New International Reader's Version

2 Samuel 16:1-23

David and Ziba

1David went just beyond the top of the Mount of Olives. Ziba was waiting there to meet him. He was Mephibosheth’s manager. He had several donkeys with saddles on them. They were carrying 200 loaves of bread and 100 raisin cakes. They were also carrying 100 fig cakes and a bottle of wine. The bottle was made out of animal skin.

2The king asked Ziba, “Why have you brought all these things?”

Ziba answered, “The donkeys are for the king’s family to ride on. The bread and fruit are for the people to eat. The wine will make those who get tired in the desert feel like new again.”

3Then the king asked, “Where is your master’s grandson Mephibosheth?”

Ziba said to him, “He’s staying in Jerusalem. He thinks, ‘Today the Israelites will cause me to rule once again over my grandfather Saul’s kingdom.’ ”

4Then the king said to Ziba, “Everything that belonged to Mephibosheth belongs to you now.”

“You are my king and master,” Ziba said. “I make myself humble in front of you. I bow down to you. May you be pleased with me.”

Shimei Curses David

5King David approached Bahurim. As he did, a man came out toward him. The man was from the same family group that Saul was from. His name was Shimei. He was the son of Gera. As he came out of the town, he cursed David. 6He threw stones at David and all his officials. He did it even though all the troops and the special guard were there. They were to the right and left of David. 7As Shimei cursed, he said, “Get out! Get out, you murderer! You are a worthless and evil man! 8You spilled the blood of a lot of people in Saul’s family. You took over his kingdom. Now the Lord is paying you back. He has handed the kingdom over to your son Absalom. You have been destroyed because you are a murderer!”

9Then Abishai, the son of Zeruiah, spoke to the king. He said, “King David, why should we let this dead dog curse you? Let me go over there. I’ll cut off his head.”

10But the king said, “You and Joab are sons of Zeruiah. What does this have to do with you? Maybe the Lord said to him, ‘Curse David.’ If he did, who can ask him, ‘Why are you doing this?’ ”

11Then David spoke to Abishai and all his officials. He said, “My very own son Absalom is trying to kill me. How much more should this man from Benjamin want to kill me! Leave him alone. Let him curse. The Lord has told him to do it. 12Maybe the Lord will see how much I’m suffering. Maybe he’ll bring back to me his covenant blessing instead of his curse I’m hearing today.”

13So David and his men kept going along the road. At the same time, Shimei was going along the hillside across from him. He was cursing David as he went. He was throwing stones at David. He was showering him with dirt. 14The king and all the people with him came to the place they had planned to go to. They were very tired. So David rested there.

Ahithophel and Hushai Give Advice to Absalom

15During that time, Absalom and all the men of Israel came to Jerusalem. Ahithophel was with him. 16Then Hushai, the Arkite, went to Absalom. He said to him, “May the king live a long time! May the king live a long time!” Hushai was David’s trusted friend.

17Absalom said to Hushai, “So this is the way you show love to your friend? If he’s your friend, why didn’t you go with him?”

18Hushai said to Absalom, “Why should I? You are the one the Lord has chosen. These people and all the men of Israel have also chosen you. I want to be on your side. I want to stay with you. 19After all, who else should I serve? Shouldn’t I serve the king’s son? I will serve you, just as I served your father.”

20Absalom said to Ahithophel, “Give us your advice. What should we do?”

21Ahithophel answered, “Your father left some concubines behind to take care of the palace. Go and sleep with them. Then all the Israelites will hear about it. They will hear that you have made your father hate you. Everyone with you will be encouraged to give you more support.” 22So they set up a tent for Absalom on the roof of the palace. He went in and slept with his father’s concubines. Everyone in Israel saw it.

23In those days the advice Ahithophel gave was as good as advice from someone who asks God for guidance. That’s what David and Absalom thought about all of Ahithophel’s advice.

Chinese Contemporary Bible (Simplified)

撒母耳记下 16:1-23


1大卫刚越过了山顶,就看见米非波设的仆人洗巴牵着两头驴,驴背上驮着二百个面饼、一百个葡萄饼、一百个夏天的果饼和一皮袋酒来迎接他。 2王问洗巴说:“你带这些来做什么?”洗巴说:“驴是给王的家眷骑的,饼和夏天的水果是给你的随从吃的,酒是供他们在旷野疲惫时喝的。” 3王又问他:“你主人的孙子米非波设在哪里?”洗巴说:“他在耶路撒冷,因为他相信现在以色列人会把他祖父的国归还给他。” 4王就对洗巴说:“米非波设的一切现在都归你了。”洗巴说:“愿我在我主我王面前蒙恩!”说着,便叩拜大卫王。


5大卫王来到巴户琳时,扫罗家族基拉的儿子示每出来对着大卫破口大骂, 6还朝大卫和他的臣仆扔石头,无视大卫身边的众多部下和勇士。 7示每大卫:“滚吧!滚吧!你这个杀人凶手,你这个败类! 8你杀扫罗的家人,夺其王位,耶和华报应了你,把江山交给了你儿子押沙龙。你这杀人凶手是自食恶果!”

9洗鲁雅的儿子亚比筛对王说:“这死狗竟敢辱骂我主我王,让我过去砍掉他的头!” 10王却说:“洗鲁雅的儿子啊,不要管我的事。如果是耶和华叫他来咒骂我,谁能干涉他呢?” 11大卫亚比筛和他所有臣仆说:“我的亲生儿子尚且要取我的命,何况这个便雅悯人呢?由他去吧!因为这是耶和华的意思。 12也许耶和华会体察我的困苦,因我今天所受的咒骂而赐福给我。” 13于是,大卫和随从继续赶路,示每也沿着对面的山坡边走边骂,向他们扔石头,撒灰尘。 14王和众人来到约旦河边时,疲惫不堪,便在那里歇息。

15押沙龙以色列众人进了耶路撒冷亚希多弗也和他在一起。 16大卫的朋友亚基户筛去见押沙龙,对他说:“愿王万岁!愿王万岁!” 17押沙龙户筛说:“这就是你对朋友的忠诚吗?你为什么不跟你的朋友去呢?” 18户筛说:“我不去,谁是耶和华和全体以色列人民所拣选的,我就归属谁,留在谁那里。 19再说,我应当服侍谁呢?难道不该服侍王的儿子吗?我要像服侍你父亲一样服侍你。”

20押沙龙亚希多弗下一步应该怎么办。 21亚希多弗说:“你父亲留下几个妃嫔看守宫殿,你要跟她们同寝,叫所有的以色列人知道你与父亲誓不两立,这样支持你的人会更坚定。” 22于是,他们便为押沙龙在殿顶盖了一座帐篷,他就当着所有以色列人的面与父亲的妃嫔同寝。 23那时,亚希多弗出的主意如同是来自上帝的话,大卫曾对他言听计从,现在押沙龙也是一样。