Nkwa Asem

Nnwom 59

Ogye mpaebɔ

1Gye me fi m’atamfo nsam, me Nyankopɔn; bɔ me ho ban fi wɔn a wɔtaa me so no ho. Gye me nkwa fi saa amumɔyɛ fo no nsam. Gye me fi awudifo no nsam. Hwɛ! Wɔretwɛn akum me; atirimɔdenfo reboa wɔn ho ano atia me. Ɛnyɛ bɔne bi anaa biribi a enye bi na mayɛ; ɛnna ɛnyɛ me mfomso bi nti, O Awurade, a enti wɔka wɔn ho kɔ wɔn atenae no. Sɔre, Awurade Nyankopɔn Tumfoɔ na bɛboa me; w’ankasa bɛhwɛ, Israel Nyankopɔn. Sɔre na twe manmufo aso. Nhu amumɔyɛfo nkontompofo no mmɔbɔ! Wɔsan ba anwummere pɔ so wɔ kurow no mu te sɛ akraman. Tie wɔn kasatia ne wɔn ahunahuna. Wɔn tɛkrɛma te sɛ nkrante wɔ wɔn anom, nanso wosusuw sɛ obi nte wɔn nka. Nanso woserew wɔn, Awurade. Wudi manmufo ho fɛw.

Mewɔ gyidi wɔ w’ahoɔden mu. Woyɛ me guankɔbea, O Onyankopɔn. 10 Me Nyankopɔn dɔ me na ɔbɛba me nkyɛn. Ɔbɛma mahu sɛ wadi m’atamfo so.

11 Nkum wɔn, O Onyankopɔn, na me nkurɔfo werɛ befi. Fa w’ahoɔden bɔ wɔn pete na di wɔn so, O Awurade, yɛn gyefo. 12 Bɔne wɔ wɔn anofafa so; nsɛm a efi wɔn anom nyinaa yɛ bɔne. Ma wɔnkyere wɔn wɔ wɔn ahantan mu! Efisɛ, wɔdome, di atoro nso. 13 Sɛe wɔn w’abufuw mu; sɛe wɔn koraa. Saa na ɛbɛma obiara ahu sɛ Onyankopɔn di Israel so, na n’ahenni trɛw kɔ asase so mmaa nyinaa. 14 M’atamfo san ba anwummere, pɔ so kyinkyin kurow no mu 15 te sɛ akraman a wɔrepɛ aduan adi, na sɛ wɔannya bi anni ammee a, wonwiinwii.

16 Nanso mɛto w’ahoɔden ho dwom; anɔpa biara, mɛto daa ɔdɔ a wowɔ no ho dwom dennen. Woayɛ me guankɔbea, me guankɔbea ɔhaw mu. 17 Mɛkamfo wo, me gyefo. Me guankɔbea ne Onyankopɔn, Onyankopɔn a ɔdɔ me no.

Amplified Bible

Psalm 59

Prayer for Rescue from Enemies.

To the Chief Musician; set to [the tune of] “Do Not Destroy.” A Mikhtam of David, [a record of memorable thoughts] when Saul sent men to watch his house in order to kill him.

1Deliver me from my enemies, O my God;
Set me securely on an inaccessibly high place away from those who rise up against me.

Deliver me from those who practice wrongdoing,
And save me from bloodthirsty men.

Look! They lie in wait for my life;
Fierce and powerful men [are uniting together to] launch an attack against me,
Not for my wrongdoing nor for any sin of mine, O Lord.

They run and set themselves against me though there is no guilt in me;
Stir Yourself to meet and help me, and see [what they are doing]!

You, O Lord God of hosts, the God of Israel,
Arise to punish all the nations;
Spare no one and do not be merciful to any who treacherously plot evil. Selah.

They return at evening, they howl and snarl like dogs,
And go [prowling] around the city.

Look how they belch out [insults] with their mouths;
Swords [of sarcasm, ridicule, slander, and lies] are in their lips,
For they say, “Who hears us?”

But You, O Lord, will laugh at them [in scorn];
You scoff at and deride all the nations.

O [God] my strength, I will watch for You;
For God is my stronghold [my refuge, my protector, my high tower].
My God in His [steadfast] lovingkindness will meet me;
God will let me look triumphantly on my enemies [who lie in wait for me].
Do not kill them, or my people will forget;
Scatter them and make them wander [endlessly] back and forth by Your power, and bring them down,
O Lord our shield!
For the sin of their mouths and the words of their lips,
Let them even be trapped in their pride,
And on account of the curses and lies which they tell.
Destroy them in wrath, destroy them so that they may be no more;
Let them know that God rules over Jacob (Israel)
To the ends of the earth. Selah.
They return at evening, they howl and snarl like dogs,
And go [prowling] around the city.
They wander around for food [to devour]
And growl all night if they are not satisfied.

But as for me, I will sing of Your mighty strength and power;
Yes, I will sing joyfully of Your lovingkindness in the morning;
For You have been my stronghold
And a refuge in the day of my distress.
To You, O [God] my strength, I will sing praises;
For God is my stronghold [my refuge, my protector, my high tower], the God who shows me [steadfast] lovingkindness.