New International Reader's Version

Psalm 119

Psalm 119

א Aleph

Blessed are those who live without blame.
    They live in keeping with the law of the Lord.
Blessed are those who obey his covenant laws.
    They trust in him with all their hearts.
They don’t do anything wrong.
    They live as he wants them to live.
You have given me rules
    that I must obey completely.
I hope I will always stand firm
    in following your orders.
Then I won’t be put to shame
    when I think about all your commands.
I will praise you with an honest heart
    as I learn about how fair your decisions are.
I will obey your orders.
    Please don’t leave me all alone.

ב Beth

How can a young person keep their life pure?
    By living according to your word.
10 I trust in you with all my heart.
    Don’t let me wander away from your commands.
11 I have hidden your word in my heart
    so that I won’t sin against you.
12 Lord, I give praise to you.
    Teach me your orders.
13 With my lips I talk about
    all the decisions you have made.
14 Following your covenant laws gives me joy
    just as great riches give joy to others.
15 I spend time thinking about your rules.
    I consider how you want me to live.
16 I take delight in your orders.
    I won’t fail to obey your word.

ג Gimel

17 Be good to me while I am alive.
    Do this so that I may obey your word.
18 Open my eyes so that I can see
    the wonderful truths in your law.
19 I’m a stranger on earth.
    Don’t hide your commands from me.
20 My heart is filled with longing
    for your laws at all times.
21 You correct proud people. They are under your curse.
    They wander away from your commands.
22 I obey your covenant laws.
    So don’t let evil people laugh at me or hate me.
23 Even if rulers sit together and tell lies about me,
    I will spend time thinking about your orders.
24 Your covenant laws are my delight.
    They give me wise advice.

ד Daleth

25 I lie in the dust. I’m about to die.
    Keep me alive as you have promised.
26 I told you how I’ve lived, and you gave me your answer.
    Teach me your orders.
27 Help me understand how your rules direct me to live.
    Then I may think deeply about the wonderful things you have done.
28 My sadness has worn me out.
    Give me strength as you have promised.
29 Keep me from cheating and telling lies.
    Be kind to me and teach me your law.
30 I have chosen to be faithful to you.
    I put my trust in your laws.
31 Lord, I’m careful to obey your covenant laws.
    Don’t let me be put to shame.
32 I am quick to follow your commands,
    because you have added to my understanding.

ה He

33 Lord, teach me how your orders direct me to live.
    Then I will live that way to the very end.
34 Help me understand your law so that I may follow it.
    I will obey it with all my heart.
35 Teach me to live as you command,
    because that makes me very happy.
36 Make me want to follow your covenant laws
    instead of wanting to gain things only for myself.
37 Turn my eyes away from things that are worthless.
    Keep me alive as you have promised.
38 Keep your promise to me.
    Then other people will have respect for you.
39 Please don’t let me be put to shame.
    Your laws are good.
40 I really want to follow your rules.
    Keep me alive, because you do what is right.

ו Waw

41 Lord, show me your faithful love.
    Save me as you have promised.
42 Then I can answer anyone who makes fun of me,
    because I trust in your word.
43 Help me always to tell the truth about how faithful you are.
    I have put my hope in your laws.
44 I will always obey your law,
    for ever and ever.
45 I will lead a full and happy life,
    because I’ve tried to obey your rules.
46 I will talk about your covenant laws to kings.
    I will not be put to shame.
47 I take delight in obeying your commands
    because I love them.
48 I reach out for your commands that I love.
    I do this so that I may think deeply about your orders.

ז Zayin

49 Remember what you have said to me.
    You have given me hope.
50 Even when I suffer, I am comforted
    because you promised to keep me alive.
51 Proud people make fun of me without mercy.
    But I don’t turn away from your law.
52 Lord, I remember the laws you gave long ago.
    I find comfort in them.
53 I am very angry
    because evil people have turned away from your law.
54 No matter where I live,
    I sing about your orders.
55 Lord, during the night I remember who you are.
    That’s why I keep your law.
56 I have really done my best
    to obey your rules.

ח Heth

57 Lord, you are everything I need.
    I have promised to obey your words.
58 I have looked to you with all my heart.
    Be kind to me as you have promised.
59 I have thought about the way I live.
    And I have decided to follow your covenant laws.
60 I won’t waste any time.
    I will be quick to obey your commands.
61 Evil people may tie me up with ropes.
    But I won’t forget to obey your law.
62 At midnight I get up to give you thanks
    because your decisions are very fair.
63 I’m a friend to everyone who has respect for you.
    I’m a friend to everyone who follows your rules.
64 Lord, the earth is filled with your love.
    Teach me your orders.

ט Teth

65 Lord, be good to me
    as you have promised.
66 Increase my knowledge and give me good sense,
    because I trust your commands.
67 Before I went through suffering, I went down the wrong path.
    But now I obey your word.
68 You are good, and what you do is good.
    Teach me your orders.
69 The lies of proud people have taken away my good name.
    But I follow your rules with all my heart.
70 Their unfeeling hearts are hard and stubborn.
    But I take delight in your law.
71 It was good for me to suffer.
    That’s what helped me to understand your orders.
72 The law you gave is worth more to me
    than thousands of pieces of silver and gold.

י Yodh

73 You made me and formed me with your own hands.
    Give me understanding so that I can learn your commands.
74 May those who have respect for you be filled with joy when they see me.
    I have put my hope in your word.
75 Lord, I know that your laws are right.
    You were faithful to your promise when you made me suffer.
76 May your faithful love comfort me
    as you have promised me.
77 Show me your tender love so that I can live.
    I take delight in your law.
78 May proud people be put to shame for treating me badly for no reason.
    I will think deeply about your rules.
79 May those who have respect for you come to me.
    Then I can teach them your covenant laws.
80 May I follow your orders with all my heart.
    Then I won’t be put to shame.

כ Kaph

81 I deeply long for you to save me.
    I have put my hope in your word.
82 My eyes grow tired looking for what you have promised.
    I say, “When will you comfort me?”
83 I’m as useless as a wineskin that smoke has dried up.
    But I don’t forget to follow your orders.
84 How long do I have to wait?
    When will you punish those who attack me?
85 Proud people do what is against your law.
    They dig pits for me to fall into.
86 All your commands can be trusted.
    Help me, because people attack me without any reason.
87 They almost wiped me off the face of the earth.
    But I have not turned away from your rules.
88 Keep me alive, because of your faithful love.
    Do this so that I may obey the covenant laws you have given.

ל Lamedh

89 Lord, your word lasts forever.
    It stands firm in the heavens.
90 You will be faithful for all time to come.
    You made the earth, and it continues to exist.
91 Your laws continue to this very day,
    because all things serve you.
92 If I had not taken delight in your law,
    I would have died because of my suffering.
93 I will never forget your rules.
    You have kept me alive, because I obey them.
94 Save me, because I belong to you.
    I’ve tried to obey your rules.
95 Sinful people are waiting to destroy me.
    But I will spend time thinking about your covenant laws.
96 I’ve learned that everything has its limits.
    But your commands are perfect. They are always there when I need them.

מ Mem

97 Lord, I really love your law!
    All day long I spend time thinking about it.
98 Your commands make me wiser than my enemies,
    because your commands are always in my heart.
99 I know more than all my teachers do,
    because I spend time thinking about your covenant laws.
100 I understand more than the elders do,
    because I obey your rules.
101 I’ve kept my feet from every path that sinners take
    so that I might obey your word.
102 I haven’t turned away from your laws,
    because you yourself have taught me.
103 Your words are very sweet to my taste!
    They are sweeter than honey to me.
104 I gain understanding from your rules.
    So I hate every path that sinners take.

נ Nun

105 Your word is like a lamp that shows me the way.
    It is like a light that guides me.
106 I have made a promise
    to follow your laws, because they are right.
107 I have suffered very much.
    Lord, keep me alive as you have promised.
108 Lord, accept the praise I freely give you.
    Teach me your laws.
109 I keep putting my life in danger.
    But I won’t forget to obey your law.
110 Evil people have set a trap for me.
    But I haven’t wandered away from your rules.
111 Your covenant laws are your gift to me forever.
    They fill my heart with joy.
112 I have decided to obey your orders
    to the very end.

ס Samekh

113 I hate people who can’t make up their minds.
    But I love your law.
114 You are my place of safety.
    You are like a shield that keeps me safe.
    I have put my hope in your word.
115 Get away from me, you who do evil!
    Then I can do what my God commands me to do.
116 My God, keep me going as you have promised. Then I will live.
    Don’t let me lose all hope.
117 Take good care of me, and I will be saved.
    I will always honor your orders.
118 You turn your back on all those who wander away from your orders.
    Their wrong thoughts will be proved to be wrong.
119 You throw away all the sinners on earth as if they were trash.
    So I love your covenant laws.
120 My body trembles because I have respect for you.
    I have great respect for your laws.

ע Ayin

121 I have done what is right and fair.
    So don’t leave me to those who treat me badly.
122 Make sure that everything goes well with me.
    Don’t let proud people treat me badly.
123 My eyes grow tired as I look to you to save me.
    Please save me as you have promised.
124 Be good to me, because you love me.
    Teach me your orders.
125 I serve you, so help me to understand what is right.
    Then I will understand your covenant laws.
126 Lord, it’s time for you to act.
    People are breaking your law.
127 I love your commands more than gold.
    I love them more than pure gold.
128 I consider all your rules to be right.
    So I hate every path that sinners take.

פ Pe

129 Your covenant laws are wonderful.
    So I obey them.
130 When your words are made clear, they bring light.
    They bring understanding to childish people.
131 I open my mouth and pant like a dog,
    because I long to know your commands.
132 Turn to me and have mercy on me.
    That’s what you’ve always done for those who love you.
133 Teach me how to live as you have promised.
    Don’t let any sin be my master.
134 Set me free from people who treat me badly.
    Then I will obey your rules.
135 Have mercy on me.
    Teach me your orders.
136 Streams of tears flow from my eyes,
    because people don’t obey your law.

צ Tsadhe

137 Lord, you do what is fair.
    And your laws are right.
138 The laws you have made are fair.
    They can be completely trusted.
139 My anger is wearing me out,
    because my enemies don’t pay any attention to your words.
140 Your promises have proved to be true.
    I love them.
141 I’m not important. People look down on me.
    But I don’t forget to obey your rules.
142 You always do what is right.
    And your law is true.
143 I’ve had my share of trouble and suffering.
    But your commands give me delight.
144 Your covenant laws are always right.
    Help me to understand them. Then I will live.

ק Qoph

145 Lord, I call out to you with all my heart.
    Answer me, and I will obey your orders.
146 I call out to you.
    Save me, and I will keep your covenant laws.
147 I get up before the sun rises. I cry out for help.
    I’ve put my hope in your word.
148 My eyes stay open all night long.
    I spend my time thinking about your promises.
149 Listen to me, because you love me.
    Lord, keep me alive as you have promised.
150 Those who think up evil plans are near.
    They have wandered far away from your law.
151 But Lord, you are near.
    All your commands are true.
152 Long ago I learned from your covenant laws
    that you made them to last forever.

ר Resh

153 Look at how I’m suffering!
    Save me, because I haven’t forgotten to obey your law.
154 Stand up for me and set me free.
    Keep me alive as you have promised.
155 Those who are evil are far from being saved.
    They don’t want to obey your orders.
156 Lord, you have deep concern for me.
    Keep me alive as you have promised.
157 Many enemies attack me.
    But I haven’t turned away from your covenant laws.
158 I get very angry when I see people who aren’t faithful to you.
    They don’t obey your word.
159 See how I love your rules!
    Lord, keep me alive, because you love me.
160 All your words are true.
    All your laws are right. They last forever.

ש Sin and Shin

161 Rulers attack me for no reason.
    But I tremble because of your word.
162 I’m filled with joy because of your promise.
    It’s like finding a great fortune.
163 I hate lies with a deep hatred.
    But I love your law.
164 Seven times a day I praise you
    for your laws, because they are right.
165 Those who love your law enjoy great peace.
    Nothing can make them trip and fall.
166 Lord, I wait for you to save me.
    I follow your commands.
167 I obey your covenant laws,
    because I love them greatly.
168 I obey your rules and your covenant laws,
    because you know all about how I live.

ת Taw

169 Lord, may you hear my cry.
    Give me understanding, just as you said you would.
170 May you hear my prayer.
    Save me, just as you promised.
171 May my lips pour out praise to you,
    because you teach me your orders.
172 May my tongue sing about your word,
    because all your commands are right.
173 May your hand be ready to help me,
    because I have chosen to obey your rules.
174 Lord, I long for you to save me.
    Your law gives me delight.
175 Let me live so that I can praise you.
    May your laws keep me going.
176 Like a lost sheep, I’ve gone down the wrong path.
    Come and look for me,
    because I haven’t forgotten to obey your commands.

Endagaano Enkadde nʼEndagaano Empya

Zabbuli 119

א Alefu

1Balina omukisa abo abatambulira mu butuukirivu;
    abatambulira mu mateeka ga Mukama.
Balina omukisa abo abagondera ebiragiro bye,
    era abanoonya Mukama n’omutima gwabwe gwonna.
Abo abatasobya, era abatambulira mu makubo ge.
Ggwe wateekawo ebiragiro byo;
    n’olagira bigonderwenga n’obwegendereza bungi.
Ayi Mukama, nsaba mbeerenga munywevu bulijjo;
    nga nkuuma bye walagira.
Bwe ntyo siriswazibwa, amaaso gange nga
    ngasimbye ku ebyo bye walagira byonna.
Nga njiga ebiragiro byo ebitukuvu,
    nnaakutenderezanga n’omutima omulungi.
Nnaakwatanga amateeka go;
    Ayi Mukama, tonsuulira ddala.

ב Bessi

Omuvubuka anaakuumanga atya ekkubo lye nga ttereevu?
    Anaalikuumanga ng’agoberera ekigambo kyo nga bwe kiri.
10 Nkunoonya n’omutima gwange gwonna;
    tonzikiriza kuva ku mateeka go.
11 Ntadde ekigambo kyo mu mutima gwange;
    ndyoke nneme okwonoona.
12 Ogulumizibwe, Ayi Mukama;
    onjigirize amateeka go.
13 Njatula n’akamwa kange
    amateeka go gonna ge walagira.
14 Nsanyukira okugondera ebiragiro byo,
    ng’asanyukira eby’obugagga.
15 Nnaafumiitirizanga ku biragiro byo,
    ne nzisaayo omwoyo ku makubo go.
16 Nnaasanyukiranga amateeka go,
    era siigeerabirenga.

ג Gimero

17 Omuddu wo omukolere ebirungi, mbe omulamu,
    ngobererenga ekigambo kyo.
18 Ozibule amaaso gange, nsobole okulaba
    eby’ekitalo ebiri mu mateeka go.
19 Nze ndi muyise ku nsi;
    tonkisa bye walagira.
20 Bulijjo emmeeme yange
    eyaayaanira amateeka go.
21 Onenya ab’amalala, abaakolimirwa,
    abaleka amateeka go.
22 Mponya okuduula kwabwe n’okunyooma kwabwe;
    kubanga bye walagira mbigondera.
23 Newaakubadde ng’abalangira bansalira enkwe;
    naye nze, omuweereza wo, nnaafumiitirizanga ku biragiro byo.
24 Amateeka go lye ssanyu lyange,
    era ge gannuŋŋamya.

ד Daleeti

25 Nzigweddemu amaanyi, ndi wansi mu nfuufu;
    nkusaba onzizeemu endasi ng’ekigambo kyo bwe kiri.
26 Nakutegeeza bye nteesezza okukola, n’onnyanukula;
    onjigirize amateeka go.
27 Njigiriza amateeka go bye gagamba,
    nange nnaafumiitirizanga ku byamagero byo.
28 Emmeeme empweddemu ensa olw’okunakuwala;
    onzizeemu amaanyi ng’ekigambo kyo bwe kiri.
29 Nzigiraako ddala ebyo ebitali bya butuukirivu;
    olw’ekisa kyo njigiriza amateeka go.
30 Nonzeewo okubeera omwesigwa;
    ntambulire mu ebyo bye walagira.
31 Nnyweredde ku biragiro byo, Ayi Mukama,
    tondeka kuswazibwa.
32 Bw’onoosumulula omutima gwange,
    nnaatambuliranga mu makubo go ng’ebiragiro byo bwe biri.

ה Eh

33 Njigiriza, Ayi Mukama, okugonderanga ebiragiro byo;
    ndyoke mbinywezenga ennaku zonna ez’obulamu bwange.
34 Mpa okutegeera ndyoke nkuume amateeka go
    era ngakwate n’omutima gwange gwonna.
35 Ntambuliza mu mateeka go,
    kubanga mwe nsanyukira.
36 Okyuse omutima gwange ogulaze eri ebyo bye walagira;
    so si eri eby’okufuna ebitaliimu.
37 Kyusa amaaso gange galeme okunneegombesa ebitaliimu;
    obulamu bwange obufuule obuggya ng’ekigambo kyo bwe kiri.
38 Tuukiriza kye wasuubiza omuddu wo,
    kubanga ekyo kye wasuubiza abo abakutya.
39 Nziggyako okunyoomebwa kuno kwe ntya,
    kubanga ebiragiro byo birungi.
40 Laba, njayaanira ebiragiro byo;
    onkomyewo mu butuukirivu bwo.

ו Waawu

41 Okwagala kwo okutaggwaawo kujje gye ndi, Ayi Mukama;
    ompe obulokozi bwo nga bwe wasuubiza;
42 ndyoke mbeere n’eky’okwanukula abo abambonyaabonya;
    kubanga neesiga kigambo kyo.
43 Toganya kigambo ekitali kya mazima okuva mu kamwa kange;
    kubanga essuubi lyange liri mu ebyo bye walagira.
44 Nnaagonderanga amateeka go ennaku zonna,
    emirembe n’emirembe.
45 Era nnaatambulanga n’emirembe,
    kubanga ngoberedde ebyo bye walagira.
46 Era nnaayogeranga ku biragiro by’omu maaso ga bakabaka,
    nga sikwatibwa nsonyi.
47 Kubanga nsanyukira amateeka go,
    era ngaagala.
48 Nzisaamu nnyo ekitiibwa ebiragiro byo era mbyagala.
    Nnaafumiitirizanga ku mateeka go.

ז Zayini

49 Jjukira ekigambo kye wansuubiza, nze omuddu wo,
    kubanga gwe wampa essuubi.
50 Ekiwummuza omutima gwange nga ndi mu bulumi
    kye kisuubizo kyo ekimpa obulamu.
51 Ab’amalala banduulira obutamala,
    naye nze siva ku mateeka go.
52 Bwe ndowooza ku biragiro byo eby’edda, Ayi Mukama,
    biwummuza omutima gwange.
53 Nkyawa nnyo abakola ebibi,
    abaleka amateeka go.
54 Ebiragiro byo binfuukidde ennyimba
    buli we nsula nga ndi mu lugendo lwange.
55 Mu kiro nzijukira erinnya lyo, Ayi Mukama,
    ne neekuuma amateeka go.
56 Olw’okukugonderanga
    nfunye emikisa gyo mingi.

ח Esi

57 Ggwe mugabo gwange, Ayi Mukama;
    nasuubiza okukugonderanga.
58 Nkwegayirira n’omutima gwange gwonna,
    ondage ekisa kyo nga bwe wasuubiza.
59 Bwe ndabye amakubo amakyamu ge nkutte,
    ne nkyuka okugoberera ebiragiro byo.
60 Nyanguwa nnyo okugondera amateeka go,
    so seekunya.
61 Newaakubadde ng’emiguwa gy’ababi ginsibye,
    naye seerabirenga mateeka go.
62 Nzuukuka mu ttumbi okukwebaza,
    olw’ebiragiro byo ebituukirivu.
63 Ntambula n’abo abakutya,
    abo bonna abakwata amateeka go.
64 Ensi, Ayi Mukama, ejjudde okwagala kwo;
    onjigirize amateeka go.

ט Teesi

65 Okoze bulungi omuddu wo, Ayi Mukama,
    ng’ekigambo kyo bwe kiri.
66 Njigiriza okumanya n’okwawula ekirungi n’ekibi, era ompe okumanya;
    kubanga nzikiririza mu mateeka go.
67 Bwe wali tonnambonereza nakyama nnyo,
    naye kaakano ŋŋondera ekigambo kyo.
68 Ayi Mukama, oli mulungi era okola ebirungi;
    onjigirize amateeka go.
69 Ab’amalala banjogeddeko nnyo eby’obulimba,
    naye nze nkwata ebyo bye walagira, n’omutima gwange gwonna.
70 Omutima gwabwe gugezze ne gusavuwala;
    naye nze nsanyukira amateeka go.
71 Okubonerezebwa kwangasa,
    ndyoke njige amateeka go.
72 Amateeka go ge walagira ga mugaso nnyo gye ndi
    okusinga enkumi n’enkumi eza ffeeza ne zaabu.

י Yoodi

73 Emikono gyo gye gyankola ne gimmumba,
    mpa okutegeera ndyoke njige amateeka go.
74 Abo abakutya banandabanga ne basanyuka,
    kubanga essuubi lyange liri mu kigambo kyo.
75 Mmanyi, Ayi Mukama, ng’amateeka go matukuvu,
    era wali mutuufu okumbonereza.
76 Kale okwagala kwo okutaggwaawo kumbeere kumpi kunsanyuse,
    nga bwe wansuubiza, nze omuddu wo.
77 Kkiriza okusaasira kwo kuntuukeko ndyoke mbeere mulamu;
    kubanga mu mateeka go mwe nsanyukira.
78 Ab’amalala baswazibwe, kubanga bampisizza bubi nga siriiko kye nkoze.
    Naye nze nnaafumiitirizanga ku biragiro byo.
79 Abo abakutya bajje gye ndi,
    abategeera amateeka go.
80 Mbeera, omutima gwange guleme kubaako kya kunenyezebwa mu mateeka go,
    nneme kuswazibwa!

כ Kaafu

81 Emmeeme yange erumwa nnyo ennyonta ng’eyaayaanira obulokozi bwo,
    essuubi lyange liri mu kigambo kyo.
82 Ntunuulidde ebbanga ddene n’amaaso gange ne ganfuuyirira nga nninda okutuukirira kw’ekisuubizo kyo;
    ne neebuuza nti, “Olinsanyusa ddi?”
83 Newaakubadde nga nfuuse ng’ensawo ey’eddiba, eya wayini eri mu mukka[a],
    naye seerabira bye walagira.
84 Ayi Mukama, nze omuddu wo nnaalindirira kutuusa ddi
    nga tonnabonereza abo abanjigganya?
85 Abantu ab’amalala abatatya Katonda bansimidde ebinnya mu kkubo;
    be bo abatagondera mateeka go.
86 Amateeka go gonna geesigibwa;
    abo abatakwagala banjigganyiza bwereere; nkusaba onnyambe!
87 Baali kumpi okunzikiririza ddala ku nsi kuno;
    naye nze sivudde ku ebyo bye walagira.
88 Olw’okwagala kwo okutaggwaawo ndekera obulamu bwange,
    ndyoke nkuume ebyo bye walagira ebiva mu kamwa ko.

ל Lamedi

89 Ayi Mukama, Ekigambo kyo kinywevu mu ggulu,
    kya mirembe gyonna.
90 Obwesigwa bwo tebuggwaawo emirembe gyonna;
    watonda ensi era enyweredde ddala.
91 Amateeka go na buli kati manywevu;
    kubanga ebintu byonna bikuweereza.
92 Singa nnali sisanyukira mu mateeka go,
    nandizikiridde olw’obulumi bwe nalimu.
93 Siyinza kwerabira biragiro byo;
    kubanga mu ebyo obulamu bwange mw’obufuulidde obuggya.
94 Ndi wuwo, ndokola,
    kubanga neekuumye bye walagira.
95 Newaakubadde ng’abakola ebibi beekukumye nga banteeze okunzikiriza;
    naye nze nyweredde ku ebyo bye walagira.
96 Ebintu byonna biriko we bikoma
    naye amateeka go tegakugirwa.

מ Meemu

97 Amateeka go nga ngagala nnyo!
    Ngafumiitirizaako olunaku lwonna.
98 Amateeka go ganfuula mugezi okusinga abalabe bange,
    kubanga ge gannuŋŋamya bulijjo.
99 Ntegeera okusinga abasomesa bange bonna,
    kubanga nfumiitiriza nnyo ebyo bye walagira.
100 Ntegeera okusinga abakadde;
    kubanga ŋŋondera ebyo bye walagira.
101 Neekuumye obutatambulira mu kkubo lyonna ekyamu,
    nsobole okugondera ekigambo kyo.
102 Sivudde ku mateeka go,
    kubanga ggwe waganjigiriza.
103 Ebisuubizo byo nga bimpoomera nnyo!
    Biwoomera akamwa kange okusinga omubisi gw’enjuki.
104 Mu biragiro byo mwe nfunira okutegeera;
    kyenva nkyawa ekkubo lyonna ekyamu.

נ Nuuni

105 Ekigambo kyo ye ttaala eri ebigere byange,
    era kye kimulisa ekkubo lyange.
106 Ndayidde ekirayiro era nkikakasizza
    nga nnaakwatanga amateeka ag’obutuukirivu bwo.
107 Nnumizibwa nnyo;
    nzizaamu obulamu, Ayi Mukama, ng’ekigambo kyo bwe kiri.
108 Okkirize Ayi Mukama ettendo akamwa kange lye kakuwa;
    era onjigirize amateeka go.
109 Newaakubadde ng’obulamu bwange ntera okubutambuza nga bwe njagala,
    naye seerabira mateeka go.
110 Abakola ebibi banteze omutego,
    naye sikyamye kuva ku ebyo bye walagira.
111 Ebiragiro byo gwe mugabo gwange emirembe gyonna;
    weewaawo, ebyo bye bisanyusa omutima gwange.
112 Omutima gwange gweteeseteese okukwatanga ebiragiro byo
    ennaku zonna ez’obulamu bwange.

ס Sameki

113 Nkyawa abalina emitima egisagaasagana,
    naye nze njagala amateeka go.
114 Ggwe kiddukiro kyange era ggwe ngabo yange;
    essuubi lyange liri mu kigambo kyo.
115 Muve we ndi mmwe abakola ebitali bya butuukirivu,
    mundeke nkwate ebiragiro bya Katonda wange.
116 Onnyweze nga bwe wasuubiza, ndyoke mbeere omulamu;
    nneme kuswazibwa ne nzigwamu essuubi.
117 Onnyweze ndyoke nfuuke ow’eddembe,
    era nkwatenga ebiragiro byo bulijjo.
118 Onyooma abo bonna abaleka ebiragiro byo;
    weewaawo obugezigezi bwabwe tebuliimu kantu.
119 Abakola ebibi bonna mu nsi obalaba ng’ebisasiro;
    nze kyenva njagala ebyo bye walagira.
120 Nkankana nzenna nga nkutya,
    era ntya amateeka go.

ע Ayini

121 Nkoze eby’obwenkanya era eby’obutuukirivu;
    tondeka mu mikono gy’abo abanjooga.
122 Okakase okundaganga ekisa kyo bulijjo,
    oleme kukkiriza ababi okunjooganga.
123 Amaaso gange ganfuuyiririra, nga nnindirira obulokozi bwo
    n’ebyo bye wasuubiza mu butuukirivu bwo.
124 Nze omuddu wo nkolaako ng’okwagala kwo bwe kuli;
    era onjigirize amateeka go.
125 Ndi muddu wo, mpa okwawula ekirungi n’ekibi;
    ndyoke ntegeere ebiragiro byo.
126 Ekiseera kituuse, Ayi Mukama, okubaako ky’okola,
    kubanga amateeka go gamenyeddwa.
127 Naye nze njagala amateeka go
    okusinga zaabu, wadde zaabu omulongoose.
128 Kubanga mmanyi ng’ebiragiro byo byonna bituufu;
    nkyawa buli kkubo lyonna ekyamu.

פ Pe

129 Ebiragiro byo bya kitalo;
    kyenva mbigondera.
130 Ebigambo byo bwe binnyonnyolwa bireeta omusana;
    n’atategeera bulungi bimugeziwaza.
131 Njasamya akamwa kange ne mpejjawejja
    nga njaayaanira amateeka go.
132 Nkyukira, onkwatirwe ekisa,
    nga bw’okolera bulijjo abo abaagala erinnya lyo.
133 Oluŋŋamye ebigere byange ng’ekigambo kyo bwe kiri,
    era tokkiriza kibi kyonna kunfuga.
134 Mponya okujooga kw’abantu,
    bwe ntyo nkwatenga ebiragiro byo.
135 Ontunuulire, nze omuddu wo, n’amaaso ag’ekisa,
    era onjigirizenga amateeka go.
136 Amaziga gakulukuta mu maaso gange ng’omugga,
    olw’abo abatakwata mateeka go.

צ Tisade

137 Oli mutuukirivu, Ayi Katonda,
    era amateeka go matuufu.
138 Ebiragiro byo bye wateekawo bituukirivu,
    era byesigibwa.
139 Nnyiikadde nnyo munda yange,
    olw’abalabe bange abatassaayo mwoyo eri ebiragiro byo.
140 Ebisuubizo byo byetegerezebwa nnyo,
    kyenva mbyagala.
141 Newaakubadde ndi muntu wa bulijjo era anyoomebwa, naye seerabira biragiro byo.
142 Obutuukirivu bwo bwa lubeerera,
    n’amateeka go ga mazima.
143 Newaakubadde nga ndi mu kulumwa n’okutegana okungi,
    amateeka go ge gansanyusa.
144 Ebiragiro byo bituufu emirembe gyonna;
    onjigirize okubitegeera ndyoke mbeere omulamu.

ק Koofu

145 Nkoowoola n’omutima gwange gwonna, Ayi Mukama, onnyanukule!
    Nnaagonderanga amateeka go.
146 Nkukaabirira, ondokole,
    nkwate ebiragiro byo.
147 Ngolokoka bunatera okukya ne nkukaabirira onnyambe;
    essuubi lyange liri mu kigambo kyo.
148 Seebaka ekiro kyonna
    nga nfumiitiriza ku ebyo bye wasuubiza.
149 Olw’okwagala kwo okutaggwaawo wulira eddoboozi lyange, Ayi Mukama,
    ompe obulamu obuggya ng’amateeka go bwe gali.
150 Abo ab’enkwe era abatakwata mateeka go bansemberedde,
    kyokka bali wala n’amateeka go.
151 Naye ggwe, Ayi Mukama, oli kumpi nange,
    era n’amateeka go gonna ga mazima.
152 Okuva edda n’edda nayiga mu biragiro byo,
    nga wabissaawo bibeerewo emirembe gyonna.

ר Leesi

153 Tunuulira okubonaabona kwange omponye,
    kubanga seerabira mateeka go.
154 Ompolereze, onnunule,
    onzizeemu obulamu nga bwe wasuubiza.
155 Abakola ebibi obulokozi bubabeera wala,
    kubanga tebanoonya mateeka go.
156 Ekisa kyo kinene, Ayi Mukama,
    onzizeemu obulamu nga bwe wasuubiza.
157 Abalabe abanjigganya bangi,
    naye nze siivenga ku biragiro byo.
158 Nnakuwalira abo abatakwesiga,
    kubanga tebakwata biragiro byo.
159 Laba, Ayi Mukama, bwe njagala ebiragiro byo!
    Onkuumenga ng’okwagala kwo bwe kuli.
160 Ebigambo byo byonna bya mazima meereere;
    n’amateeka go ga lubeerera.

ש Sini ne Sikini

161 Abafuzi banjigganyiza bwereere,
    naye ekigambo kyo nkissaamu ekitiibwa.
162 Nsanyukira ekisuubizo kyo okufaanana
    ng’oyo afunye obugagga obungi.
163 Nkyawa era ntamwa obulimba,
    naye amateeka go ngagala.
164 Mu lunaku nkutendereza emirundi musanvu
    olw’amateeka go amatuukirivu.
165 Abo abaagala amateeka go bali mu ddembe lingi;
    tewali kisobola kubeesittaza.
166 Nnindirira obulokozi bwo, Ayi Mukama,
    era mu biragiro byo mwe ntambulira.
167 Ŋŋondera ebiragiro byo,
    mbyagala nnyo nnyini.
168 Buli kye nkola okimanyi,
    era olaba nga bwe nkwata ebiragiro byo.

ת Taawu

169 Okukaaba kwange kutuuke gy’oli, Ayi Mukama,
    ompe okutegeera ng’ekigambo kyo bwe kiri.
170 Okwegayirira kwange kutuuke gy’oli,
    onnunule nga bwe wasuubiza.
171 Akamwa kange kanaakutenderezanga,
    kubanga gw’onjigiriza amateeka go.
172 Olulimi lwange lunaayimbanga ekigambo kyo,
    kubanga bye walagira byonna bya butuukirivu.
173 Omukono gwo gumbeerenga,
    kubanga nnonzeewo okukwatanga ebiragiro byo.
174 Neegomba nnyo obulokozi bwo, Ayi Mukama,
    era amateeka go lye ssanyu lyange.
175 Ompe obulamu nkutenderezenga,
    era amateeka go gampanirirenga.
176 Ndi ng’endiga ebuze.
    Onoonye omuddu wo,
    kubanga seerabidde mateeka go.

Notas al pie

  1. 119:83 Ensawo ez’eddiba eza wayini atanakaatuuka, zaawanikibwanga waggulu omukka guziyiteko, wayini akaatuuke mangu. Oluvannyuma, ensawo ey’eddiba teyakozesebwanga nate, era yasuulibwanga