The Message

Psalm 48

A Psalm of the Sons of Korah

11-3 God majestic,
    praise abounds in our God-city!
His sacred mountain,
    breathtaking in its heights—earth’s joy.
Zion Mountain looms in the North,
    city of the world-King.
God in his citadel peaks

4-6 The kings got together,
    they united and came.
They took one look and shook their heads,
    they scattered and ran away.
They doubled up in pain
    like a woman having a baby.

7-8 You smashed the ships of Tarshish
    with a storm out of the East.
We heard about it, then we saw it
    with our eyes—
In God’s city of Angel Armies,
    in the city our God
Set on firm foundations,
    firm forever.

9-10 We pondered your love-in-action, God,
    waiting in your temple:
Your name, God, evokes a train
    of Hallelujahs wherever
It is spoken, near and far;
    your arms are heaped with goodness-in-action.

11 Be glad, Zion Mountain;
    Dance, Judah’s daughters!
    He does what he said he’d do!

12-14 Circle Zion, take her measure,
    count her fortress peaks,
Gaze long at her sloping bulwark,
    climb her citadel heights—
Then you can tell the next generation
    detail by detail the story of God,
Our God forever,
    who guides us till the end of time.

Nkwa Asem

Nnwom 48

Sion, Onyankopɔn kurow

1Awurade yɛ ɔkɛse enti ɛsɛ sɛ wɔkamfo no yiye wɔ yɛn Nyankopɔn kurow a ɛwɔ bepɔw kronkron no so no mu. Sion, Onyankopɔn bepɔw no korɔn na ɛyɛ fɛ. Ɔhene kɛse no kurow no de ahosɛpɛw ba wiase mmaa nyinaa.

Onyankopɔn ada no adi sɛ asomdwoe wɔ ne mu wɔ kurow no aban akɛse no mu. Ahemfo yi boaa wɔn ho ano kotuaa Sion bepɔw. Nanso wohui no, ɛyɛɛ wɔn nwonwa. Wosuroe, enti woguanee. Ɛhɔ na ehu ne ɔhonam mu yaw kaa wɔn te sɛ ɔbea a awo aka no, anaasɛ ɛhyɛn a ɛrebɔ mpata biribibiri wɔ ahum mu. Yɛate nea Onyankopɔn ayɛ na mprempren yɛahu wɔ yɛn Nyankopɔn, Awurade Tumfoɔ kurow no mu; ɔbɛbɔ kurow no ho ban daa daa.

Wo fi no mu, O Onyankopɔn, na yedwen daa dɔ a wowɔ no ho. 10 Nnipa kamfo wo mmaa nyinaa, na wo din atrɛw wɔ asase so mmaa nyinaa. Wudi hene nokwarem. 11 Ma Sionfo ani nnye. Wubu atɛntrenee. Ma ahosɛpɛw mmra Yuda nkurow mu! 12 Onyankopɔn nkurɔfo twa Sion ho hyia kan n’abantenten. 13 Hwɛ n’afasuw na hwɛ n’aban akɛse no yiye na woaka ho asɛm akyerɛ nkyirimma.

14 “Saa Onyankopɔn yi yɛ yɛn Nyankopɔn daa daa. Obedi yɛn anim nna a ɛreba no nyinaa mu.”