New International Reader's Version

Luke 1:1-80

Luke Writes an Orderly Report

1Many people have attempted to write about the things that have taken place among us. 2Reports of these things were handed down to us. There were people who saw these things for themselves from the beginning. They saw them and then passed the word on. 3With this in mind, I myself have carefully looked into everything from the beginning. So I also decided to write down an orderly report of exactly what happened. I am doing this for you, most excellent Theophilus. 4I want you to know that the things you have been taught are true.

The Coming Birth of John the Baptist

5Herod was king of Judea. During the time he was ruling, there was a priest named Zechariah. He belonged to a group of priests named after Abijah. His wife Elizabeth also came from the family line of Aaron. 6Both of them did what was right in the sight of God. They obeyed all the Lord’s commands and rules faithfully. 7But they had no children, because Elizabeth was not able to have any. And they were both very old.

8One day Zechariah’s group was on duty. He was serving as a priest in God’s temple. 9He happened to be chosen, in the usual way, to go into the temple of the Lord. There he was supposed to burn incense. 10The time came for this to be done. All who had gathered to worship were praying outside.

11Then an angel of the Lord appeared to Zechariah. The angel was standing at the right side of the incense altar. 12When Zechariah saw him, he was amazed and terrified. 13But the angel said to him, “Do not be afraid, Zechariah. Your prayer has been heard. Your wife Elizabeth will have a child. It will be a boy, and you must call him John. 14He will be a joy and delight to you. His birth will make many people very glad. 15He will be important in the sight of the Lord. He must never drink wine or other such drinks. He will be filled with the Holy Spirit even before he is born. 16He will bring back many of the people of Israel to the Lord their God. 17And he will prepare the way for the Lord. He will have the same spirit and power that Elijah had. He will bring peace between parents and their children. He will teach people who don’t obey to be wise and do what is right. In this way, he will prepare a people who are ready for the Lord.”

18Zechariah asked the angel, “How can I be sure of this? I am an old man, and my wife is old too.”

19The angel said to him, “I am Gabriel. I serve God. I have been sent to speak to you and to tell you this good news. 20And now you will have to be silent. You will not be able to speak until after John is born. That’s because you did not believe my words. They will come true at the time God has chosen.”

21During that time, the people were waiting for Zechariah to come out of the temple. They wondered why he stayed there so long. 22When he came out, he could not speak to them. They realized he had seen a vision in the temple. They knew this because he kept gesturing to them. He still could not speak.

23When his time of service was over, he returned home. 24After that, his wife Elizabeth became pregnant. She stayed at home for five months. 25“The Lord has done this for me,” she said. “In these days, he has been kind to me. He has taken away my shame among the people.”

The Coming Birth of Jesus

26In the sixth month after Elizabeth had become pregnant, God sent the angel Gabriel to Nazareth, a town in Galilee. 27He was sent to a virgin. The girl was engaged to a man named Joseph. He came from the family line of David. The virgin’s name was Mary. 28The angel greeted her and said, “The Lord has blessed you in a special way. He is with you.”

29Mary was very upset because of his words. She wondered what kind of greeting this could be. 30But the angel said to her, “Do not be afraid, Mary. God is very pleased with you. 31You will become pregnant and give birth to a son. You must call him Jesus. 32He will be great and will be called the Son of the Most High God. The Lord God will make him a king like his father David of long ago. 33The Son of the Most High God will rule forever over his people. They are from the family line of Jacob. That kingdom will never end.”

34“How can this happen?” Mary asked the angel. “I am a virgin.”

35The angel answered, “The Holy Spirit will come to you. The power of the Most High God will cover you. So the holy one that is born will be called the Son of God. 36Your relative Elizabeth will have a child even though she is old. People thought she could not have children. But she has been pregnant for six months now. 37That’s because what God says will always come true.”

38“I serve the Lord,” Mary answered. “May it happen to me just as you said it would.” Then the angel left her.

Mary Visits Elizabeth

39At that time Mary got ready and hurried to a town in Judea’s hill country. 40There she entered Zechariah’s home and greeted Elizabeth. 41When Elizabeth heard Mary’s greeting, the baby inside her jumped. And Elizabeth was filled with the Holy Spirit. 42In a loud voice she called out, “God has blessed you more than other women. And blessed is the child you will have! 43But why is God so kind to me? Why has the mother of my Lord come to me? 44As soon as I heard the sound of your voice, the baby inside me jumped for joy. 45You are a woman God has blessed. You have believed that the Lord would keep his promises to you!”

Mary’s Song

46Mary said,

“My soul gives glory to the Lord.

47My spirit delights in God my Savior.

48He has taken note of me

even though I am not considered important.

From now on all people will call me blessed.

49The Mighty One has done great things for me.

His name is holy.

50He shows his mercy to those who have respect for him,

from parent to child down through the years.

51He has done mighty things with his powerful arm.

He has scattered those who are proud in their deepest thoughts.

52He has brought down rulers from their thrones.

But he has lifted up people who are not considered important.

53He has filled with good things those who are hungry.

But he has sent away empty those who are rich.

54He has helped the people of Israel, who serve him.

He has always remembered to be kind

55to Abraham and his children down through the years.

He has done it just as he promised to our people of long ago.”

56Mary stayed with Elizabeth about three months. Then she returned home.

John the Baptist Is Born

57The time came for Elizabeth to have her baby. She gave birth to a son. 58Her neighbors and relatives heard that the Lord had been very kind to her. They shared her joy.

59On the eighth day, they came to have the child circumcised. They were going to name him Zechariah, like his father. 60But his mother spoke up. “No!” she said. “He must be called John.”

61They said to her, “No one among your relatives has that name.”

62Then they motioned to his father. They wanted to find out what he would like to name the child. 63He asked for something to write on. Then he wrote, “His name is John.” Everyone was amazed. 64Right away Zechariah could speak again. Right away he praised God. 65All his neighbors were filled with fear and wonder. Throughout Judea’s hill country, people were talking about all these things. 66Everyone who heard this wondered about it. And because the Lord was with John, they asked, “What is this child going to be?”

Zechariah’s Song

67John’s father Zechariah was filled with the Holy Spirit. He prophesied,

68“Give praise to the Lord, the God of Israel!

He has come to his people and purchased their freedom.

69He has acted with great power and has saved us.

He did it for those who are from the family line of his servant David.

70Long ago holy prophets said he would do it.

71He has saved us from our enemies.

We are rescued from all who hate us.

72He has been kind to our people of long ago.

He has remembered his holy covenant.

73He made a promise to our father Abraham.

74He promised to save us from our enemies.

Then we could serve him without fear.

75He wants us to be holy and godly as long as we live.

76“And you, my child, will be called a prophet of the Most High God.

You will go ahead of the Lord to prepare the way for him.

77You will tell his people how they can be saved.

You will tell them that their sins can be forgiven.

78All of that will happen because our God is tender and caring.

His kindness will bring the rising sun to us from heaven.

79It will shine on those living in darkness

and in the shadow of death.

It will guide our feet on the path of peace.”

80The child grew up, and his spirit became strong. He lived in the desert until he appeared openly to Israel.

Tagalog Contemporary Bible

Lucas 1:1-80


1-3Kagalang-galang na Teofilus:

Marami na ang sumulat tungkol sa mga nangyari rito sa atin. Isinulat nila ang tungkol kay Jesus, na isinalaysay din sa amin ng mga taong nangaral ng salita ng Dios at nakasaksi mismo sa mga pangyayari mula pa noong una. Pagkatapos kong suriing mabuti ang lahat ng ito mula sa simula, minabuti kong sumulat din ng isang maayos na salaysay para sa iyo, 4upang lubusan mong matiyak na totoo ang mga aral na itinuro sa iyo.

Nagpakita ang Anghel kay Zacarias

5Noong si Herodes ang hari sa Judea, may isang pari na ang pangalan ay Zacarias na kabilang sa grupo ng mga pari na tinatawag na “Grupo ni Abijah.” Ang asawa niya ay si Elizabet na kabilang din sa angkan ni Aaron. 6Silang dalawa ay kapwa matuwid sa harap ng Dios. Maingat nilang sinusunod ang lahat ng utos at mga tuntunin ng Panginoon. 7Wala silang anak dahil baog si Elizabet, at matanda na silang pareho.

8Isang araw, ang grupo ni Zacarias ang nakatalagang maglingkod sa templo ng Panginoon. 9At katulad ng nakaugalian nila bilang mga pari, nagpalabunutan sila, at si Zacarias ang nabunot. Kaya siya ang pumasok sa loob ng templo para magsunog ng insenso sa altar. 10Habang nagsusunog siya roon ng insenso, maraming tao ang nananalangin sa labas. 11Biglang nagpakita kay Zacarias ang isang anghel ng Panginoon. Nakatayo ang anghel sa bandang kanan ng altar na pinagsusunugan ng insenso. 12Nabagabag at natakot si Zacarias nang makita niya ang anghel. 13Pero sinabi sa kanya ng anghel, “Huwag kang matakot, Zacarias! Dininig ng Dios ang panalangin mo. Magkakaanak ng isang lalaki ang asawa mong si Elizabet, at Juan ang ipapangalan mo sa kanya. 14Matutuwa kayo at magiging maligaya dahil sa kanya, at marami ang magagalak sa pagsilang niya, 15dahil magiging dakila siya sa harap ng Panginoon. Hindi siya dapat uminom ng alak o anumang inuming nakakalasing. Sa sinapupunan pa lang ng kanyang ina ay sasakanya na ang Banal na Espiritu. 16Maraming Israelita ang panunumbalikin niya sa Panginoon na kanilang Dios. 17Mauuna siya sa Panginoon upang ihanda ang mga tao sa pagdating ng Panginoon. Gagawin niya ito sa tulong ng Banal na Espiritu at sa pamamagitan ng kapangyarihang katulad ng kay Elias noon. Tuturuan niya ang mga magulang1:17 magulang: sa literal, ama. na mahalin ang kanilang mga anak, at ibabalik niya sa matuwid na pag-iisip ang mga taong masuwayin sa Dios.”

18Sinabi ni Zacarias sa anghel, “Paano po mangyayari ang mga sinabi nʼyo? Matanda na ako, at ganoon din ang asawa ko.”

19Sumagot ang anghel, “Ako si Gabriel na naglilingkod sa harapan ng Dios. Siya ang nagsugo sa akin para sabihin sa iyo ang magandang balitang ito. 20Ngunit dahil hindi ka naniwala sa sinabi ko, magiging pipi ka. Hindi ka makakapagsalita hanggaʼt hindi natutupad ang sinabi ko sa iyo. Sapagkat tiyak na mangyayari ang sinabi ko pagdating ng panahong itinakda ng Dios.”

21Samantala, hinihintay ng mga tao ang paglabas ni Zacarias. Nagtataka sila kung bakit nagtagal siya sa loob ng templo. 22Nang lumabas siya, hindi na siya makapagsalita at sumesenyas na lang siya. Kaya inisip nila na may nakita siyang pangitain sa loob ng templo. At mula noon naging pipi na siya.

23Nang matapos na ang panahon ng kanyang paglilingkod, umuwi na si Zacarias. 24Hindi nagtagal, nagbuntis si Elizabet, at sa loob ng limang buwan ay hindi siya umalis ng bahay. 25Sinabi niya, “Napakabuti ng Panginoon. Inalis niya ang kahihiyan ko sa mga tao bilang isang baog.”

Nagpakita kay Maria ang Anghel

26Nang ikaanim na buwan ng pagbubuntis ni Elizabet, inutusan ng Dios ang anghel na si Gabriel na pumunta sa nayon ng Nazaret sa Galilea. 27Pinapunta siya sa isang birhen1:27 birhen: o, dalaga. na ang pangalan ay Maria. Nakatakda nang ikasal si Maria kay Jose na mula sa lahi ni Haring David. 28Sinabi ni Gabriel kay Maria, “Matuwa ka,1:28 Matuwa ka: o, Binabati kita. Maria, ikaw na pinagpala ng Dios. Sumasaiyo ang Panginoon.”

29Nabagabag si Maria sa sinabi ng anghel. Inisip niyang mabuti kung ano ang ibig sabihin noon. 30Kaya sinabi sa kanya ng anghel, “Huwag kang matakot, Maria, dahil pinagpala ka ng Dios. 31Magbubuntis ka at manganganak ng isang lalaki, at papangalanan mo siyang Jesus. 32Magiging dakila siya at tatawaging Anak ng Kataas-taasang Dios. Ibibigay sa kanya ng Panginoong Dios ang trono ng ninuno niyang si David. 33Maghahari siya sa mga lahi ni Jacob magpakailanman; ang paghahari niya ay walang katapusan.”

34Nagtanong si Maria sa anghel, “Paano po ito mangyayari gayong dalaga pa ako?”

35Sumagot ang anghel, “Sasaiyo ang Banal na Espiritu at lililiman ka ng kapangyarihan ng Kataas-taasang Dios. Kaya ang banal na sanggol na ipapanganak mo ay tatawaging Anak ng Dios. 36Maging ang kamag-anak mong si Elizabet ay buntis din sa kabila ng kanyang katandaan. Alam ng lahat na baog siya, pero anim na buwan na siyang buntis ngayon. 37Sapagkat walang imposible sa Dios.”

38Sumagot si Maria, “Alipin po ako ng Panginoon. Mangyari nawa sa akin ang mga sinabi ninyo.” At iniwan siya ng anghel.

Ang Pagdalaw ni Maria kay Elizabet

39Hindi nagtagal, nag-ayos si Maria at dali-daling pumunta sa isang bayan sa kabundukan ng Judea kung saan nakatira sina Zacarias. 40Pagdating niya sa bahay nina Zacarias, binati niya si Elizabet. 41Nang marinig ni Elizabet ang pagbati ni Maria, naramdaman niyang gumalaw nang malakas ang sanggol sa kanyang sinapupunan. Napuspos ng Banal na Espiritu si Elizabet 42at malakas niyang sinabi, “Higit kang pinagpala ng Dios sa lahat ng babae, at pinagpala rin niya ang magiging anak mo! 43Isang malaking karangalan na dalawin ako ng ina ng aking Panginoon. 44Nang marinig ko ang pagbati mo sa akin, gumalaw nang malakas sa tuwa ang sanggol sa sinapupunan ko. 45Mapalad ka dahil naniwala kang matutupad ang sinabi sa iyo ng Panginoon.”

Ang Awit ni Maria

46At sinabi ni Maria,

“Buong puso kong pinupuri ang Panginoon,

47at nagagalak ang aking espiritu sa Dios na aking Tagapagligtas!

48Sapagkat inalala niya ako na kanyang abang lingkod.

Mula ngayon ay ituturing akong mapalad ng lahat ng henerasyon,

49dahil sa dakilang mga bagay na ginawa sa akin ng Makapangyarihang Dios.

Banal siya!

50Kinaaawaan niya ang mga taong may takot sa kanya sa bawat henerasyon.

51Ipinakita niya ang dakila niyang mga gawa sa pamamagitan ng kanyang kapangyarihan.

Itinaboy niya ang mga taong mataas ang tingin sa sarili.

52Ibinagsak niya ang mga makapangyarihang hari mula sa kanilang mga trono,

at itinaas niya ang mga nasa mababang kalagayan.

53Binusog niya ng mabubuting bagay ang mga nagugutom,

ngunit pinaalis niya na walang dala ang mayayaman.

54-55Tinulungan niya ang Israel na kanyang lingkod. Sapagkat hindi niya kinalimutan ang kanyang ipinangako sa ating mga ninuno, kay Abraham at sa kanyang lahi, na kaaawaan niya sila magpakailanman.”

56At nakitira si Maria kina Elizabet ng mga tatlong buwan bago siya umuwi.

Ang Pagsilang kay Juan na Tagapagbautismo

57Dumating na ang oras ng panganganak ni Elizabet, at nagsilang siya ng isang lalaki. 58Nabalitaan ng mga kapitbahay at mga kamag-anak niya kung paano siya pinagpala ng Panginoon, at nakigalak sila sa kanya.

59Nang walong araw na ang sanggol, dumalo ang mga kapitbahay at mga kamag-anak sa pagtutuli sa kanya. Zacarias sana ang ipapangalan nila sa bata dahil iyon din ang pangalan ng kanyang ama. 60Pero sinabi ni Elizabet, “Hindi! Juan ang ipapangalan sa kanya.” 61Sumagot ang mga tao, “Pero wala namang may ganyang pangalan sa pamilya ninyo.” 62Kaya tinanong nila ang ama sa pamamagitan ng senyas kung ano ang gusto niyang ipangalan sa sanggol. 63Sumenyas siya na bigyan siya ng masusulatan. Pagkatapos ay isinulat niya, “Juan ang ipapangalan sa kanya.” Nagtaka silang lahat. 64Noon din ay nakapagsalita na si Zacarias at nagpuri sa Dios. 65Nangilabot ang lahat ng kapitbahay nila, at naging usap-usapan sa buong kabundukan ng Judea ang pangyayaring iyon. 66Ang lahat ng nakabalita ay nag-isip at nagtanong, “Magiging ano kaya ang batang ito kapag lumaki na siya?” Sapagkat malinaw na sumasakanya ang Panginoon.

Ang Pahayag ni Zacarias

67Napuspos ng Banal na Espiritu ang ama ni Juan na si Zacarias at kanyang ipinahayag:

68“Purihin ang Panginoong Dios ng Israel!

Sapagkat inalala niya at tinubos ang kanyang bayan.

69Sinugo niya sa atin ang makapangyarihang Tagapagligtas mula sa angkan ng lingkod niyang si David.

70Itoʼy ayon sa ipinangako niya noon pang unang panahon sa pamamagitan ng kanyang mga banal na propeta.

71Ipinangako niya na ililigtas niya tayo sa ating mga kaaway at sa lahat ng napopoot sa atin.

72Kaaawaan niya ang ating mga ninuno, at tutuparin ang banal niyang kasunduan sa kanila

73na ipinangako niya sa ninuno nating si Abraham.

74Ayon nga sa kanyang kasunduan, ililigtas niya tayo sa ating mga kaaway upang makapaglingkod tayo sa kanya nang walang takot,

75at maging banal at matuwid sa kanyang paningin habang tayo ay nabubuhay.”

76Sinabi naman ni Zacarias sa anak niya,

“Ikaw naman, anak ay tatawaging propeta ng Kataas-taasang Dios,

dahil mauuna ka sa Panginoon upang ihanda ang mga tao sa kanyang pagdating.

77Ituturo mo sa mga mamamayan niya kung paano sila maliligtas sa pamamagitan ng kapatawaran ng kanilang mga kasalanan,

78dahil maawain at mapagmahal ang ating Dios.

Tulad ng pagsikat ng araw, ipapadala niya sa atin ang Tagapagligtas 79upang maliwanagan ang mga taong nasa kadiliman at takot sa kamatayan.

At tuturuan niya tayo kung paano mamuhay nang may mabuting relasyon sa Dios at sa kapwa.”

80Lumaki ang batang si Juan at lumakas sa espiritu. Nanirahan siya sa ilang hanggang sa araw na nagsimula siyang mangaral sa mga Israelita.