The Message

Psalm 38

A David Psalm

11-2 Take a deep breath, God; calm down—
    don’t be so hasty with your punishing rod.
Your sharp-pointed arrows of rebuke draw blood;
    my backside smarts from your caning.

3-4 I’ve lost twenty pounds in two months
    because of your accusation.
My bones are brittle as dry sticks
    because of my sin.
I’m swamped by my bad behavior,
    collapsed under gunnysacks of guilt.

5-8 The cuts in my flesh stink and grow maggots
    because I’ve lived so badly.
And now I’m flat on my face
    feeling sorry for myself morning to night.
All my insides are on fire,
    my body is a wreck.
I’m on my last legs; I’ve had it—
    my life is a vomit of groans.

9-16 Lord, my longings are sitting in plain sight,
    my groans an old story to you.
My heart’s about to break;
    I’m a burned-out case.
Cataracts blind me to God and good;
    old friends avoid me like the plague.
My cousins never visit,
    my neighbors stab me in the back.
My competitors blacken my name,
    devoutly they pray for my ruin.
But I’m deaf and mute to it all,
    ears shut, mouth shut.
I don’t hear a word they say,
    don’t speak a word in response.
What I do, God, is wait for you,
    wait for my Lord, my God—you will answer!
I wait and pray so they won’t laugh me off,
    won’t smugly strut off when I stumble.

17-20 I’m on the edge of losing it—
    the pain in my gut keeps burning.
I’m ready to tell my story of failure,
    I’m no longer smug in my sin.
My enemies are alive and in action,
    a lynch mob after my neck.
I give out good and get back evil
    from God-haters who can’t stand a God-lover.

21-22 Don’t dump me, God;
    my God, don’t stand me up.
Hurry and help me;
    I want some wide-open space in my life!

Nkwa Asem

Nnwom 38

Ɔmanehunufo mpaebɔ

1O Awurade, ntwe m’aso wɔ w’abufuw mu! Wode w’agyan apira me. Woabɔ me ahwe fam. W’abufuw no nti mewɔ yaw a ano yɛ den mu. Me bɔne nti, ɔyare adidi me honam nyinaa. Me bɔne reyiri fa me; ɛyɛ adesoa a emu yɛ me duru. Esiane sɛ magyimi nti, m’akuru bɔn na ɛreporɔw. Makotow ma wɔabubu me. Mitwa agyaadwo daa nyinaa. Atiridii rekum me. Mereyɛ awu. Mabrɛ a mapɛkyɛw koraa. Me koma redi yaw na yaw ama merepene.

O Awurade, wunim nea me kɔn dɔ. Wote m’apinisi nyinaa. 10 Me koma repere. M’ahoɔden asa na m’aniwa adum.

11 Me nnamfo ne m’afipamfo remmɛn me; m’akuru nti, m’abusuafo mpo twe wɔn ho fi me ho.

12 Wɔn a wɔpɛ sɛ wokum me no, sum me firi na wɔn a wɔpɛ sɛ wopira me no, hunahuna me; wonnyae sɛ wɔpɛ me bɔne da.

13 Mete sɛ ɔsotifo; mente asɛm. Mete sɛ mumu; mintumi nkasa. 14 Mete sɛ obi a ɔmma mmuae efisɛ, mente asɛm. 15 Nanso mede me ho to wo so, O Awurade; na wo, O Awurade me Nyankopɔn, wubebua me. 16 Mma m’atamfo ani nnye m’amanehunu ho. Mma wɔmmfa m’asehwe nhoahoa wɔn ho.

17 Mereyɛ ahwe ase enti mewɔ yaw mu daa. 18 Meka me bɔne. Ɛma me werɛ how. 19 M’atamfo wɔ apɔwmuden ne ahoɔden. Bebree wɔ hɔ a wɔtan me kwa. 20 Wɔn a wɔde bɔne tua papa ka no tia me efisɛ, mebɔ mmɔden sɛ mɛyɛ papa.

21 Nnyaw me, O Awurade. Nkɔ akyiri, O me Nyankopɔn! 22 Boa me mprempren, Awurade, m’agyenkwa.