New International Reader's Version

2 Samuel 3:1-39

1The war between Saul’s royal house and David’s royal house lasted a long time. David grew stronger and stronger. But the royal house of Saul grew weaker and weaker.

2Sons were born to David in Hebron.

His first son was Amnon. Amnon’s mother was Ahinoam from Jezreel.

3His second son was Kileab. Kileab’s mother was Abigail. She was Nabal’s widow from Carmel.

The third son was Absalom. His mother was Maakah. She was the daughter of Talmai, the king of Geshur.

4The fourth son was Adonijah. His mother was Haggith.

The fifth son was Shephatiah. His mother was Abital.

5The sixth son was Ithream. His mother was David’s wife Eglah.

Those sons were born to David in Hebron.

Abner Goes Over to David’s Side

6The fighting continued between David’s royal house and Saul’s royal house. Abner gained more and more power in the royal house of Saul. 7While Saul was still alive, he had a concubine named Rizpah. She was the daughter of Aiah. Ish-Bosheth said to Abner, “Why did you sleep with my father’s concubine?”

8Abner was very angry because of what Ish-Bosheth said. So Abner answered, “Do you think I’m only a dog’s head? Am I on Judah’s side? To this day I’ve been faithful to the royal house of your father Saul. I’ve been faithful to his family and friends. I haven’t handed you over to David. But now you claim that I’ve sinned with this woman! 9I will do for David what the Lord promised him. If I don’t, may God punish me greatly. 10I’ll take the kingdom away from Saul’s royal house. I’ll set up the throne of David’s kingdom over Israel and Judah. He will rule from Dan all the way to Beersheba.” 11Ish-Bosheth didn’t dare to say another word to Abner. He was much too afraid of him.

12Then Abner sent messengers to David to speak for him. They said, “Who will rule over this land? Make a covenant with me. Then I’ll help you bring all the Israelites over to your side.”

13“Good,” said David. “I will make a covenant with you. But there’s one thing I want you to do. Bring Saul’s daughter Michal to me. Don’t come to see me unless she’s with you.” 14Then David sent messengers to Saul’s son Ish-Bosheth. He ordered them to say, “Give me my wife Michal. She was promised to me. I paid for her the price that was demanded. I paid for her with the skins of 100 circumcised Philistines.”

15So Ish-Bosheth gave the order. He sent men who took Michal away from her husband Paltiel. Paltiel was the son of Laish. 16But her husband followed her to Bahurim. He was crying all the way. Then Abner said to him, “Go back home!” So he did.

17Abner talked with the elders of Israel. He said, “For some time you have wanted to make David your king. 18Now do it! The Lord made a promise to David. He said, ‘I will rescue my people Israel from the power of the Philistines. I will also rescue them from all their enemies. I will rescue them through my servant David.’ ”

19Abner also spoke to the people of Benjamin in person. Then he went to Hebron to tell David everything. He told him what Israel and all the people of Benjamin wanted to do. 20Abner had 20 men with him. They came to David at Hebron. So David prepared a feast for Abner and his men. 21Then Abner said to David, “Let me go right now. I’ll gather together all the Israelites for you. After all, you are now my king and master. The people can make a covenant with you. Then you can rule over everyone you want to.” So David sent Abner away. And he went in peace.

Joab Murders Abner

22Just then David’s men and Joab came back from attacking their enemies. They brought with them the large amount of goods they had taken. But Abner wasn’t with David in Hebron anymore. That’s because David had sent him away, and he had gone in peace. 23Joab and all the soldiers with him arrived. Then he was told that Abner, the son of Ner, had come to see the king. He was told that the king had sent Abner away. He was also told that Abner had gone in peace.

24So Joab went to the king. He said, “What have you done? Abner came to you. Why did you let him get away? Now he’s gone! 25You know what Abner, the son of Ner, is like. He came to trick you. He wanted to watch your every move. He came to find out everything you are doing.”

26Then Joab left David. He sent messengers to get Abner. They brought Abner back from the well of Sirah. But David didn’t know about it. 27When Abner returned to Hebron, Joab took him to one side. He brought him into an inside room. Joab acted as if he wanted to speak to him in private. But he really wanted to get even with him. That’s because Abner had spilled the blood of Joab’s brother Asahel. So Joab stabbed Abner in the stomach, and he died.

28Later on, David heard about it. He said, “I and the people of my kingdom aren’t guilty of spilling the blood of Abner, the son of Ner. We are free of blame forever in the sight of the Lord. 29May Joab and his whole family line be held accountable for spilling Abner’s blood! May Joab’s family never be without someone who has an open sore or skin disease. May his family never be without someone who has to use a crutch to walk. May his family never be without someone who gets killed by a sword. And may his family never be without someone who doesn’t have enough to eat.”

30Joab and his brother Abishai murdered Abner. They did it because he had killed their brother Asahel in the battle at Gibeon.

31David spoke to Joab and all the people with him. He said, “Tear your clothes. Put on the rough clothing people wear when they’re sad. Mourn when you walk in front of Abner’s body.” King David himself walked behind it. 32Abner’s body was buried in Hebron. The king wept out loud at Abner’s tomb. So did the rest of the people.

33King David sang a song of sadness over Abner. He said,

“Should Abner have died as sinful people do?

34His hands were not tied.

His feet were not chained.

He died as if he had been killed by evil people.”

All the people mourned over Abner again.

35Then all of them came and begged David to eat something. They wanted him to eat while it was still day. But David made a promise. He said, “I won’t taste bread or anything else before the sun goes down. If I do, may God punish me greatly!”

36All the people heard his promise and were pleased. In fact, everything the king did pleased them. 37So on that day all the people there and all the Israelites understood. They knew that the king didn’t have anything to do with the murder of Abner, the son of Ner.

38The king spoke to his men. He said, “Don’t you realize that a great commander has died in Israel today? 39I’m the anointed king. But today I’m weak. These sons of Zeruiah are too powerful for me. May the Lord pay back the one who killed Abner! May he pay him back for the evil thing he has done!”

Chinese Contemporary Bible (Simplified)

撒母耳记下 3:1-39




6扫罗大卫两家争战期间,押尼珥扫罗家权势日增。 7他跟扫罗的一个妃嫔、艾押的女儿利斯巴通奸,伊施波设问他:“你为什么跟我父亲的妃嫔一起睡觉呢?” 8押尼珥听了非常愤怒,说:“难道我是犹大的走狗吗?我这样厚待你父亲扫罗家和他的亲人朋友,没有把你交给大卫,今天你竟为了一个女人来责备我! 9-10倘若我不照着耶和华应许大卫的誓言把扫罗的江山夺过来交给大卫,让他统治全以色列犹大,从别示巴,愿耶和华重重地惩罚我!”


12押尼珥派使者送信给大卫,说:“这个国家难道不是你的吗?如果你与我立约,我必帮助你统一以色列。” 13大卫回答说:“好,但你一定要把扫罗的女儿米甲带来才能见我。” 14于是,大卫派使者去见扫罗的儿子伊施波设说:“请把我的妻子米甲送回来,因为她是我用一百个非利士人的包皮作聘礼娶来的。” 15伊施波设就派人把米甲从她丈夫——拉亿的儿子帕铁那里接回来。 16帕铁一路跟着米甲,边走边哭,一直到巴户琳押尼珥对他说:“你回去吧!”他就回去了。

17押尼珥以色列的长老商量说:“你们以前一直都希望大卫做你们的王, 18现在是时候了,因为耶和华曾说要借着祂仆人大卫的手,从非利士人和其他敌人手中拯救祂的以色列子民。” 19押尼珥也跟便雅悯人商谈,然后到希伯仑以色列人和便雅悯人的愿望告诉大卫20当时,他带了二十个人前往希伯仑大卫大卫就设宴款待他们。 21押尼珥大卫说:“我要为我主我王招聚所有的以色列人,跟你立约,你便可以如愿以偿,统治全以色列。”于是大卫为他送行,他就平安地回去了。

22大卫押尼珥离开后不久,约押就率领大卫的军队带着许多战利品凯旋而归。 23约押率领全军回来后,有人告诉他:“尼珥的儿子押尼珥刚才来朝见王,王送他平安地离去了。” 24约押听后,就去见王,说:“你这做的是什么事?押尼珥来见你,你为什么放他走呢? 25你要知道,尼珥的儿子押尼珥想来骗你,探听你的虚实。”

26约押大卫那里出来,派人去追押尼珥,他们在西拉井追上了他,把他带了回来。大卫对这件事一无所知。 27押尼珥回到希伯仑的时候,约押就把他带到城门的瓮洞,装作与他密谈,乘机用短剑刺入他的肚子,把他杀死了,为他兄弟亚撒黑报了仇。 28大卫听到消息就说:“耶和华作证,我和我的人民永远跟尼珥的儿子押尼珥的死无关。 29约押和他全家要承担这罪,愿他的后代永远有长疮的、患皮肤病的、拄拐杖的、被刀剑所杀的或挨饿的。” 30约押和他兄弟亚比筛之所以杀押尼珥,是因为押尼珥基遍杀了他们的兄弟亚撒黑

31大卫约押和部下说:“你们要撕裂衣服,腰束麻布,在押尼珥棺前哭丧!”大卫王也跟在棺后送葬。 32他们就把押尼珥葬在希伯仑大卫王和众人在墓旁大哭一场。 33大卫王哀悼押尼珥,说:


你怎能死得糊里糊涂3:33 糊里糊涂”希伯来文是“像愚笨人”。呢?




于是众人都为押尼珥哀哭。 35大卫整天没有进食,众人来劝他吃一点东西,但他起誓说:“我若在日落以前吃任何东西,愿上帝重重地惩罚我!” 36众人听见了,都很喜悦,王做的每一件事都令他们喜悦。 37那天全国的人都看出尼珥的儿子押尼珥的死与大卫无关。 38大卫王对他的随从说:“你们难道不知道今天以色列损失了一位伟大的将领吗? 39今天我虽然是耶和华所膏立的王,但仍势单力薄,无法对付洗鲁雅的两个儿子,愿耶和华报应他们的恶行。”