The Message

Psalm 10

11-2 God, are you avoiding me?
    Where are you when I need you?
Full of hot air, the wicked
    are hot on the trail of the poor.
Trip them up, tangle them up
    in their fine-tuned plots.

3-4 The wicked are windbags,
    the swindlers have foul breath.
The wicked snub God,
    their noses stuck high in the air.
Their graffiti are scrawled on the walls:
    “Catch us if you can!” “God is dead.”

5-6 They care nothing for what you think;
    if you get in their way, they blow you off.
They live (they think) a charmed life:
    “We can’t go wrong. This is our lucky year!”

7-8 They carry a mouthful of hexes,
    their tongues spit venom like adders.
They hide behind ordinary people,
    then pounce on their victims.

They mark the luckless,
    then wait like a hunter in a blind;
When the poor wretch wanders too close,
    they stab him in the back.

10-11 The hapless fool is kicked to the ground,
    the unlucky victim is brutally axed.
He thinks God has dumped him,
    he’s sure that God is indifferent to his plight.

12-13 Time to get up, God—get moving.
    The luckless think they’re Godforsaken.
They wonder why the wicked scorn God
    and get away with it,
Why the wicked are so cocksure
    they’ll never come up for audit.

14 But you know all about it—
    the contempt, the abuse.
I dare to believe that the luckless
    will get lucky someday in you.
You won’t let them down:
    orphans won’t be orphans forever.

15-16 Break the wicked right arms,
    break all the evil left arms.
Search and destroy
    every sign of crime.
God’s grace and order wins;
    godlessness loses.

17-18 The victim’s faint pulse picks up;
    the hearts of the hopeless pump red blood
    as you put your ear to their lips.
Orphans get parents,
    the homeless get homes.
The reign of terror is over,
    the rule of the gang lords is ended.

Nkwa Asem

Nnwom 10

Atemmu ho mpaebɔ

1O Awurade, adɛn nti na wowɔ akyirikyiri saa? Adɛn nti na wuhintaw wo ho mmere a yɛrehu amane? Nnebɔneyɛfo yɛ ahantan na wɔtane mmɔborɔfo ani. Kyere wɔn wɔ wɔn mfiri a wɔasunsum mu. Ɔdebɔneyɛfo ani gye ne bɔne ho; oniberefo dome Awurade na ɔpo no.

Ɔdebɔneyɛfo mmu Awurade; n’ahantan mu, odwen sɛ Onyankopɔn ho nhia. Ɔdebɔneyɛfo di nkonim wɔ biribiara mu. Ɔnte Onyankopɔn atemmu ase. Ɔserew n’atamfo. Ɔka kyerɛ ne ho se, “Merenni nkogu da; merentɔ ɔhaw mu da.”

Ne kasa yɛ nnome, atoro ne ahunahuna. Ɔtan ne bɔne wɔ ne kasa mu. Ɔhintaw ne ho wɔ nkuraase pɛ sɛ okum atreneefo. Ɔtetɛw n’atamfo a wonni obi. Ɔtwɛn wɔ kokoam te sɛ gyata. Ɔda hɔ twɛn mmɔborɔfo. Ɔkyere wɔn n’afiri mu twe wɔn ase de wɔn kɔ. 10 Ɔde n’ahoɔden dodow no kyere ɔkrabirifo ka no hyɛ. 11 Ɔdebɔneyɛfo no ka kyerɛ ne ho se, “Ɛmfa Onyankopɔn ho! Wabu n’ani agu so, na ɔrenhu me da!”

12 O Awurade, twe saa nne- bɔneyɛfo no aso! Kae amanehunufo. 13 Adɛn nti na ɛsɛ sɛ ɔdebɔneyɛfo tia Onyankopɔn na ɔka kyerɛ ne ho se, “Ɔrentwe m’aso?” 14 Nanso, wuhu; wuhu ɔhaw ne amanehunu na woasiesie wo ho sɛ wobɛboa. Onibie de ne ho hyɛ wo nsa. Woboa mmɔborɔfo daa. 15 Bubu nnebɔneyɛfo tumi wɔ wɔn bɔne mu. Twe wɔn aso wɔ wɔn bɔne a wɔayɛ no ho kosi sɛ wobegyae yɛ.

16 Awurade yɛ ɔhene daa nyinaa. Wɔn a wɔsom anyame foforo no bɛyera n’asase so.

17 O Awurade, wubetie awiɛmfo mpaebɔ; wobɛhyɛ wɔn nkuran. 18 Wubetie mmɔborɔfo ne nyisaa su, na woabu wɔn bem sɛnea ɛbɛyɛ a ɔdasani renhunuhuna wɔn bio.