The Message

Psalm 119

11-8 You’re blessed when you stay on course,
    walking steadily on the road revealed by God.
You’re blessed when you follow his directions,
    doing your best to find him.
That’s right—you don’t go off on your own;
    you walk straight along the road he set.
You, God, prescribed the right way to live;
    now you expect us to live it.
Oh, that my steps might be steady,
    keeping to the course you set;
Then I’d never have any regrets
    in comparing my life with your counsel.
I thank you for speaking straight from your heart;
    I learn the pattern of your righteous ways.
I’m going to do what you tell me to do;
    don’t ever walk off and leave me.

9-16 How can a young person live a clean life?
    By carefully reading the map of your Word.
I’m single-minded in pursuit of you;
    don’t let me miss the road signs you’ve posted.
I’ve banked your promises in the vault of my heart
    so I won’t sin myself bankrupt.
Be blessed, God;
    train me in your ways of wise living.
I’ll transfer to my lips
    all the counsel that comes from your mouth;
I delight far more in what you tell me about living
    than in gathering a pile of riches.
I ponder every morsel of wisdom from you,
    I attentively watch how you’ve done it.
I relish everything you’ve told me of life,
    I won’t forget a word of it.

17-24 Be generous with me and I’ll live a full life;
    not for a minute will I take my eyes off your road.
Open my eyes so I can see
    what you show me of your miracle-wonders.
I’m a stranger in these parts;
    give me clear directions.
My soul is starved and hungry, ravenous!—
    insatiable for your nourishing commands.
And those who think they know so much,
    ignoring everything you tell them—let them have it!
Don’t let them mock and humiliate me;
    I’ve been careful to do just what you said.
While bad neighbors maliciously gossip about me,
    I’m absorbed in pondering your wise counsel.
Yes, your sayings on life are what give me delight;
    I listen to them as to good neighbors!

25-32 I’m feeling terrible—I couldn’t feel worse!
    Get me on my feet again. You promised, remember?
When I told my story, you responded;
    train me well in your deep wisdom.
Help me understand these things inside and out
    so I can ponder your miracle-wonders.
My sad life’s dilapidated, a falling-down barn;
    build me up again by your Word.
Barricade the road that goes Nowhere;
    grace me with your clear revelation.
I choose the true road to Somewhere,
    I post your road signs at every curve and corner.
I grasp and cling to whatever you tell me;
    God, don’t let me down!
I’ll run the course you lay out for me
    if you’ll just show me how.

33-40 God, teach me lessons for living
    so I can stay the course.
Give me insight so I can do what you tell me—
    my whole life one long, obedient response.
Guide me down the road of your commandments;
    I love traveling this freeway!
Give me a bent for your words of wisdom,
    and not for piling up loot.
Divert my eyes from toys and trinkets,
    invigorate me on the pilgrim way.
Affirm your promises to me—
    promises made to all who fear you.
Deflect the harsh words of my critics—
    but what you say is always so good.
See how hungry I am for your counsel;
    preserve my life through your righteous ways!

41-48 Let your love, God, shape my life
    with salvation, exactly as you promised;
Then I’ll be able to stand up to mockery
    because I trusted your Word.
Don’t ever deprive me of truth, not ever—
    your commandments are what I depend on.
Oh, I’ll guard with my life what you’ve revealed to me,
    guard it now, guard it ever;
And I’ll stride freely through wide open spaces
    as I look for your truth and your wisdom;
Then I’ll tell the world what I find,
    speak out boldly in public, unembarrassed.
I cherish your commandments—oh, how I love them!—
    relishing every fragment of your counsel.

49-56 Remember what you said to me, your servant—
    I hang on to these words for dear life!
These words hold me up in bad times;
    yes, your promises rejuvenate me.
The insolent ridicule me without mercy,
    but I don’t budge from your revelation.
I watch for your ancient landmark words,
    and know I’m on the right track.
But when I see the wicked ignore your directions,
    I’m beside myself with anger.
I set your instructions to music
    and sing them as I walk this pilgrim way.
I meditate on your name all night, God,
    treasuring your revelation, O God.
Still, I walk through a rain of derision
    because I live by your Word and counsel.

57-64 Because you have satisfied me, God, I promise
    to do everything you say.
I beg you from the bottom of my heart: smile,
    be gracious to me just as you promised.
When I took a long, careful look at your ways,
    I got my feet back on the trail you blazed.
I was up at once, didn’t drag my feet,
    was quick to follow your orders.
The wicked hemmed me in—there was no way out—
    but not for a minute did I forget your plan for me.
I get up in the middle of the night to thank you;
    your decisions are so right, so true—I can’t wait till morning!
I’m a friend and companion of all who fear you,
    of those committed to living by your rules.
Your love, God, fills the earth!
    Train me to live by your counsel.

65-72 Be good to your servant, God;
    be as good as your Word.
Train me in good common sense;
    I’m thoroughly committed to living your way.
Before I learned to answer you, I wandered all over the place,
    but now I’m in step with your Word.
You are good, and the source of good;
    train me in your goodness.
The godless spread lies about me,
    but I focus my attention on what you are saying;
They’re bland as a bucket of lard,
    while I dance to the tune of your revelation.
My troubles turned out all for the best—
    they forced me to learn from your textbook.
Truth from your mouth means more to me
    than striking it rich in a gold mine.

73-80 With your very own hands you formed me;
    now breathe your wisdom over me so I can understand you.
When they see me waiting, expecting your Word,
    those who fear you will take heart and be glad.
I can see now, God, that your decisions are right;
    your testing has taught me what’s true and right.
Oh, love me—and right now!—hold me tight!
    just the way you promised.
Now comfort me so I can live, really live;
    your revelation is the tune I dance to.
Let the fast-talking tricksters be exposed as frauds;
    they tried to sell me a bill of goods,
    but I kept my mind fixed on your counsel.
Let those who fear you turn to me
    for evidence of your wise guidance.
And let me live whole and holy, soul and body,
    so I can always walk with my head held high.

81-88 I’m homesick—longing for your salvation;
    I’m waiting for your word of hope.
My eyes grow heavy watching for some sign of your promise;
    how long must I wait for your comfort?
There’s smoke in my eyes—they burn and water,
    but I keep a steady gaze on the instructions you post.
How long do I have to put up with all this?
    How long till you haul my tormentors into court?
The arrogant godless try to throw me off track,
    ignorant as they are of God and his ways.
Everything you command is a sure thing,
    but they harass me with lies. Help!
They’ve pushed and pushed—they never let up—
    but I haven’t relaxed my grip on your counsel.
In your great love revive me
    so I can alertly obey your every word.

89-96 What you say goes, God,
    and stays, as permanent as the heavens.
Your truth never goes out of fashion;
    it’s as up-to-date as the earth when the sun comes up.
Your Word and truth are dependable as ever;
    that’s what you ordered—you set the earth going.
If your revelation hadn’t delighted me so,
    I would have given up when the hard times came.
But I’ll never forget the advice you gave me;
    you saved my life with those wise words.
Save me! I’m all yours.
    I look high and low for your words of wisdom.
The wicked lie in ambush to destroy me,
    but I’m only concerned with your plans for me.
I see the limits to everything human,
    but the horizons can’t contain your commands!

97-104 Oh, how I love all you’ve revealed;
    I reverently ponder it all the day long.
Your commands give me an edge on my enemies;
    they never become obsolete.
I’ve even become smarter than my teachers
    since I’ve pondered and absorbed your counsel.
I’ve become wiser than the wise old sages
    simply by doing what you tell me.
I watch my step, avoiding the ditches and ruts of evil
    so I can spend all my time keeping your Word.
I never make detours from the route you laid out;
    you gave me such good directions.
Your words are so choice, so tasty;
    I prefer them to the best home cooking.
With your instruction, I understand life;
    that’s why I hate false propaganda.

105-112 By your words I can see where I’m going;
    they throw a beam of light on my dark path.
I’ve committed myself and I’ll never turn back
    from living by your righteous order.
Everything’s falling apart on me, God;
    put me together again with your Word.
Festoon me with your finest sayings, God;
    teach me your holy rules.
My life is as close as my own hands,
    but I don’t forget what you have revealed.
The wicked do their best to throw me off track,
    but I don’t swerve an inch from your course.
I inherited your book on living; it’s mine forever—
    what a gift! And how happy it makes me!
I concentrate on doing exactly what you say—
    I always have and always will.

113-120 I hate the two-faced,
    but I love your clear-cut revelation.
You’re my place of quiet retreat;
    I wait for your Word to renew me.
Get out of my life, evildoers,
    so I can keep my God’s commands.
Take my side as you promised; I’ll live then for sure.
    Don’t disappoint all my grand hopes.
Stick with me and I’ll be all right;
    I’ll give total allegiance to your definitions of life.
Expose all who drift away from your sayings;
    their casual idolatry is lethal.
You reject earth’s wicked as so much rubbish;
    therefore I lovingly embrace everything you say.
I shiver in awe before you;
    your decisions leave me speechless with reverence.

121-128 I stood up for justice and the right;
    don’t leave me to the mercy of my oppressors.
Take the side of your servant, good God;
    don’t let the godless take advantage of me.
I can’t keep my eyes open any longer, waiting for you
    to keep your promise to set everything right.
Let your love dictate how you deal with me;
    teach me from your textbook on life.
I’m your servant—help me understand what that means,
    the inner meaning of your instructions.
It’s time to act, God;
    they’ve made a shambles of your revelation!
Yea-Saying God, I love what you command,
    I love it better than gold and gemstones;
Yea-Saying God, I honor everything you tell me,
    I despise every deceitful detour.

129-136 Every word you give me is a miracle word—
    how could I help but obey?
Break open your words, let the light shine out,
    let ordinary people see the meaning.
Mouth open and panting,
    I wanted your commands more than anything.
Turn my way, look kindly on me,
    as you always do to those who personally love you.
Steady my steps with your Word of promise
    so nothing malign gets the better of me.
Rescue me from the grip of bad men and women
    so I can live life your way.
Smile on me, your servant;
    teach me the right way to live.
I cry rivers of tears
    because nobody’s living by your book!

137-144 You are right and you do right, God;
    your decisions are right on target.
You rightly instruct us in how to live
    ever faithful to you.
My rivals nearly did me in,
    they persistently ignored your commandments.
Your promise has been tested through and through,
    and I, your servant, love it dearly.
I’m too young to be important,
    but I don’t forget what you tell me.
Your righteousness is eternally right,
    your revelation is the only truth.
Even though troubles came down on me hard,
    your commands always gave me delight.
The way you tell me to live is always right;
    help me understand it so I can live to the fullest.

145-152 I call out at the top of my lungs,
    God! Answer! I’ll do whatever you say.”
I called to you, “Save me
    so I can carry out all your instructions.”
I was up before sunrise,
    crying for help, hoping for a word from you.
I stayed awake all night,
    prayerfully pondering your promise.
In your love, listen to me;
    in your justice, God, keep me alive.
As those out to get me come closer and closer,
    they go farther and farther from the truth you reveal;
But you’re the closest of all to me, God,
    and all your judgments true.
I’ve known all along from the evidence of your words
    that you meant them to last forever.

153-160 Take a good look at my trouble, and help me—
    I haven’t forgotten your revelation.
Take my side and get me out of this;
    give me back my life, just as you promised.
“Salvation” is only gibberish to the wicked
    because they’ve never looked it up in your dictionary.
Your mercies, God, run into the billions;
    following your guidelines, revive me.
My antagonists are too many to count,
    but I don’t swerve from the directions you gave.
I took one look at the quitters and was filled with loathing;
    they walked away from your promises so casually!
Take note of how I love what you tell me;
    out of your life of love, prolong my life.
Your words all add up to the sum total: Truth.
    Your righteous decisions are eternal.

161-168 I’ve been slandered unmercifully by the politicians,
    but my awe at your words keeps me stable.
I’m ecstatic over what you say,
    like one who strikes it rich.
I hate lies—can’t stand them!—
    but I love what you have revealed.
Seven times each day I stop and shout praises
    for the way you keep everything running right.
For those who love what you reveal, everything fits—
    no stumbling around in the dark for them.
I wait expectantly for your salvation;
    God, I do what you tell me.
My soul guards and keeps all your instructions—
    oh, how much I love them!
I follow your directions, abide by your counsel;
    my life’s an open book before you.

169-176 Let my cry come right into your presence, God;
    provide me with the insight that comes only from your Word.
Give my request your personal attention,
    rescue me on the terms of your promise.
Let praise cascade off my lips;
    after all, you’ve taught me the truth about life!
And let your promises ring from my tongue;
    every order you’ve given is right.
Put your hand out and steady me
    since I’ve chosen to live by your counsel.
I’m homesick, God, for your salvation;
    I love it when you show yourself!
Invigorate my soul so I can praise you well,
    use your decrees to put iron in my soul.
And should I wander off like a lost sheep—seek me!
    I’ll recognize the sound of your voice.

Nkwa Asem

Nnwom 119

Awurade mmara

1Nhyira nka wɔn a wɔn asetena yɛ pɛ, na wodi Awurade mmara so. Nhyira nka wɔn a wofi wɔn koma nyinaa mu di n’ahyɛde so. Wɔnyɛɛ mfomso. Wɔnam Awurade akwan so. Awurade, wo na wohyɛɛ mmara maa yɛn na wokae se yɛnni so nokwarem. Mewɔ anidaso yiye sɛ medi w’asɛm so. Sɛ meyɛ aso ma w’ahyɛde a, m’anim rengu ase.

Mesua w’atɛntrenee yi; mede koma a emu tew bɛkamfo wo. Medi wo mmara so; nnyaw me.

Osetie wɔ Awurade mmara ho

Ɛbɛyɛ dɛn na aberante abɔ ɔbra pa? Ɛsɛ sɛ odi wo mmara so. 10 Mifi me koma nyinaa mu pɛ sɛ mesom wo. Mma mennyɛ asoɔden wɔ wo mmara no so di ho. 11 Mede wo mmara no sie me koma mu sɛnea merenyɛ bɔne ntia wo.

12 Mekamfo wo, O Awurade; kyerɛ me w’akwan. 13 Mɛpae mu mati mmara a woahyɛ ama me no nyinaa mu. 14 M’ani gye sɛ medi wo mmara so sen sɛ mɛyɛ ɔdefo. 15 Misua wo mmara na mehwehwɛ wo nkyerɛkyerɛ mu. 16 M’ani gye wo mmara ho; me werɛ remfi w’ahyɛde da.

Awurade mmara mu ahotɔ

17 Yɛ me wo somfo yiye, sɛnea mɛtena ase na m’adi wo nkyerɛkyerɛ so. 18 Bue m’ani na minhu nokware a ɛyɛ nwonwa wɔ wo mmara no mu. 19 Mewɔ asase yi so mmere tiaa bi; mfa wo mmara no nhintaw me. 20 Me koma ani agyina sɛ ebehu w’atemmu bere nyinaa.

21 Woka ahantanfo anim. Nnome nka wɔn a wobuu wo mmara so. 22 Gye me fi wɔn kasatia ne wɔn atwetwesi mu efisɛ, madi wo mmara so. 23 Ahene hyia pam me tiri so, nanso mesua wo nkyerɛkyerɛ. 24 Wo mmara ma m’ani gye; ɛyɛ me fotufo.

Awurade mmara so di ho nsua

25 Wɔadi me so ma meda mfutuma mu; kanyan me sɛnea woahyɛ me bɔ no. 26 Mekaa nea mayɛ nyinaa ma wubuaa me; kyerɛ me w’akwan. 27 Boa me na mente wo mmara no ase na mede wo nkyerɛkyerɛ no bɛkɔ adwenem.

28 Awerɛhow ahyɛ me so; hyɛ me den sɛnea woahyɛ me bɔ no. 29 Mma memmfa ɔkwan bɔne so na wo yiyedi mu, kyerɛ me wo mmara. 30 Maka se mɛyɛ osetie. Matie w’atemmu. 31 Awurade, madi wo nkyerɛkyerɛ akyi; mma m’anim nngu ase. 32 Mede ahosɛpɛw bedi w’ahyɛde so efisɛ, wobɛma mate ase yiye.

Ntease ho mpaebɔ

33 Kyerɛkyerɛ me wo mmara no ase, Awurade, na medi so mmere nyinaa mu. 34 Kyerɛ wo mmara no mu kyerɛ me na medi so; mede me koma nyinaa bedi so. 35 Ma menyɛ osetie mma wo mmara no efisɛ, emu na menya ahotɔ.

36 Ma me ɔpɛ pa na minni wo mmara no so sen sɛ mɛyɛ ɔdefo. 37 Mma minnni nneɛma a ɛho nni mfaso akyi; yɛ me adɔe sɛnea woahyɛ me bɔ no. 38 Hyɛ me wo bɔ; wo somfo; ɛbɔ a wohyɛ wɔn a wotie wo no.

39 Gye me fi kasatia a misuro mu; w’atemmu yɛ nwonwa. 40 Mepɛ sɛ midi wo mmara so; ma me nkwa foforo efisɛ, woyɛ trenee.

Awurade mmara no mu ahotoso

41 Ma minhu dɔ a wodɔ me, Awurade, na gye me nkwa sɛnea wohyɛɛ bɔ no. 42 Afei metumi mabua wɔn a wɔkasa tia me no efisɛ, migye w’asɛm no midi.

43 Ma menka nokware daa efisɛ, m’anidaso wɔ w’atemmu mu. 44 Mɛkae wo mmara no daa daa. 45 Mɛfa me ho adi kora kora efisɛ, mebɔ mmɔden sɛ metie wo nkyerɛkyerɛ. 46 Mɛbɔ wo mmara no dawuru akyerɛ ahene na m’ani renwu.

47 M’ani gye sɛ midi wo mmara no so efisɛ, medɔ mmara no. 48 Mibu wo mmara no, dɔ no. Mɛdwene wo nkyerɛkyerɛ no ho.

Awurade mmara no mu ahotoso

49 Kae bɔ a woahyɛ me, wo somfo no; ama manya anidaso. 50 M’amanehunu mu mpo, wokyekyee me werɛ efisɛ, wo bɔhyɛ no maa me nkwa. 51 Daa ahantanfo bu me animtia, nanso mentwee me ho mfii wo mmara no ho. 52 Mekae wo tete atemmu no a, na me werɛ akyekye, O Awurade. 53 Sɛ mihu sɛ amumɔyɛfo rebu wo mmara no so a, na me bo afuw. 54 Me bra kakra a mebɔɔ wɔ asase so no, mehyehyɛɛ wo mmara no ho dwom. 55 Anadwo, mekae wo, Awurade, na midwen wo mmara no ho. 56 Minya m’ahotɔ fi wo mmara a midi so no mu.

Awurade mmara no sodi

57 Wo ara na mehwehwɛ wo, O Awurade; mehyɛ bɔ sɛ, medi wo mmara no so. 58 Mede me koma nyinaa srɛ wo sɛ, hu me mmɔbɔ sɛnea wahyɛ bɔ no! 59 Masesa me suban na mehyɛ bɔ sɛ medi wo nkyerɛkyerɛ so. 60 Medi wo mmara no so a meretwentwɛn me nan ase. 61 Amumɔyɛfo asum me firi nanso me werɛ mfi wo mmara no.

62 Ɔdasum, mesɔre kamfo wo w’atɛntrenee ho. 63 Wɔn a wɔsom wo ne wɔn a wodi wo mmara so yɛ me nnamfo. 64 Awurade, wo dɔ a ɛwɔ hɔ daa no ahyɛ asase so ma; kyerɛ me w’ahyɛde.

Awurade mmara sodi mfaso

65 Woadi wo bɔhyɛ so Awurade, na wuye ma me, wo somfo. 66 Ma me nyansa ne adwene efisɛ, migye wo mmara no di. 67 Bere a na wotwe m’aso no, na meyɛ mfomso nanso afei, medi w’asɛm so. 68 Wowɔ adɔe, kyerɛ me wo mmara no.

69 Ahantanfo adi atoro afa me ho, nanso mede me koma nyinaa di wo nkyerɛkyerɛ so. 70 Saa nnipa yi nni ntease, nanso mewɔ anigye wo mmara no mu.

71 Na m’asotwe no fata me efisɛ, ɛma misuaa wo mmara no. 72 Mmara a wode mae no ho baa me mfaso sen wiase sika nyinaa.

Nokware a ɛwɔ Awurade mmara mu

73 Wo na wobɔɔ me na wokoraa me asomdwoe mu; ma me ntease sɛnea metumi asua wo mmara no. 74 Wɔn a wodi wo ni no hu me a, wɔn ani begye efisɛ, migye wo bɔhyɛ no di.

75 Minim sɛ wubu atɛntrenee, Awurade, na wotwee m’aso efisɛ, woyɛ ɔnokwafo. 76 Ma wo dɔ a ɛwɔ hɔ daa no nkyekye me werɛ sɛnea woahyɛ me a meyɛ wo somfo bɔ no. 77 Hu me mmɔbɔ, na mɛtena ase efisɛ, m’ani gye wo mmara no ho.

78 Ma ahantanfo a wɔka nsɛm a enni mu gu me so no ani nwu. Me de, midwen wo nkyerɛkyerɛ no ho. 79 Ma wɔn a wodi wo ni no mmra me nkyɛn; wɔn a wonim wo mmara nyinaa. 80 Ma minni wo mmara so pɛpɛɛpɛ na nkogu aniwu amma me so.

Ogye mpaebɔ

81 Mayɛ mmerɛw, Awurade; meretwɛn sɛ wubegye me. Migye w’asɛm midi. 82 M’ani ahwɛ wo bɔ a wohyɛɛ me no kwan abrɛ, bere a mibisa se, “Bere bɛn na wobɛboa me?” no. 83 Me ho mfaso asa sɛ akotokyiwa a wɔatow akyene, nanso me werɛ mfi wahyɛde no. 84 Mentwɛn nkosi da bɛn? Da bɛn na wobɛtwe wɔn a wɔtaa me no aso? 85 Ahantanfo a wonni wo mmara so no atu amoa de asum me firi. 86 W’ahyɛde nyinaa yɛ nokware; nnipa nam atoro so taa me; boa me! 87 Wɔreyɛ anya me akum me, nanso mempoo w’ahyɛde no. 88 Wo dɔ a ɛwɔ hɔ daa no nti, yɛ me adɔe sɛnea medi wo mmara no so.

Awurade mmara mu gyidi

89 O Awurade, w’asɛm no bɛtena hɔ daa daa; ɛwɔ ɔsoro daa nyinaa. 90 Wo nokwasɛm wɔ hɔ mfe nyinaa. Wode asase adua baabi, na etim hɔ. 91 W’ahyɛde nti, nneɛma nyinaa wɔ hɔ besi nnɛ efisɛ, wɔn nyinaa yɛ w’asomfo.

92 Sɛ wo mmara mma me anigye a, anka ɔhaw bekum me. 93 Meremmu wo nkyerɛkyerɛ no so da efisɛ, ɛno na ama mete ase. 94 Meyɛ wo de; gye me nkwa! Mabɔ mmɔden sɛ medi w’ahyɛde so. 95 Amumɔyɛfo retwɛn pɛ sɛ wokum me nanso medwinnwen wo mmara no ho.

96 Mahu sɛ biribiara wɔ nea ɛkɔpem; nanso w’ahyɛde no ho nni asɛm.

Awurade mmara no ho dɔ

97 Medɔ wo mmara no dodo! Midwen ho bere biara. 98 W’ahyɛde ka me ho bere biara. Ɛma m’ani tew sen m’atamfo. 99 Mete ase yiye sen m’akyerɛkyerɛfo efisɛ, midwen wo nkyerɛkyerɛ ho komm. 100 Mewɔ nyansa sen nkwakoraa efisɛ, midi w’ahyɛde so.

101 Mapa bɔne su nyinaa efisɛ, mepɛ sɛ midi w’asɛm so. 102 Minnyaa wo nkyerɛkyerɛ no mu efisɛ, wone me kyerɛkyerɛfo. 103 Wo nkyerɛkyerɛ no yɛ dɛ dodo. Ɛyɛ dɛ sen ɛwo. 104 Misua nyansa fi wo mmara no mu, ɛno nti, mikyi suban bɔne.

Hann a efi Awurade mmara mu

105 W’asɛm yɛ kanea a ɛkyerɛ me kwan na ɛyɛ me kwan so kanea. 106 Medi me bɔhyɛ so na madi wo nkyerɛkyerɛ so.

107 Awurade, m’amanehunu mu yɛ den dodo; hyɛ me nkwa mu den sɛnea woahyɛ me bɔ no. 108 Gye m’aseda mpae, O Awurade, na kyerɛ me w’ahyɛde. 109 Masiesie me ho sɛ mɛhwere me nkwa; me werɛ mfii wo mmara. 110 Amumɔyɛfo sum me firi nanso, mimmuu w’ahyɛde so. 111 W’ahyɛde yɛ m’agyapade daa; ɛhyɛ me koma anigye. 112 Maka se medi wo mmara so kosi sɛ mewu.

Guankɔbea a ɛwɔ Awurade mmara mu

113 Mikyi wɔn a wɔmfa wɔn ho nyinaa nto wo so; nanso medɔ wo mmara no. 114 Wone me guankɔbea, me hwɛfo. Mede m’anidaso hyɛ wo bɔ no mu. 115 Mo, nnebɔneyɛfo nyinaa, mumfi me so nkɔ. Medi me Nyankopɔn ahyɛde so. 116 Ma me ahoɔden sɛnea wohyɛɛ me bɔ no na mɛtena ase. Nni me huammɔ wɔ m’anidaso mu. 117 So me mu na menya nkwa na daa medi w’ahyɛde so.

118 Wopo obiara a onni wo mmara so. Wɔn adwemmɔne no ho nni mfaso. 119 Wo ne amumɔyɛfo di no sɛ wura, enti mepɛ wo nkyerɛkyerɛ. 120 Esiane wo nti, misuro; w’atemmu ama ehu ahyɛ me ma.

Osetie a wɔyɛ ma Awurade mmara

121 Mayɛ nea ɛteɛ na ɛyɛ pɛ. Nnyaa me mma m’atamfo! 122 Hyɛ bɔ sɛ wobɛboa wo somfo. Mma ahantanfo nhyɛ me so. 123 Mahwɛ wo nkwagye, wo gye kwan ama m’ani abu. 124 Ma wo daa dɔ no nka me na kyerɛkyerɛ me w’ahyɛde. 125 Meyɛ wo somfo; ma me ntease na mahu wo nkyerɛkyerɛ.

126 Awurade, bere aso sɛ woyɛ biribi efisɛ, nnipa rebu mmara so. 127 Medɔ w’ahyɛde sen sikakɔkɔɔ, sikakɔkɔɔ a ɛyɛ fɛ pa ara mpo. 128 Enti midi wo nkyerɛkyerɛ so; mekyi akwammɔne.

Pɛ a wɔpɛ Awurade mmara sodi

129 Wo nkyerɛkyerɛ yɛ nwonwa. Mede me koma nyinaa tie. 130 Wo nkyerɛkyerɛ no kyerɛ me hann na ɛma nea onnim no nyansa. 131 Mede ahopere bue manom pɛ w’ahyɛde akyi kwan.

132 Dan w’ani hwɛ me na hu me mmɔbɔ sɛnea woyɛ ma wɔn a wɔdɔ wo no. 133 Sɛnea woahyɛ me bɔ no, mma mennhwe ase. Mma bɔne nni me so. 134 Gye me fi wɔn a wɔhyɛ me so no nsam, sɛnea medi w’ahyɛde so. 135 Ma ba a woba me nkyɛn no nhyira me, na kyerɛ me wo mmara. 136 Me nusu gu te sɛ asubɔnten efisɛ, nnipa ntie wo mmara.

Atɛntrenee a ɛwɔ Awurade mmara mu

137 Woyɛ ɔtreneeni, Awurade, na wo mmara nso yɛ pɛ. 138 Mmara a wode ama no ye na ɛteɛ. 139 M’abufuw hyehye me sɛ ogya efisɛ, m’atamfo mmu w’ahyɛde no. 140 Akyinnye nni wo bɔhyɛ ho! M’ani gye ho! 141 Menka hwee, na wommu me, nanso mempo wo nkyerɛkyerɛ no.

142 Wo treneeyɛ bɛtena hɔ daa daa. Wo mmara no yɛ nokware daa. 143 Ɔhaw ne ahopere ahyɛ me ma nanso w’ahyɛde ma me ahosɛpɛw. 144 Wo nkyerɛkyerɛ yɛ nokware daa; kyɛ me ntease na mɛtena ase.

Ogye mpaebɔ

145 Mede me koma nyinaa mefrɛ wo. Gye me so, Awurade, na medi w’ahyɛde so. 146 Mefrɛ wo; gye me na medi wo mmara so. 147 Ansa na owia bepue no, mɛfrɛ wo na woaboa me. Mede me ho to wo bɔhyɛ no so. 148 Anadwo nyinaa menna na midwen wo nkyerɛkyerɛ no ho. 149 Esiane sɛ wo dɔ wɔ hɔ daa nti, tie me; O Awurade, hu me mmɔbɔ na fa me nkwa sie!

150 Atirimɔdenfo a wɔtaa me no retwiw bɛn me; nnipa a wonni wo mmara so no. 151 Nanso wobɛn me, Awurade, na w’ahyɛde nyinaa tim hɔ daa. 152 Mmere bi a atwam no, misuaa wo nkyerɛkyerɛ; woma ɛtenaa hɔ daa daa.


153 Hwɛ amane a merehu na gye me nkwa efisɛ, mempoo wo mmara no. 154 Bɔ me ho ban na menne me ho. Gye me nkwa sɛnea woahyɛ me bɔ no. 155 Wɔrennye amumɔyɛfo nkwa efisɛ, wonni wo mmara so. 156 Nanso, Awurade, w’ahummɔbɔ so; hu me mmɔbɔ na gye me nkwa.

157 Mewɔ atamfo ne wɔn a wɔhyɛ me so pii, nanso mimmu wo mmara no so. 158 Sɛ mehwɛ saa nkontompofo no a, wɔn ho yɛ me tan efisɛ, wonni w’ahyɛde so. 159 Hwɛ sɛnea m’ani gye wo nkyerɛkyerɛ ho, Awurade. Wo dɔ nsakra, enti gye me! 160 Wo mmara no koma yɛ nokware na w’atɛntrenee nyinaa wɔ hɔ daa.

Awurade mmara mu ahofama

161 Tumidifo bi taa me kwa, nanso mede nidi ma wo mmara. 162 Wo bɔhyɛ no ma me ahotɔ; me ho tɔ me sɛ obi a watu agyapade bi ahu. 163 Mikyi nkontompo nyinaa na m’ani gye wo mmara no ho. 164 Meda wo ase mpɛn ason da biara wɔ w’atɛntrenee no ho.

165 Wɔn a wɔpɛ wo mmara no wɔ banbɔ a biribiara rentumi mma wɔnhwe ase. 166 Metwɛn sɛ wubegye me, Awurade, na meyɛ nea wohyɛ me. 167 Midi wo nkyerɛkyerɛ so. Me dɔ no wɔ me koma mu nyinaa. 168 Midi w’ahyɛde ne wo nkyerɛkyerɛ so; wuhu nea meyɛ nyinaa.

Mmoa mpaebɔ

169 Ma me sufrɛ nnu w’anim, Awurade! Ma me ntease sɛnea woahyɛ me bɔ no. 170 Tie me mpaebɔ na gye me sɛnea wo bɔhyɛ kyerɛ no. 171 Mɛkamfo wo daa efisɛ, wokyerɛ me wo mmara. 172 Mɛto wo mmara no ho dwom efisɛ, w’ahyɛde yɛ nokware. 173 Daa siesie wo ho sɛ wobɛboa me efisɛ, midi w’ahyɛde akyi. 174 M’ani agyina wo nkwagye mmoa, O Awurade! Menya ahotɔ wɔ wo mmoa no mu. 175 Ma me nkwa sɛnea metumi akamfo wo. Wo nkyerɛkyerɛ no mmoa me.

176 Mikyinkyin sɛ oguan a wayera enti bɛhwehwɛ me, wo somfo, efisɛ, mempoo wo mmara no.