King James Version

Ezekiel 35

1Moreover the word of the Lord came unto me, saying,

Son of man, set thy face against mount Seir, and prophesy against it,

And say unto it, Thus saith the Lord God; Behold, O mount Seir, I am against thee, and I will stretch out mine hand against thee, and I will make thee most desolate.

I will lay thy cities waste, and thou shalt be desolate, and thou shalt know that I am the Lord.

Because thou hast had a perpetual hatred, and hast shed the blood of the children of Israel by the force of the sword in the time of their calamity, in the time that their iniquity had an end:

Therefore, as I live, saith the Lord God, I will prepare thee unto blood, and blood shall pursue thee: sith thou hast not hated blood, even blood shall pursue thee.

Thus will I make mount Seir most desolate, and cut off from it him that passeth out and him that returneth.

And I will fill his mountains with his slain men: in thy hills, and in thy valleys, and in all thy rivers, shall they fall that are slain with the sword.

I will make thee perpetual desolations, and thy cities shall not return: and ye shall know that I am the Lord.

10 Because thou hast said, These two nations and these two countries shall be mine, and we will possess it; whereas the Lord was there:

11 Therefore, as I live, saith the Lord God, I will even do according to thine anger, and according to thine envy which thou hast used out of thy hatred against them; and I will make myself known among them, when I have judged thee.

12 And thou shalt know that I am the Lord, and that I have heard all thy blasphemies which thou hast spoken against the mountains of Israel, saying, They are laid desolate, they are given us to consume.

13 Thus with your mouth ye have boasted against me, and have multiplied your words against me: I have heard them.

14 Thus saith the Lord God; When the whole earth rejoiceth, I will make thee desolate.

15 As thou didst rejoice at the inheritance of the house of Israel, because it was desolate, so will I do unto thee: thou shalt be desolate, O mount Seir, and all Idumea, even all of it: and they shall know that I am the Lord.

Chinese Contemporary Bible (Simplified)

以西结书 35


1耶和华对我说: “人子啊,你要面向西珥山,发预言斥责它, 告诉它,主耶和华这样说,‘西珥山啊,我要与你为敌,伸手攻击你,使你荒凉不堪。 我要使你的城邑沦为废墟,一片荒凉,这样你就知道我是耶和华。 因为你永怀仇恨,在以色列人遭遇危难、因罪恶受尽刑罚的时候,把他们交在刀下。 所以主耶和华说,我凭我的永恒起誓,你既然不憎恨杀人流血之事,杀人流血之事必临到你。 我要使西珥山荒凉不堪,消灭一切来往此地的人, 我要使丧身刀下的人遍布你的高山、丘陵、山谷和溪流。 我要使你永远荒废,你的城邑杳无人迹,这样你就知道我是耶和华。

10 “‘因为你曾说,犹大和以色列必归我,即使上帝在那里,我们也要吞并他们。 11 所以主耶和华说,我凭我的永恒起誓,你憎恨他们,满腹怒气和嫉妒,我也必这样对待你。我审判你的时候,以色列人就会认识我。 12 那时,你必知道我耶和华听见了你毁谤以色列山岭的一切话,你说,这些山岭荒废了,归我们所有了。 13 你妄自尊大,肆意毁谤我,我都听见了。 14 主耶和华这样说,普天下欢乐的时候,我要使你荒凉。 15 你既因以色列的荒凉而幸灾乐祸,我要让你遭受同样的下场。西珥山啊,你和以东都要荒凉。这样,你们就知道我是耶和华。’