The Message

Psalm 18

A David Song, Which He Sang to God After Being Saved from All His Enemies and from Saul

11-2 I love you, God
    you make me strong.
God is bedrock under my feet,
    the castle in which I live,
    my rescuing knight.
My God—the high crag
    where I run for dear life,
    hiding behind the boulders,
    safe in the granite hideout.

I sing to God, the Praise-Lofty,
    and find myself safe and saved.

4-5 The hangman’s noose was tight at my throat;
    devil waters rushed over me.
Hell’s ropes cinched me tight;
    death traps barred every exit.

A hostile world! I call to God,
    I cry to God to help me.
From his palace he hears my call;
    my cry brings me right into his presence—
    a private audience!

7-15 Earth wobbles and lurches;
    huge mountains shake like leaves,
Quake like aspen leaves
    because of his rage.
His nostrils flare, bellowing smoke;
    his mouth spits fire.
Tongues of fire dart in and out;
    he lowers the sky.
He steps down;
    under his feet an abyss opens up.
He’s riding a winged creature,
    swift on wind-wings.
Now he’s wrapped himself
    in a trenchcoat of black-cloud darkness.
But his cloud-brightness bursts through,
    spraying hailstones and fireballs.
Then God thundered out of heaven;
    the High God gave a great shout,
    spraying hailstones and fireballs.
God shoots his arrows—pandemonium!
    He hurls his lightnings—a rout!
The secret sources of ocean are exposed,
    the hidden depths of earth lie uncovered
The moment you roar in protest,
    let loose your hurricane anger.

16-19 But me he caught—reached all the way
    from sky to sea; he pulled me out
Of that ocean of hate, that enemy chaos,
    the void in which I was drowning.
They hit me when I was down,
    but God stuck by me.
He stood me up on a wide-open field;
    I stood there saved—surprised to be loved!

20-24 God made my life complete
    when I placed all the pieces before him.
When I got my act together,
    he gave me a fresh start.
Now I’m alert to God’s ways;
    I don’t take God for granted.
Every day I review the ways he works;
    I try not to miss a trick.
I feel put back together,
    and I’m watching my step.
God rewrote the text of my life
    when I opened the book of my heart to his eyes.

25-27 The good people taste your goodness,
The whole people taste your health,
The true people taste your truth,
The bad ones can’t figure you out.
You take the side of the down-and-out,
But the stuck-up you take down a peg.

28-29 Suddenly, God, you floodlight my life;
    I’m blazing with glory, God’s glory!
I smash the bands of marauders,
    I vault the highest fences.

30 What a God! His road
    stretches straight and smooth.
Every God-direction is road-tested.
    Everyone who runs toward him
Makes it.

31-42 Is there any god like God?
    Are we not at bedrock?
Is not this the God who armed me,
    then aimed me in the right direction?
Now I run like a deer;
    I’m king of the mountain.
He shows me how to fight;
    I can bend a bronze bow!
You protect me with salvation-armor;
    you hold me up with a firm hand,
    caress me with your gentle ways.
You cleared the ground under me
    so my footing was firm.
When I chased my enemies I caught them;
    I didn’t let go till they were dead men.
I nailed them; they were down for good;
    then I walked all over them.
You armed me well for this fight,
    you smashed the upstarts.
You made my enemies turn tail,
    and I wiped out the haters.
They cried “uncle”
    but Uncle didn’t come;
They yelled for God
    and got no for an answer.
I ground them to dust; they gusted in the wind.
    I threw them out, like garbage in the gutter.

43-45 You rescued me from a squabbling people;
    you made me a leader of nations.
People I’d never heard of served me;
    the moment they got wind of me they listened.
The foreign devils gave up; they came
    on their bellies, crawling from their hideouts.

46-48 Live, God! Blessings from my Rock,
    my free and freeing God, towering!
This God set things right for me
    and shut up the people who talked back.
He rescued me from enemy anger,
    he pulled me from the grip of upstarts,
He saved me from the bullies.

49-50 That’s why I’m thanking you, God,
    all over the world.
That’s why I’m singing songs
    that rhyme your name.
God’s king takes the trophy;
    God’s chosen is beloved.
I mean David and all his children—

Nkwa Asem

Nnwom 18

Dawid nkonimdi dwom

1Sɛnea medɔ wo fa no, Awurade! Wone me gyefo. Awurade ne me gyefo; ɔno ne m’abankɛse. Me Nyankopɔn ne me guankɔbea; enti sɛ mewɔ ne nkyɛn a, bɔne renka me. Ɔbɔ me ho ban sɛ kyɛm. Ɔbɔ me ho ban de me sie dwoodwoo. Mefrɛ Awurade, na ogye me fi m’atamfo nsam. Monkamfo Awurade!

Owu guu me nkɔnsɔnkɔnsɔn. Ɔsɛe asorɔkye bɔ faa me so. Owu guu me nkɔnsɔnkɔnsɔn maa damoa sum me afiri.

Me haw mu, misu frɛɛ Awurade. Mefrɛɛ me Nyankopɔn pɛɛ mmoa. N’asɔrefi hɔ, ɔtee me nne. Otiee me sufrɛ boaa me. Afei asase wosowee biribiri. Mmepɔw fapem wosowee efisɛ, na Onyankopɔn bo afuw. Wusiw fii ne hwene mu. Na ogyaframa ne gyabiriw a ɛredɛw fii n’anom. Ɔpaee ɔsoro mu abien, na ɔnam mu baa fam a omununkum aduru ne nan ase sum. 10 Otuu ntɛm so wɔ abɔde bi ntaban so; ɔnam mframa ntaban so kɔe. 11 Ɔde sum kataa ne ho. Omununkum a ɛyɛ duru na nsu a ahyɛ ma twaa ne ho hyiae. 12 Asukɔtwea ne ogya dɛw fi aprannaa a edi n’anim no mu pae faa omununkum no mu.

13 Awurade paee aprannaa fi soro, na wɔtee Ɔsorosoroni no nne. 14 Ɔtow ne bɛmma no de bɔɔ n’atamfo hwetee; ɔpaee aprannaa ma woguanee. 15 Ɛpo no so daa hɔ na asase fapem so nso daa hɔ, bere a wokaa w’atamfo anim, Awurade, na wopɔɔ wɔn so abufuw mu no.

16 Awurade fi soro bae besoo me mu; ɔtwee me fii nsu a emu dɔ mu. 17 Ogyee me fi atamfo a wɔn ho yɛ hu ne wɔn a wɔtan me nsam efisɛ, na wɔyɛ den dodo ma me.

18 Bere a mewɔ ɔhaw mu, wɔbaa me so, nanso Awurade bɔɔ me ho ban. 19 Ogyee me fii amane mu. Ogyee me efisɛ, n’ani sɔɔ me. 20 Awurade tuaa me ka efisɛ, meyɛ nea ɛteɛ. Ohyiraa me efisɛ, menyɛ bɔne. 21 Madi Awurade mmara so. Mentwee me ho mfii me Nyankopɔn ho. 22 Madi ne mmara nyinaa so. Menyɛɛ ne mmara ho asoɔden. 23 Onim sɛ mfomso nni me ho; onim sɛ menyɛ bɔne. 24 Ɛno nti, otua me ka efisɛ, meyɛ ade trenee; na onim nso sɛ menyɛ bɔne.

25 O Awurade, wudi nokware kyerɛ wɔn a wodi wo nokware, na wuye ma wɔn a wɔyɛ pɛ. 26 Woyɛ kronn ma wɔn a wɔyɛ kronn, na wo bo fuw wɔn a wɔyɛ amumɔyɛ. 27 Wugye ahobrɛasefo nkwa na wobrɛ ahantanfo ase. 28 O Awurade, woma me hann; wopam me sum. 29 Woma me ahoɔden de kɔ m’atamfo so, na wosan ma me tumi de di wɔn so.

30 Onyankopɔn, wo nneyɛe yɛ pɛ! Wo nsɛm nni huammɔ. Ɔte sɛ kyɛm ma wɔn a wɔpɛ ne hɔ guankɔbea. 31 Awurade no nko ne Onyankopɔn, na Onyankopɔn nko ne yɛn gyefo.

32 Ɔno ne Onyankopɔn a ɔhyɛ me den na ɔma me kwan yɛ dwoodwoo. 33 Ɔkyerɛ me nan kwan sɛ ɔforote. Ɔma me tena dwoodwoo wɔ mmepɔw mu. 34 Ɔkyerɛ me akodi sɛnea metumi de agyan a ɛyɛ den ako.

35 O Awurade, wobɔ me ho ban, gye me nkwa. Wo hwɛ ama mayɛ kɛse. Wo tumi agye me nkwa. 36 Woabɔ me ho ban afi ɔkyere mu na menhwee ase. 37 Metaa m’atamfo kyere wɔn. Menhome kosi sɛ mɛsɛe wɔn. 38 Mebɔ wɔn hwe fam na wontumi nsɔre. Wɔda hɔ nkogu mu wɔ m’anim. 39 Woma me ahoɔden de ko ɔko no ma midi m’atamfo so. 40 Woma m’atamfo guan fi me ho; mesɛe wɔn a wɔtan me. 41 Wosu pɛ mmoa nanso obi mmegye wɔn. Wɔfrɛ Awurade nanso ommua wɔn. 42 Meyam wɔn ma wɔyɛ sɛ mfutuma a mframa bɔ gu. Mitiatia wɔn so sɛ ɔkwan mu atɛkyɛ. 43 Wugyee me fii adɔnyɛfo nsam ma midii amanaman so; nnipa a minnim wɔn mpo abɛyɛ m’asomfo. 44 Amanfrafo kotow m’anim; wɔte me nne a, wotie m’asɛm. 45 Wɔn akokoduru sa na wofi wɔn abankɛse mu ba ahopopo so.

46 Awurade te ase! Kamfo me gyefo! Pae mu ka Onyankopɔn a ogye me nkwa no kɛseyɛ. 47 Ɔma midi m’atamfo so nkonim; ɔbrɛ aman a wɔhyɛ m’ase no ase. 48 Ogye me fi m’atamfo nsam. O Awurade, ma minni m’atamfo so nkonim, na bɔ me ho ban fi basabasayɛfo nsam. 49 Ɛno nti, mekamfo wo wɔ aman so. Meto ayeyi dwom ma wo. 50 Onyankopɔn ma ne hene di nkonim akɛse; daa ɔda ne dɔ adi kyerɛ nea wayi no, Dawid ne n’asefo daa nyinaa.