The Message

Psalm 76

An Asaph Psalm

11-3 God is well-known in Judah;
    in Israel, he’s a household name.
He keeps a house in Salem,
    his own suite of rooms in Zion.
That’s where, using arrows for kindling,
    he made a bonfire of weapons of war.

4-6 Oh, how bright you shine!
    Outshining their huge piles of loot!
The warriors were plundered
    and left there impotent.
And now there’s nothing to them,
    nothing to show for their swagger and threats.
Your sudden roar, God of Jacob,
    knocked the wind out of horse and rider.

7-10 Fierce you are, and fearsome!
    Who can stand up to your rising anger?
From heaven you thunder judgment;
    earth falls to her knees and holds her breath.
God stands tall and makes things right,
    he saves all the wretched on earth.
Instead of smoldering rage—God-praise!
    All that sputtering rage—now a garland for God!

11-12 Do for God what you said you’d do—
    he is, after all, your God.
Let everyone in town bring offerings
    to the One Who Watches our every move.
Nobody gets by with anything,
    no one plays fast and loose with him.

Nkwa Asem

Nnwom 76

Nkonimdifo Nyankopɔn

1Wonim Onyankopɔn wɔ Yuda. Wɔhyɛ ne din anuonyam wɔ Israel. Ɔwɔ ofi wɔ Yerusalem; ɔte Sion Bepɔw so. Ɛhɔ na obubuu atamfo agyan, wɔn kyɛm, wɔn nkrante ne wɔn akode nyinaa.

O Onyankopɔn, w’anuonyam so! Wufi mmepɔw no a wudii w’atamfo so no so reba wo tumi so. Woagye wɔn asraafo akokoduru no ho nneɛma nyinaa ama wɔada awufo nna. Wɔn ahoɔden ne wɔn nyansa nyinaa yɛɛ kwa. Wobɔɔ wɔn hu no, O Yakob Nyankopɔn, apɔnkɔ no ne wɔn sotefo nyinaa wuwui. Na wo Awurade de, obiara suro wo. Sɛ wo bo fuw a, obi ntumi nnyina w’anim. Wubu atɛn fi soro; wiase suroe na ɛyɛɛ dinn, bere a wosɔre buu atɛn a wode gyee wɔn a wɔhyɛ wɔn so no no. 10 Nnipa abufuw de ayeyi a ɛdɔɔso brɛɛ wo. Wɔn a wɔanwu ɔko no mu no, bɛhyɛ wo fa no nyinaa bi.

11 Nea wode ahyɛ Awurade wo Nyankopɔn bɔ no, fa ma no. Aman a mobɛn nyinaa mommrɛ no akyɛde. 12 Onyankopɔn ma nnipa suro no; ɔbrɛ ahenemma ahantanfo ase, na ɔbɔ ahene akɛse hu.