The Message

Colossians 1

11-2 I, Paul, have been sent on special assignment by Christ as part of God’s master plan. Together with my friend Timothy, I greet the Christians and stalwart followers of Christ who live in Colosse. May everything good from God our Father be yours!

Working in His Orchard

3-5 Our prayers for you are always spilling over into thanksgivings. We can’t quit thanking God our Father and Jesus our Messiah for you! We keep getting reports on your steady faith in Christ, our Jesus, and the love you continuously extend to all Christians. The lines of purpose in your lives never grow slack, tightly tied as they are to your future in heaven, kept taut by hope.

5-8 The Message is as true among you today as when you first heard it. It doesn’t diminish or weaken over time. It’s the same all over the world. The Message bears fruit and gets larger and stronger, just as it has in you. From the very first day you heard and recognized the truth of what God is doing, you’ve been hungry for more. It’s as vigorous in you now as when you learned it from our friend and close associate Epaphras. He is one reliable worker for Christ! I could always depend on him. He’s the one who told us how thoroughly love had been worked into your lives by the Spirit.

9-12 Be assured that from the first day we heard of you, we haven’t stopped praying for you, asking God to give you wise minds and spirits attuned to his will, and so acquire a thorough understanding of the ways in which God works. We pray that you’ll live well for the Master, making him proud of you as you work hard in his orchard. As you learn more and more how God works, you will learn how to do your work. We pray that you’ll have the strength to stick it out over the long haul—not the grim strength of gritting your teeth but the glory-strength God gives. It is strength that endures the unendurable and spills over into joy, thanking the Father who makes us strong enough to take part in everything bright and beautiful that he has for us.

13-14 God rescued us from dead-end alleys and dark dungeons. He’s set us up in the kingdom of the Son he loves so much, the Son who got us out of the pit we were in, got rid of the sins we were doomed to keep repeating.

Christ Holds It All Together

15-18 We look at this Son and see the God who cannot be seen. We look at this Son and see God’s original purpose in everything created. For everything, absolutely everything, above and below, visible and invisible, rank after rank after rank of angels—everything got started in him and finds its purpose in him. He was there before any of it came into existence and holds it all together right up to this moment. And when it comes to the church, he organizes and holds it together, like a head does a body.

18-20 He was supreme in the beginning and—leading the resurrection parade—he is supreme in the end. From beginning to end he’s there, towering far above everything, everyone. So spacious is he, so roomy, that everything of God finds its proper place in him without crowding. Not only that, but all the broken and dislocated pieces of the universe—people and things, animals and atoms—get properly fixed and fit together in vibrant harmonies, all because of his death, his blood that poured down from the cross.

21-23 You yourselves are a case study of what he does. At one time you all had your backs turned to God, thinking rebellious thoughts of him, giving him trouble every chance you got. But now, by giving himself completely at the Cross, actually dying for you, Christ brought you over to God’s side and put your lives together, whole and holy in his presence. You don’t walk away from a gift like that! You stay grounded and steady in that bond of trust, constantly tuned in to the Message, careful not to be distracted or diverted. There is no other Message—just this one. Every creature under heaven gets this same Message. I, Paul, am a messenger of this Message.

24-25 I want you to know how glad I am that it’s me sitting here in this jail and not you. There’s a lot of suffering to be entered into in this world—the kind of suffering Christ takes on. I welcome the chance to take my share in the church’s part of that suffering. When I became a servant in this church, I experienced this suffering as a sheer gift, God’s way of helping me serve you, laying out the whole truth.

26-29 This mystery has been kept in the dark for a long time, but now it’s out in the open. God wanted everyone, not just Jews, to know this rich and glorious secret inside and out, regardless of their background, regardless of their religious standing. The mystery in a nutshell is just this: Christ is in you, so therefore you can look forward to sharing in God’s glory. It’s that simple. That is the substance of our Message. We preach Christ, warning people not to add to the Message. We teach in a spirit of profound common sense so that we can bring each person to maturity. To be mature is to be basic. Christ! No more, no less. That’s what I’m working so hard at day after day, year after year, doing my best with the energy God so generously gives me.

Chinese Contemporary Bible (Traditional)

歌羅西書 1

1我是奉上帝旨意作基督耶穌使徒的保羅, 和提摩太弟兄寫信給歌羅西的聖徒,就是忠於基督的弟兄姊妹。



3-4 我們聽說了你們對基督耶穌的信心和對眾聖徒的愛心,為你們禱告的時候,常常感謝我們主耶穌基督的父上帝。 你們能有這樣的信心和愛心是因為那給你們存在天上的盼望,就是你們從前從福音真道中聽到的盼望。 這福音不但傳到了你們那裡,也傳到了世界各地,並且開花結果,信主的人數不斷增長,正如你們當初聽了福音,因為明白真理而認識上帝的恩典後的情形。 這福音是你們從我們親愛的同工以巴弗那裡得知的。他代表我們[a]作基督的忠僕, 並把聖靈賜給你們的愛心告訴了我們。

因此,從聽到你們的消息那天起,我們便不斷地為你們禱告,求上帝使你們在一切屬靈的智慧和悟性上完全明白祂的旨意, 10 以便你們行事為人對得起主,凡事蒙祂喜悅,在一切良善的事上結出果實,對上帝的認識不斷增加。 11 願上帝以祂榮耀的權能使你們剛強,無論遇到什麼事都能長久忍耐, 12 歡喜地感謝天父,因祂使你們有資格跟眾聖徒在光明中同享基業。 13 祂把我們從黑暗的權勢下拯救出來,帶進祂愛子的國度裡。 14 我們藉著祂的愛子蒙救贖,罪過得到赦免。


15 基督是那不能看見之上帝的真像,超越[b]一切受造之物。 16 因為萬物都是藉著祂創造的,天上的、地上的、有形的、無形的、作王的、統治的、執政的、掌權的,一切都是藉著祂也是為了祂而創造的。 17 祂存在於萬物之前,萬物都靠祂而維繫。 18 祂是教會的頭,教會是祂的身體;祂是源頭,是首先從死裡復活的,這樣祂可以在一切事上居首位。 19 因為上帝樂意讓一切的豐盛住在祂裡面, 20 又藉著祂在十字架上所流的血成就了和平,使天地萬物藉著祂與上帝和好。

21 你們從前與上帝隔絕,行事邪惡,心思意念與祂為敵; 22 但現在上帝藉著基督肉身的死使你們與祂和好了,讓你們在祂面前成為聖潔無瑕、無可指責的人。 23 只是你們必須恆心持守所信的道,根基穩固,堅定不移,不要失去你們聽到福音後所得到的盼望。這福音傳給了天下萬民。我保羅也作了這福音的使者。


24 現在我因能夠為你們受苦而歡喜,並且我是為基督的身體——教會的緣故,在自己身上補滿基督未受的苦難。 25 我受上帝的委派成為教會的僕人,要把上帝的道完整地傳給你們。 26 這道是歷世歷代一直隱藏的奧祕,現在已經向祂的眾聖徒顯明了。 27 上帝要他們知道這奧祕在外族人中有何等豐富的榮耀,這奧祕就是基督在你們裡面,使你們有榮耀的盼望。 28 我們傳揚基督,用各樣的智慧勸誡、教導眾人,使他們在基督裡長大成熟,好把他們帶到上帝面前。 29 為此,我按著祂在我身上運行的大能盡心竭力,不辭勞苦。

Notas al pie

  1. 1·7 我們」有古卷作「你們」。
  2. 1·15 超越」或譯「先存於」,希臘文是「長子」,常用來指地位上的優越或時間上的優先。