New International Reader's Version

Genesis 24:1-67

Abraham’s Servant Finds a Wife for Isaac

1By that time Abraham was very old. The Lord had blessed Abraham in every way. 2The best servant in his house was in charge of everything Abraham had. Abraham said to him, “Put your hand under my thigh. 3The Lord is the God of heaven and the God of earth. I want you to make a promise to me in his name. I’m living among the people of Canaan. But I want you to promise me that you won’t get a wife for my son from their daughters. 4Instead, promise me that you will go to my country and to my own relatives. Get a wife for my son Isaac from there.”

5The servant asked Abraham, “What if the woman doesn’t want to come back with me to this land? Then should I take your son back to the country you came from?”

6“Make sure you don’t take my son back there,” Abraham said. 7“The Lord, the God of heaven, took me away from my father’s family. He brought me out of my own land. He made me a promise. He said, ‘I will give this land to your family after you.’ The Lord will send his angel ahead of you. So you will be able to get a wife for my son from there. 8The woman may not want to come back with you. If she doesn’t, you will be free from your promise. But don’t take my son back there.” 9So the servant put his hand under Abraham’s thigh. He promised to do what his master wanted.

10The servant chose ten of his master’s camels and left. He loaded the camels with all kinds of good things from his master. He started out for Aram Naharaim and made his way to the town of Nahor. 11He stopped near the well outside the town. There he made the camels get down on their knees. It was almost evening, the time when women go out to get water.

12Then he prayed, “Lord, you are the God of my master Abraham. Make me successful today. Be kind to my master Abraham. 13I’m standing beside this spring. The daughters of the people who live in the town are coming out here to get water. 14I will speak to a young woman. I’ll say to her, ‘Please lower your jar so I can have a drink.’ Suppose she says, ‘Have a drink of water, and I’ll get some for your camels too.’ Then let her be the one you have chosen for your servant Isaac. That’s how I’ll know you have been kind to my master.”

15Before he had finished praying, Rebekah came out. She was carrying a jar on her shoulder. She was the daughter of Milkah’s son Bethuel. Milkah was the wife of Abraham’s brother Nahor. 16The young woman was very beautiful. No man had ever slept with her. She went down to the spring. She filled her jar and came up again.

17The servant hurried to meet her. He said, “Please give me a little water from your jar.”

18“Have a drink, sir,” she said. She quickly lowered the jar to her hands and gave him a drink.

19After she had given him a drink, she said, “I’ll get water for your camels too. I’ll keep doing it until they have had enough to drink.” 20So she quickly emptied her jar into the stone tub. Then she ran back to the well to get more water. She got enough for all his camels. 21The man didn’t say a word. He watched her closely. He wanted to learn whether the Lord had given him success on the journey he had made.

22The camels finished drinking. Then the man took out a gold nose ring. It weighed about a fifth of an ounce. He also took out two gold bracelets. They weighed about four ounces. 23Then he asked, “Whose daughter are you? And please tell me something else. Is there room in your father’s house for us? Can we spend the night there?”

24She answered, “I’m the daughter of Bethuel. He’s the son Milkah had by Nahor.” 25She continued, “We have plenty of straw and feed for your camels. We also have room for you to spend the night.”

26Then the man bowed down and worshiped the Lord. 27He said, “I praise the Lord, the God of my master Abraham. The Lord hasn’t stopped being kind and faithful to my master. The Lord has led me on this journey. He has brought me to the house of my master’s relatives.”

28The young woman ran home. She told her mother’s family what had happened. 29Rebekah had a brother named Laban. He hurried out to the spring to meet the man. 30Laban had seen the nose ring. He had seen the bracelets on his sister’s arms. And he had heard Rebekah tell what the man had said to her. So Laban went out to the man. He found him standing by the camels near the spring. 31“The Lord has given you his blessing,” he said. “So come with me. Why are you standing out here? I’ve prepared my house for you. I also have a place for the camels.”

32So the man went to the house. The camels were unloaded. Straw and feed were brought for the camels. And water was brought for him and his men to wash their feet. 33Then food was placed in front of him. But he said, “I won’t eat until I’ve told you what I have to say.”

“Then tell us,” Laban said.

34So he said, “I am Abraham’s servant. 35The Lord has blessed my master greatly, and he has become rich. The Lord has given him sheep and cattle, silver and gold. He has also given him male and female servants, camels and donkeys. 36My master’s wife Sarah had a son by him when she was old. He has given that son everything he owns. 37My master made me promise him. He said, ‘I’m living in the land of the people of Canaan. But promise me that you won’t get a wife for my son from their daughters. 38Instead, go to my father’s family and to my own relatives. Get a wife for my son there.’

39“Then I asked my master, ‘What if the woman won’t come back with me?’

40“He replied, ‘I have walked faithfully with the Lord. He will send his angel with you. He will give you success on your journey. So you will be able to get a wife for my son. She will be from my own relatives and from my father’s family. 41When you go to my relatives, suppose they refuse to give her to you. Then you will be free from the promise you made to me.’

42“Today I came to the spring. I said, ‘Lord, you are the God of my master Abraham. Please make me successful on this journey I’ve made. 43I’m standing beside this spring. A young woman will come out to get water. I’ll say to her, “Please let me drink a little water from your jar.” 44Suppose she says, “Have a drink of water, and I’ll get some for your camels too.” Then let her be the one the Lord has chosen for my master’s son.’

45“Before I finished praying in my heart, Rebekah came out. She was carrying a jar on her shoulder. She went down to the spring and got water. I said to her, ‘Please give me a drink.’

46“She quickly lowered her jar from her shoulder. She said, ‘Have a drink, and I’ll get water for your camels too.’ So I drank. She also got water for the camels.

47“I asked her, ‘Whose daughter are you?’

“She said, ‘The daughter of Bethuel. He’s the son Milkah had by Nahor.’

“Then I put the ring in her nose. I put the bracelets on her arms. 48And I bowed down and worshiped the Lord. I praised the Lord, the God of my master Abraham. He had led me on the right road. He had led me to get for my master’s son the granddaughter of my master’s brother. 49Now will you be kind and faithful to my master? If you will, tell me. And if you won’t, tell me. Then I’ll know which way to turn.”

50Laban and Bethuel answered, “The Lord has done all of this. We can’t say anything to you one way or the other. 51Here is Rebekah. Take her and go. Let her become the wife of your master’s son, just as the Lord has said.”

52Abraham’s servant heard what they said. So he bowed down to the Lord with his face to the ground. 53He brought out gold and silver jewelry and articles of clothing. He gave all of them to Rebekah. He also gave expensive gifts to her brother and her mother. 54Then Abraham’s servant and the men who were with him ate and drank. They spent the night there.

When they got up the next morning, Abraham’s servant said, “Send me back to my master.”

55But her brother and her mother replied, “Let the young woman stay with us ten days or so. Then you can go.”

56But he said to them, “Don’t make me wait. The Lord has given me success on my journey. Send me on my way so I can go to my master.”

57Then they said, “Let’s get Rebekah and ask her about it.” 58So they sent for her and asked, “Will you go with this man?”

“Yes, I’ll go,” she said.

59So they sent their sister Rebekah on her way with Abraham’s servant and his men. They also sent Rebekah’s servant with her. 60And they gave Rebekah their blessing. They said to her,

“Dear sister, may your family grow

by thousands and thousands.

May they take over

the cities of their enemies.”

61Then Rebekah and her female servants got ready. They got on their camels to go back with the man. So Abraham’s servant took Rebekah and left.

62By that time Isaac had come from Beer Lahai Roi. He was living in the Negev Desert. 63One evening he went out to the field. He wanted to spend some time thinking. When he looked up, he saw camels approaching. 64Rebekah also looked up and saw Isaac. She got down from her camel. 65She asked the servant, “Who is that man in the field coming to meet us?”

“He’s my master,” the servant answered. So she covered her face with her veil.

66Then the servant told Isaac everything he had done. 67Isaac brought Rebekah into the tent that had belonged to his mother Sarah. And he married Rebekah. She became his wife, and he loved her. So Isaac was comforted after his mother died.

Luganda Contemporary Bible

Olubereberye 24:1-67

Okunoonyeza Isaaka Omukazi

124:1 nny 35Ibulayimu yawangaala n’akaddiwa nnyo; era Mukama yamuwa emikisa mingi mu byonna. 224:2 a Lub 39:4-6 b nny 9; Lub 47:29Awo Ibulayimu n’agamba omuddu asinga obukulu mu nnyumba ye, eyali afuga byonna Ibulayimu bye yalina nti, “Teeka omukono gwo wansi w’ekisambi kyange24:2 wansi w’ekisambi kyange amakulu nti ekirayiro ekyo kyali kitwaliramu ne bazzukulu ba Ibulayimu. 324:3 a Lub 14:19 b Lub 28:1; Ma 7:3 c Lub 10:15-19ndyoke nkulayize mu maaso ga Mukama Katonda w’eggulu era Katonda w’ensi, nga toliwasiza mutabani wange mukazi kuva mu bawala ba nsi ya Bakanani, mwe mbeera, 424:4 Lub 12:1; 28:2wabula ng’oligenda mu nsi yange mu bantu bange n’owasiza mutabani wange Isaaka omukazi.”

5Omuddu kwe ku mubuuza nti, “Omukazi bw’ataliyagala kujja nange mu nsi eno, ndizzaayo mutabani wo mu nsi mwe wava?” 6Ibulayimu n’addamu nti, “Togezanga n’ozzaayo mutabani wange. 724:7 a Bag 3:16* b Lub 12:7; 13:15 c Kuv 23:20, 23Mukama, Katonda w’eggulu, eyanzigya mu nnyumba ya kitange, mu nsi mwe nazaalibwa eyayogera nange era n’andayirira nti, ‘Ezadde lyo ndiriwa ensi eno,’ alituma malayika we n’akukulembera owasirize mutabani wange omukazi era omuggyeyo. 8Naye omukazi bw’aligaana okujja naawe, olwo ekirayiro kino kiriba tekikyakusiba. Kyokka togezanga n’ozzaayo omwana wange.” 924:9 nny 2Awo omuddu kwe kuteeka omukono gwe wansi w’ekisambi kya mukama we Ibulayimu.

10Awo omuddu n’atwala ku ŋŋamira za mukama we n’agenda ng’atutte buli ngeri ya kirabo okuva ku bya mukama we. N’ayimuka n’agenda e Mesopotamiya mu kibuga kya Nakoli. 1124:11 a Kuv 2:15 b nny 13; 1Sa 9:11Obudde bwe bwawungeera n’atuuka ebweru w’ekibuga n’afukamiza awo eŋŋamira okumpi n’oluzzi obudde nga buwungedde abakazi we bagendera okukima amazzi.

1224:12 nny 27, 42, 48; Lub 26:24; Kuv 3:6, 15, 16N’asaba nti, “Ayi Mukama Katonda wa mukama wange Ibulayimu mpa obuwanguzi leero nkwegayiridde, olage mukama wange Ibulayimu okwagala kwo okutaggwaawo. 13Laba nnyimiridde okumpi n’oluzzi, ne bawala b’abantu ab’omu kibuga bajja okusena amazzi. 1424:14 Bal 6:17, 37Kale omuwala gwe nnaagamba nti, ‘Nkwegayiridde mpa ku mazzi ag’omu nsuwa yo nnyweko,’ n’amala agamba nti, ‘Kale nnywa, era n’eŋŋamira zo nnaazinywesa,’ oyo y’aba abeera gw’olonze okuba mukazi w’omuddu wo Isaaka. Ku kino kwe nnaategeerera nti olaze mukama wange ekisa kyo ekitaggwaawo.”

Lebbeeka ku Luzzi

1524:15 a nny 45 b Lub 22:23 c Lub 22:20 d Lub 11:29Laba, bwe yali nga tannamaliriza kusaba, Lebbeeka muwala wa Besweri mutabani wa Mirika muka Nakoli, muganda wa Ibulayimu, n’ajja ng’atadde ensuwa ye ey’amazzi ku kibegabega kye. 1624:16 Lub 26:7Omuwala oyo yali mulungi okulabako nga muwala mbeerera, n’akka mu luzzi n’ajjuza ensuwa ye n’avaayo.

17Awo omuddu n’ayanguwa n’amusisinkana, n’amugamba nti, “Nkusaba ompe ku tuzzi ku nsuwa yo.”

1824:18 nny 14N’amuddamu nti, “Nywako mukama wange.” Amangwago n’assa ensuwa mu mikono gye, n’agikwata mu mukono gwe n’amuwa amazzi.

1924:19 nny 14Bwe yamala okumuwa amazzi, n’amugamba nti, “N’eŋŋamira zo nazo nnaazisenera amazzi okutuusa lwe zinaamala okunywa.” 20Bw’atyo n’ayanguwa n’ayiwa ensuwa ye ey’amazzi n’agimalira mu kyesero, n’adduka n’asena amalala agaali gamala eŋŋamira ze zonna, 2124:21 nny 12omusajja ng’asirise ng’amwekaliriza amaaso okumanya obanga Mukama awadde olugendo lwe omukisa oba nedda.

2224:22 nny 47Eŋŋamira bwe zaamala okunywa, omusajja n’addira empeta ya zaabu ey’oku matu erimu gulaamu ttaano n’obutundu musanvu n’ebikomo ebya zaabu bibiri eby’oku mikono bya gulamu kikumi mu kkumi na ttaano n’abiwa omuwala abyenaanike. 23N’amubuuza nti, “Oli muwala w’ani? Mu nnyumba ya kitaawo mulimu ekisenge mwe tuyinza okusuzibwa?” 2424:24 nny 15N’amuddamu nti, “Ndi muwala wa Besweri, mutabani wa Mirika gwe yazaalira Nakoli.” 25N’ayongerako nti, “Tulina omuddo omukalu n’emmere endala ebimala, era n’ekisenge eky’okusulamu tukirina.”

2624:26 nny 48, 52; Kuv 4:31Awo omusajja n’akutamya omutwe gwe n’asinza Mukama. 2724:27 a Kuv 18:10; Lus 4:14; 1Sa 25:32 b nny 49; Lub 32:10; Zab 98:3 c Lub 32:21 d nny 12, 48N’agamba nti, “Yeebazibwe Mukama Katonda wa mukama wange Ibulayimu atalese kisa kye ekitaggwaawo n’obwesigwa bwe eri mukama wange. Era nze ku lwange Mukama ankulembedde mu kkubo n’antuusa mu nnyumba ya booluganda lwa mukama wange.” 28Awo omuwala n’adduka n’ategeeza ab’ennyumba ya nnyina ebintu ebyo byonna. 2924:29 nny 4; Lub 29:5, 12, 13Lebbeeka yalina mwannyina, Labbaani, eyayanguwa okulaga ku luzzi eri omusajja, 30Labbaani bwe yalaba empeta n’ebikomo ku mikono gya mwannyina, era bwe yawulira ebigambo bya mwannyina ng’omusajja bw’amugambye, n’agenda eri omusajja. Laba omusajja yali ng’ayimiridde awali eŋŋamira ku luzzi. 3124:31 Lub 26:29; Lus 3:10; Zab 115:15Labbaani n’amugamba nti, “Jjangu gwe aweereddwa Mukama omukisa. Lwaki obeera eno? Ntegesse ennyumba era n’ekifo ky’eŋŋamira.”

3224:32 Lub 43:24; Bal 19:21Awo, omusajja n’alaga ku nnyumba, n’asumulula eŋŋamira, ne baziwa essubi n’ebyokulya ne bamuleetera n’amazzi ye n’abasajja be yali nabo banaabe ebigere. 33Oluvannyuma ne bamuleetera emmere alye. Kyokka ye n’agamba nti, “Sijja kulya nga sinnayogera kindeese.”

Labbaani n’amugamba nti, “Yogera.”

Omuddu Annyonnyola Ekyamutwala

34Awo n’agamba nti, “Ndi muddu wa Ibulayimu. 3524:35 a nny 1 b Lub 13:2Mukama yawa mukama wange emikisa mingi, era afuuse mukulu, amuwadde ebisibo by’endiga n’amagana g’ente, ne ffeeza ne zaabu, abaweereza abasajja n’abaweereza abakazi era n’eŋŋamira awamu n’endogoyi. 3624:36 a Lub 21:2, 10 b Lub 25:5Era Saala muka mukama wange bwe yali ng’akaddiye yamuzaalira omwana owoobulenzi, era mukama wange awadde oyo byonna by’alina. 3724:37 nny 3Mukama wange yandayiza n’aŋŋamba nti, ‘Towasizanga mutabani wange mukazi ava mu Bakanani ba nnyini nsi mwe mbeera. 3824:38 nny 4Wabula oligenda mu nnyumba ya kitange, mu bantu bange, n’owasiza mutabani wange omukazi okuva omwo.’

3924:39 nny 5“Ne mbuuza mukama wange nti, ‘Omukazi bw’atalikkiriza kujja nange?’

4024:40 nny 7“Ye n’anziramu nti, ‘Mukama oyo gwe ntambulira mu maaso ge alikutumira malayika we mu lugendo lwo era alikuwa omukisa, n’owasiza mutabani wange omukazi okuva mu bantu bange, era mu nnyumba ya kitange. 4124:41 nny 8Naye ekirayiro kyange tekirikubaako bw’olituuka mu bantu bange ne batamukuwa, nga ggwe toliiko musango.’

4224:42 nny 12“Leero bwe ntuuse ku luzzi, ne ŋŋamba nti, ‘Ayi Mukama, Katonda wa mukama wange Ibulayimu, obanga onoowa omukisa olugendo luno lwe ndiko, 4324:43 a nny 13 b nny 14laba, nnyimiridde awali oluzzi, kale omuwala anajja okusena amazzi, ne mugamba nti, “Nkusaba ku tuzzi mu nsuwa yo nyweko,” 44n’anziramu nti, “Nnywa, era n’eŋŋamira zo nazo nzija kuzisenera,” oyo y’aba abeera omukazi Mukama gw’alondedde mutabani wa mukama wange.’

4524:45 a 1Sa 1:13 b nny 15 c nny 17“Laba, bwe nabadde nga nkyayogera mu mutima gwange, Lebbeeka n’avaayo n’ensuwa ye ng’eri ku kibegabega kye, n’aserengeta ku luzzi n’asena amazzi. Ne mugamba nti, ‘Nkusaba ompe nyweko.’

4624:46 nny 18-19“Nassa mangu ensuwa ye okuva ku kibegabega kye, n’agamba nti, ‘Nnywa, era nnaanywesa n’eŋŋamira zo.’

4724:47 a nny 23 b nny 24 c Ez 16:11-12“Kwe ku mubuuza nti, ‘Oli muwala w’ani?’ N’anziramu nti, ‘Ndi muwala wa Besweri, mutabani wa Nakoli, Mirika gwe yamuzaalira.’ Ne nteeka empeta ku nnyindo ye n’ebikomo ku mikono gye. 4824:48 a nny 26 b nny 27Awo ne nkutamya omutwe gwange ne nsinza Mukama ne muwa ekitiibwa, Katonda wa mukama wange Ibulayimu eyankulembera nannuŋŋamya mu lugendo lwange okuwasiriza mutabani wa mukama wange omukazi okuva mu bantu ba mukama wange. 4924:49 Lub 47:29; Yos 2:14Kale kaakano obanga mu mazima munaakolera mukama wange ebyekisa, mumbuulire, era obanga si bwe kityo mumbuulire; ndyoke mmanye eky’okukola.”

Lebbeeka Agenda n’Omuddu

5024:50 a Zab 118:23 b Lub 31:7, 24, 29, 42Awo Labbaani ne Besweri ne baddamu nti, “Kino kivudde wa Mukama, tetuyinza kukuddamu kino oba kiri. 51Laba, Lebbeeka wuuyo, mutwale, agende abeere muka mutabani wa mukama wo, nga Mukama bw’alagidde.”

5224:52 nny 26Omuddu wa Ibulayimu bwe yawulira ebigambo byabwe n’avuunama wansi mu maaso ga Mukama. 5324:53 nny 10, 22N’aggyayo eby’obugagga ebya ffeeza ne zaabu, n’ebyambalo n’abiwa Lebbeeka, era n’awa mwannyina ne nnyina ebirabo eby’omuwendo omungi. 5424:54 nny 56, 59Awo ye n’abasajja be yali nabo ne balyoka balya era ne banywa; ne basulayo ekiro ekyo.

Bwe baagolokoka enkya n’agamba nti, “Ka nzireyo eri mukama wange.”

55Mwannyina ne nnyina ne bamuddamu nti, “Leka omuwala abeereko naffe akaseera, wakiri ennaku kkumi, olwo mulyoke mugende.”

56Ye n’abaddamu nti, “Temundwisa, kubanga Mukama awadde olugendo lwange omukisa.” 57Ne bagamba nti, “Ka tuyite omuwala tumubuuze.” 58Ne bayita Lebbeeka, ne bamubuuza nti, “Onoogenda n’omusajja ono?” N’addamu nti, “Nnaagenda.”

5924:59 Lub 35:8Awo ne basiibula Lebbeeka mwannyinaabwe, n’omuweereza we omuwala, n’omuweereza wa Ibulayimu omusajja awamu n’abasajja be. 6024:60 a Lub 17:16 b Lub 22:17Ne basabira Lebbeeka omukisa ne bamugamba nti,

“Mwannyinaffe beera nnyina

w’enkumi n’enkumi,

abaana n’abazzukulu bo balyenga

ebibuga by’abalabe baabwe.”

61Awo Lebbeeka n’abaweereza be ne basituka ne beebagala eŋŋamira ne bagenda n’omuweereza wa Ibulayimu omusajja, bw’atyo omuddu n’atwala Lebbeeka ne bagenda.

Isaaka ne Lebbeeka Bafumbiriganwa

6224:62 a Lub 16:14; 25:11 b Lub 20:1Olwo Isaaka yali ng’avudde e Beerirakayiroyi ng’ali mu Negevu. 6324:63 Zab 1:2; 77:12; 119:15, 27, 48, 97, 148; 143:5; 145:5Awo bwe yali ng’atambula nga bw’afumiitiriza mu nnimiro akawungeezi, n’ayimusa amaaso ge n’alengera eŋŋamira nga zijja. 64Ne Lebbeeka n’ayimusa amaaso ge. Bwe yalengera Isaaka n’ava ku ŋŋamira, 65n’abuuza omuddu nti, “Ani oyo gwe nnengera mu nnimiro ajja okutusisinkana?”

Omuddu n’addamu nti, “Ye mukama wange.” Lebbeeka kwe kutoola omunagiro gwe ne yeebikkirira.

66Awo omuddu n’ategeeza Isaaka byonna nga bwe byagenda. 6724:67 a Lub 25:20 b Lub 29:18, 20 c Lub 23:1-2Awo Isaaka n’atwala Lebbeeka n’amuyingiza mu weema eyali eya Saala nnyina, n’afuuka mukazi we n’amwagala. Isaaka n’alyoka afuna essanyu kasookedde afiirwa nnyina.24:67 Waali wayiseewo emyaka esatu nga Saala afudde (17:17; 23:1; 25:20).