Nkwa Asem

Nnwom 12

Mmoa mpaebɔ

1Boa yɛn, Awurade! Ɛnkaa onipa pa baako mpo. Nokwafo nni hɔ bio.

Wɔn nyinaa didi wɔn ho atoro. Wɔka nsɛm a ɛyɛ dɛ de sisi wɔn ho wɔn ho.

O Awurade, ka tɛkrɛma a ɛdaadaa no nyinaa hyɛ. To ano a etu ne ho a ɛka se,

“Yɛnam yɛn nsɛm so nya nea yɛhwehwɛ. Yɛbɛka nea yɛpɛ biara, na obiara rentumi nsiw yɛn ano” no.

Nanso, Awurade ka se, “Afei, mɛba efisɛ, wɔrehaw mmɔborɔfo, na wɔn a wɔakyere wɔn no nso repene wɔ wɔn yaw mu. Mɛbɔ wɔn ho ban sɛnea wɔhwehwɛ no.”

Awurade bɔhyɛ yɛ nokware. Ɛyɛ kronn sɛ dwetɛ a wɔahoa ho mpɛn ason wɔ fononoo mu. O Awurade, bɔ yɛn ho ban daa, na kora yɛn so fi saa nnebɔneyɛfo no nsam. Efisɛ amumɔyɛfo nenam baabiara, na obiara kamfo wɔn amumɔyɛ no.

Amplified Bible

Psalm 12

God, a Helper against the Treacherous.

To the Chief Musician; [a]set an octave below. A Psalm of David.

1Save and help and rescue, Lord, for godly people cease to be,
For the faithful vanish from among the sons of men.

They speak deceitful and worthless words to one another;
With flattering lips and a double heart they speak.

May the Lord cut off all flattering lips,
The tongue that speaks great things [in boasting];

Who have said, “With our tongue we will prevail;
Our lips are our own; who is lord and master over us?”

“Because of the devastation of the afflicted, because of the groaning of the needy,
Now I will arise,” says the Lord; “I will place him in the safety for which he longs.”

The words and promises of the Lord are pure words,
Like silver refined in an earthen furnace, purified seven times.

You, O Lord, will preserve and keep them;
You will protect him from this [evil] generation forever.

The wicked strut about [in pompous self-importance] on every side,
As vileness is exalted and baseness is prized among the sons of men.

Notas al pie

  1. Psalm 12:1 Or possibly on the eight-stringed lyre; meaning uncertain.