Mushuj Testamento Diospaj Shimi

Mateo 9

Mana cuyurijta ruraj ungüi japishca runatami Jesús alliyachishca

1Chai q'uipami Jesusca, barcopi yaicushpa cuchata cutin ch'imbashpaca, Pai causashca pueblollamantaj chayarca. Chaiman chayajpica, mana cuyurijta ruraj ungüi japishca runatami huandunapi apamurcacuna. “Alliyachingami” nishpa, tucui shunguhuan paicuna crishcata ricushpami Jesusca, chai ungushca runataca:

–Huahua, ama manchaichu. Cambaj juchacunataca, ñami anchuchini– nirca.

Mandashcata yachachijcunapuramanta maijancuna chaita uyashpaca: “Cai runaca, Dios tucushpamari chashna nicun” ninacurcacunami. Paicuna chashna yuyacujta yachashpami, Jesusca cashna nirca:

–¿Ima nishpataj chashna millaita yuyacunguichij? ¿‘Cambaj juchacunata anchuchinimi’ ninachu, mana cashpaca: ‘Jatari, puri’ ninachu? ¿Ima ninataj ashtahuan jahualla? Runa Aichayuj ñucataca, juchacunata anchuchij cachun cai pachaman Dios cachashca cashcata cunanmi ricuchisha– nishpami, mana cuyurijta ruraj ungüihuan caj runataca cashna nirca:

–¡Jatari, canta huandumushcata apashpa huasiman rilla!– nirca.

Jesús chashna nijpica chai runaca, jatarishpa huasiman rircallami. Chashna alliyachijta tucui ricujcunaca achcata mancharishpami, chai rurai tucunata runacunaman cushcamanta, Diostaca alli nircacuna.

Jesusca Mateotami ‘Ñucata cati’ nishca

Jesusca chaimanta rishpaca, Mateo shuti runatami, impuestota japinapi tiyacujta ricurca. Paita ricushpaca:

–Ñucata cati– nijpica, Mateoca jatarishcahuan Jesusta catishpa rircallami.

10 Mateopaj huasiman rishpami, Jesusca, Paipaj yachacujcunandij chaipi micucurca. Impuestota japij achca runacunapish, juchayujcunapish chaiman chayashpami, paicunahuan micucurcacuna. 11 Chaita fariseocuna ricushpami, Jesuspaj yachacujcunataca:

–¿Ima nishpataj cancunapaj Yachachijca, impuestota japijcunahuan, juchayujcunahuanpish micucun?– nishpa tapurcacuna.

12 Shina nicujta Jesús uyashpaca, cashnami nirca:

–Mana ungushca cajcunaca, mana pi jambijta mashcanchu, ungushcacunallami mashcancuna. 13 Dios Quillcachishcapica: “Animalcunata huañuchishpa ñucaman cushpa rupachinapaj randica, shujtajcunata llaquij caichigari. Ñucaca chashna cachunmi munani” ninmi. Richij, chashna nishcataraj yachamugrichij. Ñucaca, cashcata rurajcunataca mana cayaj shamurcanichu, ashtahuanpish juchayujcunatamari, llaquirishpa Diospajman cutirichun cayaj shamurcani– nircami.

Ima shina ayunanatami yachachishca

14 Chai q'uipami, Bautiźaj Juanpaj yachacujcuna Jesuspajman shamushpaca:

–Fariseocunapish, ñucanchijpish tauca cutinmari ayunanchij. Cambaj yachacujcunaca, ¿ima nishpataj mana ayunancuna?– nishpa tapurcacuna.

15 Chashna tapujpi, Jesusca cashnami nirca:

–Bodapi cajcunaca, novio paicunallahuantaj cajpica, ¿maitataj llaquilla cangari? Cusa illajlla saquirina punllacuna chayamungami. Chaipimi ayunangacuna.

16 Pipish mauca churanataca, mana mushuj linsohuan llachapashpa siranchu. Chashna rurajpica, mushuj linsoca mauca churanataca ashtahuanmi lliquinman. 17 Shinallataj cunanlla rurashca vinotapish, mauca capachocunapica pi mana churanchu. Mushuj vinota mauca capachopi churajpica, capachopish lliquirin, vinopish tallirinllami. Chaimantami llullu vinotaca, capachocunapish vinopish ama ima tucuchun, mushuj capachocunapi churancuna– nircami.

Jairopaj ushushitaca causachishca, yahuar cacharirishca huarmitaca alliyachishcami

18 Jesús chashna yachachicujpirajmi, mandaj runaca paipajman shamurca. Chai runaca, Paipaj ñaupajpi pambacama cumurishpami cashna nirca:

–Ñuca ushushica cunanllamari huañun. Jacupaiari, paipaj jahuapi Cambaj maquita churajpica, causaringallami– nircami.

19 Shina nijpica jatarishcahuanmi Jesusca, Paipaj yachacujcunandij chai runahuan rirca. 20 Ñanta ricujpimi, Jesuspaj churana chupapica, huashamanta maquihuan shuj huarmi tuparirca. Chai huarmica, chunga ishqui huatatami yahuar cacharirishpa ungushca carca. 21 Paica: “Jesuspaj churanapi tuparishpalla alliyashallami” yuyashpami tuparirca. 22 Jesusca tigrarishpa chai huarmita ricushpaca, cashnami nirca:

–Huahua, ama manchaichu. Ñuca alliyachinata crishcamantami alliyashcangui– nircami.

Shina nijpica chai huarmica, ña alliyarcallami.

23 Chai mandajpaj huasiman Jesús chayashpaca, huacacujcunatapish, flautapi tocajcunatapishmi ricurca. 24 Paicunataca:

–Caimanta llujshipaichij. Huambraca mana huañushcachu, dormicunllamari– nircami.

Chashna nijta uyashpami, Paitaca chanzata rurarcacuna. 25 Ña tucuicuna llujshijpi huasiman yaicushpa, huambrapaj maquita Jesús japijpica, huambraca jatarircallami. 26 Jesús chashna rurashcataca, tucui chai llajtapimi huashan parlanacurcacuna.

Ñahui mana ricuj ishqui runacunatami Jesús alliyachishca

27 Chai huasimanta Jesús llujshishpa ricujpimi, ñahui mana ricuj ishqui runacunaca:

–¡Davidpaj Churi, ñucanchijta llaquihuai!– nishpa caparishpa catircacuna.

28 Ña huasipi cajpimi, chai ishqui mana ricuj runacunaca Jesuspajman chayamurca. Chaipimi Paica:

–¿Ñuca cancunata alliyachi tucunata cringuichijchu?– nishpa tapujpi, paicunaca:

–Ari Apu, crinchijmi– nircacuna.

29 Shina nijpi Jesusca, paicunapaj ñahuicunapi maquihuan japishpami:

–Cancuna crishca shinallataj alliyaichij– nirca.

30 Chashna nijpica, paicunapaj ñahuicunaca alliyarcallami. Ña alliyajpi Jesusca cutin cutinmi:

–Caitaca pajta piman parlanguichijman– nirca.

31 Chashna nijpipish paicunaca chaimanta rishcahuanmi, Jesús alliyachishcataca tucui chai llajtapi parlarcacuna.

Mana rimaj runatami Jesús alliyachishca

32 Chai alliyaj runacuna llujshishpa ricujpimi, supai japishcamanta mana rimai tucuj runata Jesuspajman pushamurcacuna. 33 Supaita Jesús llujshichijpica, mana rimaj runaca ña rimarcallami. Chaita ricushpaca, chai tucui gentecuna mancharinacushpami:

–Cashna rurajtaca, Israel llajtapica manaraj ricushcanchijchu– ninacurca.

34 Ashtahuanpish fariseocunaca:

–Supaicunata mandajhuan cashpamari, cai runaca supaicunata llujshichin– nircacunami.

Jesusca tucuicunatami llaquishca

35 Jesusca tucui pueblocunata, tucui llajtacunata purishpami, Taita Dios mandacun alli huillaita israelcuna tandanacuna huasicunapi yachachicurca. Shinallataj ima ungüihuan, ima nanaihuan cajcunatapish alliyachircami. 36 Michij illajlla, caita chaita puricuj, shitashca ovejacuna shina cajta ricushpami Jesusca, tucui chaipi cajcunataca achcata llaquirca. 37 Chaimantami, Paipaj yachacujcunataca, cashna nirca:

–Granota tandanaca achcami, tandajcunaca ashallami. 38 Ashtahuan tandajcunata cachachun, Chagrayujta mañaichij– nircami.

New International Reader's Version

Matthew 9

Jesus Forgives and Heals a Man Who Could Not Walk

1Jesus stepped into a boat. He went over to the other side of the lake and came to his own town. Some men brought to him a man who could not walk. He was lying on a mat. Jesus saw that they had faith. So he said to the man, “Don’t lose hope, son. Your sins are forgiven.”

Then some teachers of the law said to themselves, “This fellow is saying a very evil thing!”

Jesus knew what they were thinking. So he said, “Why do you have evil thoughts in your hearts? Is it easier to say, ‘Your sins are forgiven’? Or to say, ‘Get up and walk’? But I want you to know that the Son of Man has authority on earth to forgive sins.” So he spoke to the man who could not walk. “Get up,” he said. “Take your mat and go home.” The man got up and went home. When the crowd saw this, they were filled with wonder. They praised God for giving that kind of authority to a human being.

Jesus Chooses Matthew and Eats With Sinners

As Jesus went on from there, he saw a man named Matthew. He was sitting at the tax collector’s booth. “Follow me,” Jesus told him. Matthew got up and followed him.

10 Later Jesus was having dinner at Matthew’s house. Many tax collectors and sinners came. They ate with Jesus and his disciples. 11 The Pharisees saw this. So they asked the disciples, “Why does your teacher eat with tax collectors and sinners?”

12 Jesus heard this. So he said, “Those who are healthy don’t need a doctor. Sick people do. 13 Go and learn what this means, ‘I want mercy and not sacrifice.’ (Hosea 6:6) I have not come to get those who think they are right with God to follow me. I have come to get sinners to follow me.”

Jesus Is Asked About Fasting

14 One day John’s disciples came. They said to Jesus, “We and the Pharisees often go without eating. Why don’t your disciples go without eating?”

15 Jesus answered, “How can the guests of the groom be sad while he is with them? The time will come when the groom will be taken away from them. Then they will fast.

16 “People don’t sew a patch of new cloth on old clothes. The new piece will pull away from the old. That will make the tear worse. 17 People don’t pour new wine into old wineskins. If they do, the skins will burst. The wine will run out, and the wineskins will be destroyed. No, people pour new wine into new wineskins. Then both are saved.”

Jesus Heals a Dead Girl and a Suffering Woman

18 While Jesus was saying this, a synagogue leader came. He got down on his knees in front of Jesus. He said, “My daughter has just died. But come and place your hand on her. Then she will live again.” 19 Jesus got up and went with him. So did his disciples.

20 Just then a woman came up behind Jesus. She had a sickness that made her bleed. It had lasted for 12 years. She touched the edge of his clothes. 21 She thought, “I only need to touch his clothes. Then I will be healed.”

22 Jesus turned and saw her. “Dear woman, don’t give up hope,” he said. “Your faith has healed you.” The woman was healed at that moment.

23 When Jesus entered the synagogue leader’s house, he saw the noisy crowd and people playing flutes. 24 He said, “Go away. The girl is not dead. She is sleeping.” But they laughed at him. 25 After the crowd had been sent outside, Jesus went in. He took the girl by the hand, and she got up. 26 News about what Jesus had done spread all over that area.

Jesus Heals Two Blind Men

27 As Jesus went on from there, two blind men followed him. They called out, “Have mercy on us, Son of David!”

28 When Jesus went indoors, the blind men came to him. He asked them, “Do you believe that I can do this?”

“Yes, Lord,” they replied.

29 Then he touched their eyes. He said, “It will happen to you just as you believed.” 30 They could now see again. Jesus strongly warned them, “Be sure that no one knows about this.” 31 But they went out and spread the news. They talked about him all over that area.

32 While they were going out, another man was brought to Jesus. A demon controlled him, and he could not speak. 33 When the demon was driven out, the man spoke. The crowd was amazed. They said, “Nothing like this has ever been seen in Israel.”

34 But the Pharisees said, “He drives out demons by the power of the prince of demons.”

There Are Only a Few Workers

35 Jesus went through all the towns and villages. He taught in their synagogues. He preached the good news of the kingdom. And he healed every illness and sickness. 36 When he saw the crowds, he felt deep concern for them. They were treated badly and were helpless, like sheep without a shepherd. 37 Then Jesus said to his disciples, “The harvest is huge. But there are only a few workers. 38 So ask the Lord of the harvest to send workers out into his harvest field.”