The Message

Psalm 5

A David Psalm

11-3 Listen, God! Please, pay attention!
Can you make sense of these ramblings,
my groans and cries?
    King-God, I need your help.
Every morning
    you’ll hear me at it again.
Every morning
    I lay out the pieces of my life
    on your altar
    and watch for fire to descend.

4-6 You don’t socialize with Wicked,
    or invite Evil over as your houseguest.
Hot-Air-Boaster collapses in front of you;
    you shake your head over Mischief-Maker.
God destroys Lie-Speaker;
    Blood-Thirsty and Truth-Bender disgust you.

7-8 And here I am, your invited guest—
    it’s incredible!
I enter your house; here I am,
    prostrate in your inner sanctum,
Waiting for directions
    to get me safely through enemy lines.

9-10 Every word they speak is a land mine;
    their lungs breathe out poison gas.
Their throats are gaping graves,
    their tongues slick as mudslides.
Pile on the guilt, God!
    Let their so-called wisdom wreck them.
Kick them out! They’ve had their chance.

11-12 But you’ll welcome us with open arms
    when we run for cover to you.
Let the party last all night!
    Stand guard over our celebration.
You are famous, God, for welcoming God-seekers,
    for decking us out in delight.

Nkwa Asem

Nnwom 5

Ogye mpaebɔ

1O Awurade, tie me mpaebɔ ne m’ahomegu. Me Nyankopɔn ne me Hene, tie me sufrɛ na boa me. O, Awurade, wote me nne anɔpa. Owia pue a, mebɔ mpae na metwɛn wo mmuae.

Wonyɛ Onyankopɔn a adebɔne sɔ w’ani, na womma bɔne ho kwan wɔ w’anim. Wokyi ahantanfo na wukyi nnebɔneyɛfo nso. Wosɛe atorofo na wubu basabasayɛfo ne asisifo animtia.

Nanso esiane wo dɔ bebrebe nti, mitumi ba wo fi. Mitumi som wo wɔ w’asɔredan kronkron no mu, na mekotow wo wɔ nidi mu.

Awurade, mewɔ atamfo bebree. Kyerɛ me kwan na menyɛ w’apɛde; kyerɛ me. Kyerɛ me kwan na memfa so. Nea m’atamfo ka no nnim. Ɔpɛ ara na wɔpɛ sɛ wɔsɛe me. Nnaadaa ne adɛfɛdɛfɛ wɔ wɔn nsɛm mu, nanso ne nyinaa yɛ awudisɛm. 10 O Onyankopɔn, bu wɔn fɔ, na twe wɔn aso. Na ma wɔn adwemmɔne mfa wɔn nkɔ ɔsɛe mu. Esiane wɔn bɔne dodow ne tia a wɔsɔre tia wo no nti, pam wɔn fi w’anim.

11 Nanso wɔn a wonya wo nkyɛn guankɔbea no ani gye; na daa wobetumi ato dwom anigye so. Bɔ wɔn a wɔdɔ wo no ho ban. Esiane wo nti, wɔwɔ anigye. 12 Awurade, wuhyira wɔn a wotie w’asɛm. Wo dɔ bɔ wɔn ho ban sɛ kyɛm.