New International Reader's Version

1 Chronicles 5

The Family Line of Reuben

1Reuben was the oldest son of Israel. But he slept with his father’s concubine. By doing that, he made his father’s bed “unclean.” That’s why his rights as the oldest son were given to the sons of Joseph, the son of Israel. So Reuben isn’t listed in the family history as the one who had the rights of the oldest son. Judah also did not have the rights of the oldest son. Judah didn’t have them even though he was the leader among his brothers. And a ruler came from his family line. But the rights of the oldest son belonged to Joseph. Reuben was the oldest son of Israel. Reuben’s sons were

Hanok, Pallu, Hezron and Karmi.

The family line of Joel includes

his son Shemaiah. Gog was the son of Shemaiah.

Shimei was the son of Gog. Micah was the son of Shimei.

Reaiah was the son of Micah. Baal was the son of Reaiah.

And Beerah was the son of Baal. Beerah was a leader of the people of Reuben. Tiglath-Pileser took Beerah as a prisoner to another country. Tiglath-Pileser was the king of Assyria.

Here are the relatives of the family groups of Reuben. They are listed in their family history.

They include Chief Jeiel, Zechariah and Bela. Bela was the son of Azaz. Azaz was the son of Shema. Shema was the son of Joel.

All of them made their homes in the area from Aroer to Nebo and Baal Meon. To the east they made their homes in the land up to the edge of the desert. That desert reaches all the way to the Euphrates River. They made their homes there because their livestock had increased in Gilead.

10 While Saul was king, the people of Reuben went to war against the Hagrites. They won the battle over them. Then they lived in the houses of the Hagrites. The people of Reuben lived in the entire area east of Gilead.

The Family Line of Gad

11 The people of Gad lived next to the people of Reuben in Bashan. They spread out all the way to Salekah.

12 Joel was their chief. Shapham was next. Then came Janai and Shaphat in Bashan.

13 Here are their relatives family by family. They included

Michael, Meshullam, Sheba, Jorai, Jakan, Zia and Eber. The total number of them was seven.

14 These were the sons of Abihail. Abihail was the son of Huri. Huri was the son of Jaroah. Jaroah was the son of Gilead. Gilead was the son of Michael. Michael was the son of Jeshishai. Jeshishai was the son of Jahdo. And Jahdo was the son of Buz.

15 Ahi was the leader of some of the families of Gad. Ahi was the son of Abdiel. Abdiel was the son of Guni.

16 The people of Gad lived in the land of Gilead. They lived in the villages of Bashan. They also lived on all the grasslands of Sharon as far as they reached.

17 All these names were written down in the family history. They were written during the time when Jotham was king of Judah and Jeroboam was king of Israel.

18 The tribes of Reuben, Gad and half the tribe of Manasseh had 44,760 men able to serve in the army. Each one was able to handle a shield and sword. Each was also able to use a bow. Each was trained for battle. 19 They went to war against the Hagrites, Jetur, Naphish and Nodab. 20 God helped his people fight against the Hagrites and all who were helping them. He handed over all those enemies to his people. That’s because they cried out to him during the battle. He answered their prayers, because they trusted in him. 21 They captured the livestock of the Hagrites. They captured 50,000 camels, 250,000 sheep and 2,000 donkeys. They also took 100,000 people as prisoners. 22 Many others were killed, because God won the battle over them. His people lived in the land until they themselves were taken as prisoners to other countries.

The Family Line of Half of the Tribe of Manasseh

23 The people in half of the tribe of Manasseh became a very large group. They made their homes in the land from Bashan to Baal Hermon. Baal Hermon is also called Senir. Another name for it is Mount Hermon.

24 Here are the leaders of their families. They included Epher, Ishi, Eliel, Azriel, Jeremiah, Hodaviah and Jahdiel. They were brave fighting men. They were also famous and were leaders of their families. 25 But they weren’t faithful to the God of their people. They joined themselves to the gods of the nations of the land and worshiped them. God had destroyed those nations to make room for his people. 26 So the God of Israel stirred up the spirit of Pul. He was king of Assyria. He was also called Tiglath-Pileser. He took the tribes of Reuben and Gad and half of the tribe of Manasseh to other countries as his prisoners. He took them to Halah, Habor, Hara and the river of Gozan. And that’s where they still are to this day.

New American Standard Bible

1 Chronicles 5

Genealogy from Reuben

1Now the sons of Reuben the firstborn of Israel (for he was the firstborn, but because he defiled his father’s bed, his birthright was given to the sons of Joseph the son of Israel; so that he is not enrolled in the genealogy according to the birthright. Though Judah prevailed over his brothers, and from him came the leader, yet the birthright belonged to Joseph), the sons of Reuben the firstborn of Israel were Hanoch and Pallu, Hezron and Carmi. The sons of Joel were Shemaiah his son, Gog his son, Shimei his son, Micah his son, Reaiah his son, Baal his son, Beerah his son, whom [a]Tilgath-pilneser king of Assyria carried away into exile; he was leader of the Reubenites. His [b]kinsmen by their families, in the genealogy of their generations, were Jeiel the chief, then Zechariah and Bela the son of Azaz, the son of Shema, the son of Joel, who lived in Aroer, even to Nebo and Baal-meon. To the east he settled as far as the entrance of the wilderness from the river Euphrates, because their cattle had increased in the land of Gilead. 10 In the days of Saul they made war with the Hagrites, who fell by their hand, so that they [c]occupied their tents throughout [d]all the land east of Gilead.

11 Now the sons of Gad lived opposite them in the land of Bashan as far as Salecah. 12 Joel was the chief and Shapham the second, then Janai and Shaphat in Bashan. 13 Their [e]kinsmen of their fathers’ households were Michael, Meshullam, Sheba, Jorai, Jacan, Zia and Eber, seven. 14 These were the sons of Abihail, the son of Huri, the son of Jaroah, the son of Gilead, the son of Michael, the son of Jeshishai, the son of Jahdo, the son of Buz; 15 Ahi the son of Abdiel, the son of Guni, was head of their fathers’ households. 16 They lived in Gilead, in Bashan and in its towns, and in all the pasture lands of Sharon, as far as their [f]borders. 17 All of these were enrolled in the genealogies in the days of Jotham king of Judah and in the days of Jeroboam king of Israel.

18 The sons of Reuben and the Gadites and the half-tribe of Manasseh, consisting of valiant men, men who bore shield and sword and shot with bow and were skillful in battle, were 44,760, who went to war. 19 They made war against the Hagrites, Jetur, Naphish and Nodab. 20 They were helped against them, and the Hagrites and all who were with them were given into their hand; for they cried out to God in the battle, and He answered their prayers because they trusted in Him. 21 They took away their cattle: their 50,000 camels, 250,000 sheep, 2,000 donkeys; and 100,000 [g]men. 22 For many fell slain, because the war was of God. And they settled in their place until the exile.

23 Now the sons of the half-tribe of Manasseh lived in the land; from Bashan to Baal-hermon and Senir and Mount Hermon they were numerous. 24 These were the heads of their fathers’ households, even Epher, Ishi, Eliel, Azriel, Jeremiah, Hodaviah and Jahdiel, mighty men of valor, famous men, heads of their fathers’ households.

25 But they acted treacherously against the God of their fathers and played the harlot after the gods of the peoples of the land, whom God had destroyed before them. 26 So the God of Israel stirred up the spirit of Pul, king of Assyria, even the spirit of [h]Tilgath-pilneser king of Assyria, and he carried them away into exile, namely the Reubenites, the Gadites and the half-tribe of Manasseh, and brought them to Halah, Habor, Hara and to the river of Gozan, to this day.

Notas al pie

  1. 1 Chronicles 5:6 In 2 Kin 15:29, Tiglath-pileser
  2. 1 Chronicles 5:7 Lit brothers
  3. 1 Chronicles 5:10 Lit dwelt in
  4. 1 Chronicles 5:10 Lit all the face of the east
  5. 1 Chronicles 5:13 Lit brother
  6. 1 Chronicles 5:16 Lit goings out
  7. 1 Chronicles 5:21 Lit souls of men
  8. 1 Chronicles 5:26 In 2 Kin 15:29, Tiglath-pileser