New American Standard Bible

Psalm 131

Childlike Trust in the Lord.

A Song of Ascents, of David.

1O Lord, my heart is not proud, nor my eyes [a]haughty;
Nor do I [b]involve myself in great matters,
Or in things too [c]difficult for me.
Surely I have composed and quieted my soul;
Like a weaned child rests [d]against his mother,
My soul is like a weaned child [e]within me.
O Israel, hope in the Lord
From this time forth and forever.

Notas al pie

  1. Psalm 131:1 Or lofty
  2. Psalm 131:1 Lit go after, walk
  3. Psalm 131:1 Or marvelous
  4. Psalm 131:2 Or upon
  5. Psalm 131:2 Or upon

Ketab El Hayat

ﺍﻟﻤﺰﺍﻣﻴﺮ 131

تَرْنِيمَةُ الْمَصَاعِدِ. لِدَاوُدَ

1يَا رَبُّ لَمْ يَشْمَخْ قَلْبِي وَلَا اسْتَعْلَتْ عَيْنَايَ وَلَا حَفَلْتُ بِالْعَظَائِمِ وَمَا يَفُوقُ إِدْرَاكِي. وَلَكِنِّي سَكَّنْتُ نَفْسِي وَهَدَّأْتُهَا، فَصَارَ قَلْبِي مُطْمَئِنّاً كَطِفْلٍ مَفْطُومٍ مُسْتَسْلِمٍ بَيْنَ ذِرَاعَيْ أُمِّهِ لِيَتَرَجَّ إِسْرَائِيلُ الرَّبَّ مِنَ الآنَ وَإِلَى الأَبَدِ.