Mushuj Testamento Diospaj Shimi

Apocalipsis 14:1-20

144.000 sellashcacunami Malta Ovejapaj ñaupajpi cantashca

1Chaita ricushca qʼuipaca, Malta Ovejataca Sion shuti urcu jahuapi 144.000 runacunata pushashca shayacujtami ricurcani. Paihuan shayacujcunaca, Malta Ovejapaj shutitapish, Paipaj Yayapaj shutitapish frentepi quillcashcami carca. 2Jahua pachapica, shuj rimashcatami, tauca jatun yacucuna huajyacuj shinatapish, jatunta cʼulun nij shinatapish uyarcani. Ñuca uyajta rimajca, arpapi taucapura tocacuj shinami uyarirca. 3Paicunaca, jatun tiyarina ñaupajpipish, chuscu causaiyujcunapaj ñaupajpipish, yuyajcunapaj ñaupajpipishmi, shuj mushuj cantota cantarcacuna. Chai cantotaca, pi mana yachai tucurcacunachu. Cai pachamanta 144.000 quishpichishcacunallami, chai cantotaca yachai tucurcacuna. 4Paicunallami, huarmicunapi mana chayarishca, chuyacuna carca. Paicunaca, Malta Oveja maita rijpipish, Paihuanmi purincuna. Paicunaca, Taita Diospajpish, Malta Ovejapajpish cai pacha runacunamanta punta quishpichishcacunami. 5Paicunapaj shimipica, ima llulla mana japi tucurcachu. Taita Diospaj jatun tiyarina ñaupajpica, chashna ima mapa illajcunami.

Quimsa angelcunami alli huillaita huillashca

6Chai qʼuipaca, chaupi jahua pachata shujtaj ángel volacujtami ricurcani. Chai angelca, cai pachapi tucui causacujcunaman, tucui llajtacunaman, shujtaj shujtaj gentecunaman, chʼican chʼican rimaita rimajcunamanpish, pueblocunamanpish huiñaipaj quishpirina alli huillaitami huillangapaj charicurca. 7Chai angelca: «Taita Diosta manchaichij, Paita sumajyachichij. Dios llaquichina punllaca, ñamari chayamushca. Chaimanta jahua pachatapish, cai pachatapish, mama cucha yacutapish, puricuj yacucunatapish Rurajta adoraichij» nishpami, sinchita caparishpa huillarca.

8Cutin shujtaj angelpish, cashna nishpami caticurca: «¡Babilonia shuti jatun puebloca, tucui llajtacunapi causacujcunata vinota ubyachishpami machachirca! Chashna rurashpa llajtacunahuan huainayashcamantaca urmashcamari, urmashcamari» nishpami huillarca.

9Cutin chai ishqui angelpaj qʼuipa shamuj angelpish, cashna nishpami sinchita huillashpa catirca: «Chai manchanana animaltapish, paiman rijchajta rurashcatapish adorashpa, chaipaj marcata maquipi cashpa, frentepi cashpa chasquijpish, 10Taita Dios pʼiñarishpa charicuj vinotaca ubyangatajmi. Pʼiñarishpa ubyachina imahuan mana chagrushca vinotami Diosca paipaj copapi charicun. Paicunataca Diospajlla angelcunapaj ñaupajpi, Malta Ovejapaj ñaupajpimari, azufrehuan rupacuj ninahuan jatunta llaquichinga. 11Paicuna rupacun ninamantaca, cushnica huiñaita llujshicungallami. Manchanana animaltapish, chaiman rijchajta rurashcatapish adorajcunapaj, chai animalpaj shutita ricuchij marcata churachijcunapajca, tutapish punllapish manataj samarina tiyangachu. Llaquitaca apacungallacunami. 12¡Chaimantami Taita Diospajlla cajcunaca, Pai mandashcata caźushpa, Jesusta alli crishpa, mana pʼiñarij alli shunguhuan catina!» nircami.

13Chai qʼuipaca, jahua pachamanta ñucata cashna nijtami uyarcani: «Cashna quillcai: “Apunchij Jesusta crij cashcamanta huañujcunaca, cunanmantapacha cushicunmi.”»

Diospaj Espiritupish: «Ari, paicuna imata ruracushcamantaca samaringacunami. Paicuna imalla rurashcacunapish paicunahuanmi ringa» ninmi.

Cai pacha gentecunataca granota tandaj shinami tandashca

14Chai qʼuipaca, ñapish yuraj pʼuyutami ricurcani. Chai yuraj pʼuyu jahuapica, «Runa Aichayuj tucushcaman rijchajmi» tiyacurca. Paica, curi coronata umapi churashca, maquipica quirusapa hocesta aisashcami carca. 15Diospaj huasimanta shujtaj ángel llujshishpaca, pʼuyu jahuapi Tiyacujtaca: «Ñami tandanalla tucushca, cai pacha chagracunaca ña pʼucushca, tandanallamari. Cambaj hoces-huan chai chagrata tandailla» nishpami, sinchita caparirca. 16Shina nijpica, chai pʼuyu jahuapi Tiyacujca, Paipaj hoces-huanmi cai pachamanta chagracunata tandarca.

17Chai qʼuipaca, shujtaj angelpishmi, jahua pachapi tiyaj Diospaj huasimanta, paipish quirusapa hoces aisashca llujshirca. 18Shinallataj Diospaj altarpi ninata rupachij shujtaj angelmi llujshirca. Paimi, chai quirusapa hoces aisashcataca: «Cai pachapi uvasca pʼucushcami, ña tandanallamari. Cambaj quirusapa hoces-huan tandailla» nishpami, sinchita caparirca.

19Shina nijpi chai angelca, paipaj hocesta satishcahuan cai pacha uvasta tandarcallami. Tandashca uvastaca, Taita Dios pʼiñarishpa sarushpa capina jatun tanquepimi shitarca. 20Chai tanqueca, pueblomanta canllaman cajpimi, chaipi capirca. Sarushpa capicun chai tanquemantaca, manchanayaj yahuar llujshishpami, caballocunapaj frenoman pajtajta jundashpa, 300 kilometrocama yahuar callparca.

New International Reader's Version

Revelation 14:1-20

The Lamb and the 144,000

1I looked, and there in front of me was the Lamb. He was standing on Mount Zion. With him were 144,000 people. Written on their foreheads were his name and his Father’s name. 2I heard a sound from heaven. It was like the roar of rushing waters and loud thunder. The sound I heard was like the music of harps being played. 3Then everyone sang a new song in front of the throne. They sang it in front of the four living creatures and the elders. No one could learn the song except the 144,000. They had been set free from the evil of the earth. 4They had not committed sexual sins with women. They had kept themselves pure. They follow the Lamb wherever he goes. They were purchased from among human beings as a first offering to God and the Lamb. 5They told no lies. They are without blame.

The Three Angels

6I saw another angel. He was flying high in the air. He came to tell everyone on earth the good news that will always be true. He told it to every nation, tribe and people, no matter what language they spoke. 7In a loud voice he said, “Have respect for God. Give him glory. The hour has come for God to judge. Worship him who made the heavens and the earth. Worship him who made the sea and the springs of water.”

8A second angel followed him. He said, “ ‘Fallen! Babylon the Great has fallen!’ (Isaiah 21:9) The city of Babylon made all the nations drink the strong wine of her terrible sins.”

9A third angel followed them. He said in a loud voice, “There will be trouble for anyone who worships the beast and its statue! There will be trouble for anyone who has its mark on their forehead or their hand! 10They, too, will drink the wine of God’s great anger. His wine has been poured full strength into the cup of his anger. They will be burned with flaming sulfur. The holy angels and the Lamb will see it happen. 11The smoke of their terrible suffering will rise for ever and ever. Day and night, there will be no rest for anyone who worships the beast and its statue. There will be no rest for anyone who receives the mark of its name.” 12God’s people need to be very patient. They are the ones who obey God’s commands. And they remain faithful to Jesus.

13Then I heard a voice from heaven. “Write this,” it said. “Blessed are the dead who die as believers in the Lord from now on.”

“Yes,” says the Holy Spirit. “They will rest from their labor. What they have done will not be forgotten.”

The Harvest of the Earth

14I looked, and there in front of me was a white cloud. Sitting on the cloud was one who looked “like a son of man.” (Daniel 7:13) He wore a gold crown on his head. In his hand was a sharp, curved blade for cutting grain. 15Then another angel came out of the temple. He called in a loud voice to the one sitting on the cloud. “Take your blade,” he said. “Cut the grain. The time has come. The earth is ready to be harvested.” 16So the one sitting on the cloud swung his blade over the earth. And the earth was harvested.

17Another angel came out of the temple in heaven. He too had a sharp, curved blade. 18Still another angel came from the altar. He was in charge of the fire on the altar. He called out in a loud voice to the angel who had the sharp blade. “Take your blade,” he said, “and gather the bunches of grapes from the earth’s vine. Its grapes are ripe.” 19So the angel swung his blade over the earth. He gathered its grapes. Then he threw them into a huge winepress. The winepress stands for God’s anger. 20In the winepress outside the city, the grapes were stomped on. Blood flowed out of the winepress. It spread over the land for about 180 miles. It rose as high as the horses’ heads.