The Message

2 Chronicles 4

Temple Furnishings

1He made the Bronze Altar thirty feet long, thirty feet wide, and ten feet high.

2-5 He made a Sea—an immense round basin of cast metal fifteen feet in diameter, seven and a half feet high, and forty-five feet in circumference. Just under the rim, there were two parallel bands of something like bulls, ten to each foot and a half. The figures were cast in one piece with the Sea. The Sea was set on twelve bulls, three facing north, three facing west, three facing south, and three facing east. All the bulls faced outward and supported the Sea on their hindquarters. The Sea was three inches thick and flared at the rim like a cup, or a lily. It held about 18,000 gallons.

He made ten Washbasins, five set on the right and five on the left, for rinsing the things used for the Whole-Burnt-Offerings. The priests washed themselves in the Sea.

He made ten gold Lampstands, following the specified pattern, and placed five on the right and five on the left.

He made ten tables and set five on the right and five on the left. He also made a hundred gold bowls.

He built a Courtyard especially for the priests and then the great court and doors for the court. The doors were covered with bronze.

10 He placed the Sea on the right side of The Temple at the southeast corner.

11-16 He also made ash buckets, shovels, and bowls.

And that about wrapped it up: Huram completed the work he had contracted to do for King Solomon:

two pillars;
two bowl-shaped capitals for the tops of the pillars;
two decorative filigrees for the capitals;
four hundred pomegranates for the filigrees (a double row of pomegranates for each filigree);
ten washstands with their basins;
one Sea and the twelve bulls under it;
miscellaneous buckets, forks, shovels, and bowls.

16-18 All these artifacts that Huram-Abi made for King Solomon for The Temple of God were made of burnished bronze. The king had them cast in clay in a foundry on the Jordan plain between Succoth and Zarethan. These artifacts were never weighed—there were far too many! Nobody has any idea how much bronze was used.

19-22 Solomon was also responsible for the furniture and accessories in The Temple of God:

the gold Altar;
the tables that held the Bread of the Presence;
the Lampstands of pure gold with their lamps, to be lighted
    before the Inner Sanctuary, the Holy of Holies;
the gold flowers, lamps, and tongs (all solid gold);
the gold wick trimmers, bowls, ladles, and censers;
    the gold doors of The Temple, doors to the Holy of Holies, and the doors to the main sanctuary.

Chinese Contemporary Bible (Traditional)

歷代志下 4


1所羅門造了一座銅壇,長九米,寬九米,高四點五米。 他又鑄了一個圓形銅海,高二點二五米,直徑四點五米,周長十三點五米。 銅海邊緣下方有兩圈牛的圖案,每五十釐米有十頭牛,是鑄銅海的時候鑄上的。 有十二頭銅牛馱著銅海,三頭向北,三頭向西,三頭向南,三頭向東,牛尾向內。 銅海厚八釐米,邊如杯邊,又如百合花,容量為六萬六千升。 他又造了十個盆,五個放右邊,五個放左邊,用來清洗獻燔祭所用之物。但銅海只供祭司沐浴使用。

他照著所定的式樣,造了十個金燈臺放在殿裡,五個在右邊,五個在左邊; 又造了十張桌子放在殿裡,五個在右邊,五個在左邊;還造了一百個金碗。 他又建了祭司院、大院及大院的門,門都包上銅。 10 銅海放在殿的右邊,就是東南方。

11 戶蘭又造了盆、鏟和碗。他為所羅門王完成了上帝殿裡的工作。 12 戶蘭所製造的有:兩根柱子,兩個碗狀的柱冠,兩個裝飾柱冠的網子, 13 用來裝飾碗狀柱冠、安在兩個網子上的四百石榴——每個網子上兩行; 14 盆座及盆座上的盆; 15 銅海和銅海下面的十二頭銅牛; 16 盆、鏟、肉叉及耶和華殿裡的一切器具。這些都是巧匠戶蘭用磨亮的銅為所羅門王製造的。 17 這些都是照王的命令,在疏割和撒利但之間的約旦平原用泥模鑄成的。 18 所羅門製造的器具極多,銅的重量無法統計。

19 所羅門又造了上帝殿裡的金壇和放置供餅的桌子, 20 按規定放在內殿前的純金的燈臺和燈盞, 21 以及純金的花飾、燈盞、火鉗、 22 蠟剪、碗、碟和火鼎。殿門和至聖所的門也是金的。