The Message

Psalm 93

11-2 God is King, robed and ruling,
God is robed and surging with strength.

And yes, the world is firm, immovable,
Your throne ever firm—you’re Eternal!

3-4 Sea storms are up, God,
Sea storms wild and roaring,
Sea storms with thunderous breakers.

Stronger than wild sea storms,
Mightier than sea-storm breakers,
Mighty God rules from High Heaven.

What you say goes—it always has.
“Beauty” and “Holy” mark your palace rule,
God, to the very end of time.

Nkwa Asem

Nnwom 93

Ɔhene Nyankopɔn

1Awurade yɛ ɔhene. Ɔwɔ tumi ne ahoɔden. Wabɔ asase ma atim dennen na wɔrentumi ntu. O Awurade, w’ahengua ase atim fi mfitiase na wowɔ hɔ ansa na wɔrehyɛ bere ase. Ɛpo ase pɛɛ ma ne nne so, O Awurade; wɔma wɔn nne so woro so. Awurade yɛ Otumfoɔ wɔ soro sen ɛpo nworoso ne n’asorɔkye a ano yɛ den. Wo mmara tim hɔ daa, Awurade, na wo fi yɛ kronkron daa nyinaa.