awudifo nsam; 10 nnipa a daa wɔyɛ bɔne na daa wɔasiesie wɔn ho ama adanmudegye no.

11 Me de, meyɛ ade trenee; hu me mmɔbɔ na gye me nkwa.

12 Amane mu, me ho nka; mekamfo Awurade wɔ ne manfo mu.