The Message

Psalm 89

An Ethan Prayer

11-4 Your love, God, is my song, and I’ll sing it!
    I’m forever telling everyone how faithful you are.
I’ll never quit telling the story of your love—
    how you built the cosmos
    and guaranteed everything in it.
Your love has always been our lives’ foundation,
    your fidelity has been the roof over our world.
You once said, “I joined forces with my chosen leader,
    I pledged my word to my servant, David, saying,
‘Everyone descending from you is guaranteed life;
    I’ll make your rule as solid and lasting as rock.’”

5-18 God! Let the cosmos praise your wonderful ways,
    the choir of holy angels sing anthems to your faithful ways!
Search high and low, scan skies and land,
    you’ll find nothing and no one quite like God.
The holy angels are in awe before him;
    he looms immense and august over everyone around him.
God-of-the-Angel-Armies, who is like you,
    powerful and faithful from every angle?
You put the arrogant ocean in its place
    and calm its waves when they turn unruly.
You gave that old hag Egypt the back of your hand,
    you brushed off your enemies with a flick of your wrist.
You own the cosmos—you made everything in it,
    everything from atom to archangel.
You positioned the North and South Poles;
    the mountains Tabor and Hermon sing duets to you.
With your well-muscled arm and your grip of steel—
    nobody trifles with you!
The Right and Justice are the roots of your rule;
    Love and Truth are its fruits.
Blessed are the people who know the passwords of praise,
    who shout on parade in the bright presence of God.
Delighted, they dance all day long; they know
    who you are, what you do—they can’t keep it quiet!
Your vibrant beauty has gotten inside us—
    you’ve been so good to us! We’re walking on air!
All we are and have we owe to God,
    Holy God of Israel, our King!

19-37 A long time ago you spoke in a vision,
    you spoke to your faithful beloved:
“I’ve crowned a hero,
    I chose the best I could find;
I found David, my servant,
    poured holy oil on his head,
And I’ll keep my hand steadily on him,
    yes, I’ll stick with him through thick and thin.
No enemy will get the best of him,
    no scoundrel will do him in.
I’ll weed out all who oppose him,
    I’ll clean out all who hate him.
I’m with him for good and I’ll love him forever;
    I’ve set him on high—he’s riding high!
I’ve put Ocean in his one hand, River in the other;
    he’ll call out, ‘Oh, my Father—my God, my Rock of Salvation!’
Yes, I’m setting him apart as the First of the royal line,
    High King over all of earth’s kings.
I’ll preserve him eternally in my love,
    I’ll faithfully do all I so solemnly promised.
I’ll guarantee his family tree
    and underwrite his rule.
If his children refuse to do what I tell them,
    if they refuse to walk in the way I show them,
If they spit on the directions I give them
    and tear up the rules I post for them—
I’ll rub their faces in the dirt of their rebellion
    and make them face the music.
But I’ll never throw them out,
    never abandon or disown them.
Do you think I’d withdraw my holy promise?
    or take back words I’d already spoken?
I’ve given my word, my whole and holy word;
    do you think I would lie to David?
His family tree is here for good,
    his sovereignty as sure as the sun,
Dependable as the phases of the moon,
    inescapable as weather.”

38-51 But God, you did walk off and leave us,
    you lost your temper with the one you anointed.
You tore up the promise you made to your servant,
    you stomped his crown in the mud.
You blasted his home to kingdom come,
    reduced his city to a pile of rubble
Picked clean by wayfaring strangers,
    a joke to all the neighbors.
You declared a holiday for all his enemies,
    and they’re celebrating for all they’re worth.
Angry, you opposed him in battle,
    refused to fight on his side;
You robbed him of his splendor, humiliated this warrior,
    ground his kingly honor in the dirt.
You took the best years of his life
    and left him an impotent, ruined husk.
How long do we put up with this, God?
    Are you gone for good? Will you hold this grudge forever?
Remember my sorrow and how short life is.
    Did you create men and women for nothing but this?
We’ll see death soon enough. Everyone does.
    And there’s no back door out of hell.
So where is the love you’re so famous for, Lord?
    What happened to your promise to David?
Take a good look at your servant, dear Lord;
    I’m the butt of the jokes of all nations,
The taunting jokes of your enemies, God,
    as they dog the steps of your dear anointed.

52 Blessed be God forever and always!
Yes. Oh, yes.

Nkwa Asem

Nnwom 89

Dwom a wɔto ɔman amanehunu bere mu

1O Awurade, daa mɛto wo dɔ a wowɔ daa no ho dwom; mɛda wo nokware no adi daa daa. Minim sɛ wo dɔ no bɛtena daa nyinaa, na wo nokware no tim hɔ te sɛ wim.

Wokae se, “Me ne onipa a mayi no no ayɛ apam; mahyɛ me somfo Dawid bɔ. Daa w’aseni na ɔbɛyɛ ɔhene. Mɛhwɛ w’abusua so daa daa.”

Ɔsorofo to anwonwade a woyɛ ho dwom; wɔto wo nokware ho dwom, Awurade. Obi nni soro a ɔte sɛ wo, Awurade. Ɔsorofo no biara sɛso nte sɛ wo. Wodi wo ni w’atreneefo agyinatufo mu, na wɔde suro gyina w’anim. Awurade Nyankopɔn Tumfoɔ, obi kɛseyɛ nsen wo. Biribiara mu, O Awurade, woyɛ ɔnokwafo.

Wo na wudi ɛpo ne tumi nyinaa so. Wobrɛ n’asorɔkye ase. 10 Wububu ɔtɔfo Rahab kum no. Wonam w’ahoɔden so dii w’atamfo so. 11 Ɔsoro ne asase yɛ wo dea. Wobɔɔ wiase ne nea ɛwɔ mu nyinaa. 12 Wobɔɔ atifi ne anafo. Bepɔw Tabor ne Bepɔw Hermon to dwom ma wo di ahurusi. 13 Wo tumi so! W’ahoɔden nso so!

14 Wokyekyeree w’aheman wɔ trenee ne nokware so. Ɔdɔ ne nokware da adi wɔ nea woyɛ biara mu. 15 Wɔn a wɔto nnwom de som wo no ahotɔ yɛ bebree. Saa ara nso na ɛte wɔ wɔn a wɔte adɔe hann mu no! 16 Esiane wo nti, wɔn ani gye da mu no nyinaa na wɔkamfo wo wɔ wo papayɛ ho. 17 Woma yedi nkonim akɛse; wo dɔ mu na yedi nkonim no. 18 O Awurade, wo na wuyii ɔhwɛfo maa yɛn. O, Israel Nyankopɔn Kronkron, na womaa yɛn yɛn hene.

19 Tete no, anisoadehu mu, woka kyerɛɛ wo somfo nokwafo no se, “M’aboa ɔsraani a wagye din no; mede ahengua no ama obi a mayi no afi nnipa no mu. 20 Mede ngo kronkron asra m’akoa Dawid de akyerɛ sɛ ɔno na masi no ɔhene. 21 M’ahoɔden bɛka ne ho daa; me tumi bɛma no ahoɔden. 22 N’atamfo rentumi nni ne so da. Amumɔyɛfo rentumi nni ne so. 23 Mebubu n’atamfo na makum obiara a ɔtan no. 24 Mɛdɔ no na madi no nokware. Mɛma no adi nkonim daa. 25 Mɛtrɛw n’ahemman mu fi po mu kosi Asu Efrata mu. 26 Ɔbɛka akyerɛ me se, “Wone m’agya ne me Nyankopɔn; wone me hwɛfo ne m’agyenkwa.

27 Mɛyɛ no m’abakan, ahene no mu nyinaa ɔkɛseɛ. 28 Medi bɔ a mɛhyɛ no no so daa. Na apam a me ne no apam no nso, bɛtena hɔ daa daa. 29 N’abusua bɛtena hɔ daa daa te sɛ wim. N’aseni na daa ɔbɛyɛ ɔhene. 30 Nanso sɛ n’asefo anni me mmara so na sɛ wɔantena ase sɛnea me mmara te, 31 sɛ wobu me mmara so na wɔanni me mmara so a, 32 ɛnne, mɛtwe wɔn aso wɔ wɔn bɔne ho na mɛma wɔahu amane wɔ wɔn mfomso ho. 33 Nanso merennyae dɔ a mede dɔ Dawid no na meremmu bɔ a mehyɛɛ no no so. 34 Apam a me ne no hyɛe no nso, meremmu so, na bɔ a mehyɛɛ no no nso, merenyi mu baako mpo. 35 Menam me din kronkron no so ahyɛ no bɔ prɛko. Merentwa Dawid atoro da. 36 Obenya asefo daa na mɛhwɛ n’ahemman so mmere dodow a owia bɔ yi. 37 Ɛbɛyɛ afebɔɔ sɛ ɔsram, ɔdansefo nokwafo a ɔwɔ wim no.”

Nkogu a ɔhene dii ho agyaadwotwa

38 Nanso wo bo afuw ɔhene a wuyii no no; woatew wo ho afi ne ho na woapa no. 39 Woagu apam a wo ne wo somfo pamee no atow n’ahenkyɛw ato atɛkyɛ mu. 40 Woabubu ne kurow no afasuw nyinaa agu fam ama n’abankɛse nyinaa ayɛ amamfo. 41 Wɔn a wotwam wɔ hɔ wia n’agyapade. N’afipamfo serew no. 42 Wode nkonim no ama n’atamfo. Woama wɔn nyinaa anya ahotɔ. 43 Woama n’akode ayɛ ɔkwa, ama wobedi no so wɔ ɔko mu. 44 Woagye n’adehye akyeampoma atow n’ahengua akyene fam. 45 Woama wabɔ akwakoraa mono de aniwu akata ne ho.

Ogye mpaebɔ

46 Awurade, wode wo ho besie afebɔɔ? W’abufuw bɛhyew sɛ ogya akosi da bɛn? 47 Kae tiaa a me nkwa nna yɛ. Kae sɛ wobɔɔ yɛn nyinaa sɛ adasamma! 48 Hena na ɔbɛtena ase a ɔrenwu da? Ɛbɛyɛ dɛn na ɔdasani atew ne ho afi damoa ho?

49 Awurade, wo dɔ a na wowɔ kan no ho nsɛnkyerɛnne bi wɔ he? Bɔ a wohyɛɛ Dawid no bi wɔ he? 50 Mma wo werɛ mmfi kasatia a me a meyɛ wo somfo, wɔkasa tia me no ne sɛnea minya boasetɔ ma abosonsomfo nnome no. 51 W’atamfo kasa tia wo hene a woayi no no, O Awurade! Baabiara a ɔbɛfa no, wɔkasa tia no.

52 Kamfo Awurade daa daa!

Amen! Amen!