Mushuj Testamento Diospaj Shimi

Apocalipsis 19:1-21

Jahua pachapimi Diosta alabashcacuna

1Chai qʼuipaca, achcacuna jahua pachapi, cashna nishpa sinchita caparijtami uyarcani:

«¡Diosta alabaichij!

Ñucanchij Diosca Quishpichijmari, jatunmari, sumajmari, tucuita rurai tucujmari.

2Pai Diosca, llaquichina cajpitaj llaquichij, cashcatataj rurajmi.

Chaimantami tucui cai pachapi causacujcunahuan huainayashpa,

paicunata millaita rurachij chai huarmitaca juchachishpa llaquichishca.

Chai huarmica, Diosta servijcunatapishmi yahuarta jichashpa huañuchirca.

Chaimantami paitaca chashna jatunta llaquichishca» nircacunami.


«¡Diosta alabaichij!

Chai huarmi rupashca cushnica, huiñai huiñaita llujshicungallami» nircacunapishmi.

4Ishqui chunga chuscu yuyajcunapish, causaiyuj chuscucunapish jatun tiyarinapi tiyacuj Taita Diostaca pambacama cumurishpami adorarcacuna. Paicunaca:

«¡Chashna cachun! ¡Diosta alabaichij!» nircacunami.

5Jatun tiyarinamantaca shujmi:

«Ñucanchij Taita Diostaca, tucui Paita servijcuna, alabaichij.

Paita manchajcunaca, jatuncunapish uchillacunapish alabaichij» nishpa uyarirca.

6Shinallataj achca gentecuna rimanacucuj shinapish, tauca jatun yacucuna huacacuj shinapish, jatunta cʼulun nicuj shinapishmi sinchita cashna nicujta uyarcani:

«¡Diosta alabaichij!

Ñucanchijta Mandaj Tucuita Rurai Tucuj Diosmari ña tucuita mandacun.

7¡Jatunta cushicushunchij, Paita sumajyachishunchij!

Malta Ovejapaj bodaca, ña chayamushcatajmari.

Paipaj huarmipish ñami allichirishca.

8Paipaj huarmimanca, sumaj achij nicuj alli lino churanatami

churarichun curca» nishpami uyarirca.

(Tucuita yalli alli linota rurashca churanaca, Diospajlla cajcuna imatapish cashcata rurashpa causashcami).

9Chai qʼuipami, angelca ñucataca cashna nirca: «Cashna quillcai: “¡Malta Ovejapaj boda jatun micuiman cayashcacunaca, cushicuichij!” Caica, cashcatataj Taita Dios huillashca shimicunami» nircami.

10Chashna nijpimi angeltaca, pambacama cumurishpa adorasha nircani. Ashtahuanpish paica, cashnami nirca: «¡Riqui, ama cashna ruraichu! Ñucapish can shinallataj, Jesús huillashcata alli huillaj cambaj huauquicuna shinallataj, Diosta servijllami cani. ¡Taita Diosllata adorai! Jesús huillashcatami, Dios ima nishcata huillajcunaca, Diospaj Espiritullataj yuyachijpi huillancuna» nircami.

Yurajlla caballopi tiyarishca Shamujmi tucuicunata mishashca

11Chai qʼuipaca, jahua pacha pascarijpimi, shuj yurajlla caballota chaipi ricurcani. Chai caballopi Tiyacujca, nishcatataj Pajtachij, Cashcatataj Huillaj shutimi carca. Paica, juchachina cajpitaj Juchachij, llaquichinataj cajllapi macanacujmi. 12Paipaj ñahuicunapish, lunyacuj nina shinami carca. Umapica, tauca coronacunata churashcami carca. Shinallataj pi shujtaj mana yachashca, Pailla yachashca shutita quillcashcatapishmi charirca. 13Paica, yahuaryashca churanata churashcami carca. Paica: «Dios Rimashca Shimi» shutimi. 14Paitaca, jahua pacha soldadocunami, yurajlla caballocunapi tiyarishca caticurca. Paicunaca, imapi mana mapayashca, yurajlla, ashtahuan alli lino churanata churashcacunami carca. 15Tucui llajtacunapi causacujcunata chugrichingapajmi, Paipaj shimimantaca puntasapa espada llujshirca. «Fierro varahuanmi tucui llajtacunata mandanga.» Tucuita Rurai Tucuj Dios jatunta pʼiñarishpa cachajpimi, Paica tanquepi uvasta sarushpa capij shina tucuchinga. 16Paipaj churanapipish, changa uripipish, cashna shutitami quillcashca carca:

jatun mandajcunata jatun mandaj,

apucunapaj jatun apu

17Chai qʼuipaca, shuj angeltami, inti jahuapi shayacujta ricurcani. Chai angelca, huairata purij pajarocunatami, cashna caparishpa cayarca: «Taita Dios cushca jatun micunata micunaman tandanacumuichij. 18Llajtacunata jatun mandajcuna, soldadocunata mandajcuna, cʼari cʼaricuna, caballocuna, chai caballocunapi tiyarijcuna, servijcuna, mana servij cajcuna, uchillacunapish, jatuncunapishmari huañushca. Tucui chaicunapaj aichata micuj shamuichij» nircami.

19Chai huashami, manchanana animaltapish, cai pachata jatun mandajcunatapish, paicunapaj soldadocunandij tandanacujta ricurcani. Tucui chaicunaca, yurajlla caballopi Tiyacujhuanpish, Paipaj soldadocunahuanpishmi macanacuj shayarirca. 20Chaipimi manchanana animaltapish, llulla huillajtapish preźu japirca. Chai llulla huillajca, manchanana animalpaj ñaupajpimi, jatun milagrocunata rurarca. Chaita rurashpami, chai manchanana animalpaj marcata churachijcunatapish, chai animalman rijchajta rurashcata adorajcunatapish umashpa, crichishpa charicurca. Manchanana animaltapish, llulla huillajtapish, azufrehuan rupacun nina cuchapimi, ishquindijtataj causajta shitarcacuna. 21Caishujcunataca, chai yurajlla caballopi Tiyacujmi, Paipaj shimimanta llujshij espadahuan huañuchirca. Chai huañushcacunapaj aichacunatami, tucui pajarocuna sajsajta micurcacuna.

New International Reader's Version

Revelation 19:1-21

Three Hallelujahs for the Fall of Babylon!

1After these things I heard a roar in heaven. It sounded like a huge crowd shouting,


Salvation and glory and power belong to our God.

2The way he judges is true and fair.

He has judged the great prostitute.

She made the earth impure with her terrible sins.

God has paid her back for killing those who served him.”

3Again they shouted,


The smoke from her fire goes up for ever and ever.”

4The 24 elders and the four living creatures bowed down. They worshiped God, who was sitting on the throne. They cried out,

“Amen! Hallelujah!”

5Then a voice came from the throne. It said,

“Praise our God,

all you who serve him!

Praise God, all you who have respect for him,

both great and small!”

6Then I heard the noise of a huge crowd. It sounded like the roar of rushing waters and like loud thunder. The people were shouting,


Our Lord God is the King who rules over all.

7Let us be joyful and glad!

Let us give him glory!

It is time for the Lamb’s wedding.

His bride has made herself ready.

8Fine linen, bright and clean,

was given to her to wear.”

Fine linen stands for the right things that God’s holy people do.

9Here is what the angel told me to write. “Blessed are those invited to the wedding supper of the Lamb!” Then he added, “These are the true words of God.”

10When I heard this, I fell at his feet to worship him. But he said to me, “Don’t do that! I serve God, just as you do. I am God’s servant, just like believers who hold firmly to what Jesus has taught. Worship God! The Spirit of prophecy tells the truth about Jesus.”

The Heavenly Warrior Has Victory Over the Beast

11I saw heaven standing open. There in front of me was a white horse. Its rider is called Faithful and True. When he judges or makes war, he is always fair. 12His eyes are like blazing fire. On his head are many crowns. A name is written on him that only he knows. 13He is dressed in a robe dipped in blood. His name is the Word of God. 14The armies of heaven were following him, riding on white horses. They were dressed in fine linen, white and clean. 15Coming out of the rider’s mouth is a sharp sword. He will strike down the nations with the sword. Scripture says, “He will rule them with an iron scepter.” (Psalm 2:9) He stomps on the grapes of God’s winepress. The winepress stands for the terrible anger of the God who rules over all. 16Here is the name that is written on the rider’s robe and on his thigh.

The Greatest King of All and the Most Powerful Lord of All

17I saw an angel standing in the sun. He shouted to all the birds flying high in the air, “Come! Gather together for the great supper of God. 18Come and eat the dead bodies of kings, generals, and other mighty people. Eat the bodies of horses and their riders. Eat the bodies of all people, free and slave, great and small.”

19Then I saw the beast and the kings of the earth with their armies. They had gathered together to make war against the rider on the horse and his army. 20But the beast and the false prophet were captured. The false prophet had done signs for the beast. In this way the false prophet had tricked some people. Those people had received the mark of the beast and had worshiped its statue. The beast and the false prophet were thrown alive into the lake of fire. The lake of fire burns with sulfur. 21The rest were killed by the sword that came out of the rider’s mouth. All the birds stuffed themselves with the dead bodies.