New American Standard Bible

Psalm 117

A Psalm of Praise.

1Praise the Lord, all nations;
Laud Him, all peoples!
For His lovingkindness [a]is great toward us,
And the [b]truth of the Lord is everlasting.
[c]Praise [d]the Lord!

Notas al pie

  1. Psalm 117:2 Lit prevails over us
  2. Psalm 117:2 Or faithfulness
  3. Psalm 117:2 Or Hallelujah!
  4. Psalm 117:2 Heb Yah

Bibelen på hverdagsdansk

Salme 117

Herrens godhed og trofasthed

1Pris Herren, alle nationer.
    Lovsyng ham, alle folkeslag.
For hans godhed mod os er stor,
    hans trofasthed varer for evigt.