The Message

Psalm 22

A David Psalm

11-2 God, God . . . my God!
    Why did you dump me
    miles from nowhere?
Doubled up with pain, I call to God
    all the day long. No answer. Nothing.
I keep at it all night, tossing and turning.

3-5 And you! Are you indifferent, above it all,
    leaning back on the cushions of Israel’s praise?
We know you were there for our parents:
    they cried for your help and you gave it;
    they trusted and lived a good life.

6-8 And here I am, a nothing—an earthworm,
    something to step on, to squash.
Everyone pokes fun at me;
    they make faces at me, they shake their heads:
“Let’s see how God handles this one;
    since God likes him so much, let him help him!”

9-11 And to think you were midwife at my birth,
    setting me at my mother’s breasts!
When I left the womb you cradled me;
    since the moment of birth you’ve been my God.
Then you moved far away
    and trouble moved in next door.
I need a neighbor.

12-13 Herds of bulls come at me,
    the raging bulls stampede,
Horns lowered, nostrils flaring,
    like a herd of buffalo on the move.

14-15 I’m a bucket kicked over and spilled,
    every joint in my body has been pulled apart.
My heart is a blob
    of melted wax in my gut.
I’m dry as a bone,
    my tongue black and swollen.
They have laid me out for burial
    in the dirt.

16-18 Now packs of wild dogs come at me;
    thugs gang up on me.
They pin me down hand and foot,
    and lock me in a cage—a bag
Of bones in a cage, stared at
    by every passerby.
They take my wallet and the shirt off my back,
    and then throw dice for my clothes.

19-21 You, God—don’t put off my rescue!
    Hurry and help me!
Don’t let them cut my throat;
    don’t let those mongrels devour me.
If you don’t show up soon,
    I’m done for—gored by the bulls,
    meat for the lions.

22-24 Here’s the story I’ll tell my friends when they come to worship,
    and punctuate it with Hallelujahs:
Shout Hallelujah, you God-worshipers;
    give glory, you sons of Jacob;
    adore him, you daughters of Israel.
He has never let you down,
    never looked the other way
    when you were being kicked around.
He has never wandered off to do his own thing;
    he has been right there, listening.

25-26 Here in this great gathering for worship
    I have discovered this praise-life.
And I’ll do what I promised right here
    in front of the God-worshipers.
Down-and-outers sit at God’s table
    and eat their fill.
Everyone on the hunt for God
    is here, praising him.
“Live it up, from head to toe.
    Don’t ever quit!”

27-28 From the four corners of the earth
    people are coming to their senses,
    are running back to God.
Long-lost families
    are falling on their faces before him.
God has taken charge;
    from now on he has the last word.

29 All the power-mongers are before him
All the poor and powerless, too
Along with those who never got it together

30-31 Our children and their children
    will get in on this
As the word is passed along
    from parent to child.
Babies not yet conceived
    will hear the good news—
    that God does what he says.

Nkwa Asem

Nnwom 22

Awerɛhow mu su ne ayeyi dwom

1Me Nyankopɔn, me Nyankopɔn, adɛn nti na woagyaw me? Masu mmɔborɔsu repɛ mmoa, nanso ennu. Mefrɛ wo awia, me Nyankopɔn, nanso wunnye me so. Mefrɛ wo anadwo, nanso minnya home. Nanso wɔasi wo hene sɛ ɔkronkronni a Israel kamfo wo. Yɛn nenanom de wɔn ho too wo so; wɔde wɔn ho too wo so, na wugyee wɔn nkwa. Wɔfrɛɛ wo, na wɔnam so fii amane mu. Wɔde wɔn ho too wo so, na woanni wɔn huammɔ.

Mprempren, menyɛ onipa bio. Meyɛ osunson a wommu no na obiara tiatia ne so. Obiara a ohu me di me ho fɛw. Wɔtwe wɔn tɛkrɛma wosow wɔn ti. Wɔka se, “Wode wo ho too Awurade so na adɛn nti na onnye wo nkwa? Sɛ Awurade pɛ w’asɛm a, adɛn nti na ɔmmoa wo?”

Wo na wode me fi m’awo mu bae dwoodwoo. Na meyɛ akokoaa no, wo na wohwɛɛ me so. 10 Efi bere a wɔwoo me na mede me ho metoo wo so, na woyɛ me Nyankopɔn daa. 11 Ntew wo ho mfi me ho! Amane abɛn, na ɔboafo nni baabi.

12 M’atamfo atwa me ho ahyia sɛ anantwinini. Wɔatwa me ho ahyia te sɛ anantwinini a wɔn ho yɛ hu a wofi Basan. 13 Wobuebue wɔn anom te sɛ agyata a wɔrepɔ so retetew me. 14 M’ahoɔden asa; asa te sɛ nsu a wɔahwie agu fam. Me nnompe ahodwow. Me koma ayɛ sɛ nku a anan. 15 Me menewa mu ayow te sɛ mfutuma. Na me tɛkrɛma tare m’anom. Woagyaw me sɛ minwu wɔ mfutuma mu. 16 Nnebɔneyɛfo atwa me ho ahyia; wɔte sɛ akramankuw a wɔaka me ahyɛ wɔn ntam. Wɔkeka me nsa ne me nan. 17 Me nnompe nyinaa apuepue. M’atamfo hwɛ me haa. 18 Wɔbɔ me ntade so ntonto kyekyɛ ma wɔn ho.

19 O Awurade, ntew wo ho mfi me ho! Bra ntɛm begye me nkwa! 20 Gye me fi nkrante ano; gye me nkwa fi saa akraman yi mu. 21 Gye me nkwa fi saa agyata yi mu. Minni mmoa biara wɔ saa anantwinini yi mu.

22 Mɛka nea woayɛ akyerɛ me nkurɔfo. Mɛkamfo wo wɔ wɔn aguabɔ ase. 23 “Monkamfo no, mo a moyɛ Awurade asomfo! Munni no ni, mo a moyɛ Yakob asefo! Monsom no, mo Israelfo! 24 Ɔnto ohiani anaa ɔmanehunufo agyaagyaamu. Onnyaw wɔn hɔ na mmom sɛ wɔfrɛ no a, ogye wɔn so.”

25 Bagua no nyinaa anim na mɛkamfo wo wɔ nea woayɛ ama me no ho. Wɔn a wɔsom wo no anim na mɛbɔ afɔre a mahyɛ ho bɔ no. 26 Ahiafo bedi dodow biara a wɔpɛ. Wɔn a wɔba Awurade nkyɛn no bɛkamfo no. Wɔbɛkɔ so daa daa. 27 Aman nyinaa bɛkae Awurade. Wɔn a wɔwɔ wiase afanan nyinaa bɛkɔ ne nkyɛn akɔsom no.

28 Awurade yɛ ɔhene, na odi aman nyinaa so. 29 Ahantanfo nyinaa bɛkotow no. Adasamma nyinaa bɛkotow no. 30 Nkyirimma nyinaa bɛsom no. Nnipa bɛka Awurade ho asɛm akyerɛ nkyirimma. 31 Wɔbɛka akyerɛ wɔn a wonnya nwoo wɔn no se, “Awurade gyee ne nkurɔfo nkwa.”